Ascend: Hand of Kul

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Community Announcements For the Community! In appreciation of our fans, Signal Studios is granting all new Ascend PC players a starting bonus of souls totaling 25K which can be used to purchase gear, spells and buffs. All existing Ascend PC players will receive a 10K soul bonus just for playing. Simply log into the game to receive your rewar... 21.08.14 23:22
Community Announcements Servers are back up! Check here for update notes: Today was a quick update while we're working on future changes in Ascend: Hand of Kul. Notes: Bug Fix: Creatures Banished leaderboard was labelled as “Souls Collected” Temporarily removed the Souls, Souls Spent, and XP leaderboards while we work on fixing calculation issues. Thanks for all your supp... 09.07.14 01:17
Community Announcements Hotfix for Patch 8 - Dungeon Crash Issues! We've gone ahead and pushed a hotfix for patch #8 that was causing dungeon crashes and issues with the new pillars. In order to make sure you have the latest Ascend update, please restart Steam. We thank you for your patience during this time as we rushed to fix the problem! Please let us know if yo... 04.07.14 00:40
Community Announcements Patch #8 LIVE! Hello Caos, the time has come again for another update! Patch Notes: HUGE Ascension Overhaul: Players will no longer need to “legacy” items in order to save them! All items will be saved upon Ascension. Legacy pillars now offer unique Legacy Rewards. Players can only choose one item per Ascension, s... 01.07.14 23:39
Community Announcements Patch #7 Notes! Hello Caos! Hope you had a good weekend slaying Trolls! Patch Notes: Improved tolerance to failures of device reset. Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Durability Reduce buffs were not stacking correctly and the expiration of one would cause a discrepancy in what boosts were active and what was displayed as... 25.06.14 02:22
Ascend: Hand of Kul


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Release25.09.2013 GenreAction-Rollenspiel Entwickler Signal Studios Publisher Microsoft Enginekeine Infos