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Community Announcements Weekly Challenges continues to impress! So far we completed 12 weekly challenges and every week keeps getting better. Week 12 saw a podium with the one and only WaterLemon taking first place followed by Uhru in second place and rogerdodge9 took third place. Congratulations to all! Waterlemon will really be stacking his medals at home! ːst... 02.07.19 16:24
Community Announcements The exciting Week 10 of the Challenges! We are in the middle of Week 10 and so far the champion WaterLemon is reigning supreme with the unbelievable time of 1:45:86. For reference the second best time is held by Outer1998 at 2:04:05. That makes WaterLemon a whopping 20 second or about 15% faster. Impressive! 13.06.19 16:14
Community Announcements Full steam ahead New results from the PC Steam leaderboards are in. This week our winner is once again WATERLEMON! He is performing what we thought impossible, pulling of a hat trick, winning three times in a row. Coming from nowhere three weeks ago he is absolutely dominating the leaderboards! Who can stop him? Com... 28.05.19 10:27
Community Announcements The results are in for week 6! We congratulate the winners of week 6: First Place: WaterLemon 1:55:36 Second Place: fredso 2:00:92 Third Place: Uhru 2:01:05 Well fought everyone! See you all next week! /The Zordix Team 22.05.19 08:53
Community Announcements Back to back winner of the weekly challenges - NeacsuDanielPetrisor A big congratulations to NeacsuDanielPetrisor for achieving the first Weekly Challenge back to back win. Well done! Rank 1: NeacsuDanielPetrisor 2:19:29 Rank 2: anis360 2:34:92 Rank 3: Josse 2:37:41 06.05.19 09:45

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