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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 2.Q 2017
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Preise Update 27.04.22

Über das Spiel

Aztez is a unique hybrid of beat 'em up and turn-based strategy set in the world of the Aztec Empire. Deploy your Aztez (elite close combat warriors) in the strategy game and enjoy a highly technical real-time combat event that has consequences in the empire. But choose your missions wisely, as you have limited deployments! A great enemy approaches the Valley Of Mexico, and it will require all of your skill and cunning to take them on and change the course of history...

  • Highly replayable Campaign game that changes every playthrough. Different events, artifacts, and battles every game.
  • Experience huge Empire cities, stunning natural vistas, and even the Aztec underworld!
  • Perform sacrifices, score enormous combos, and summon immensely powerful Aztec gods.
  • Fight against historical warriors and mythological foes alike using 8 distinct weapons.
  • Find and equip over 70 cosmetic items.
  • Or enjoy a purified combat experience in the great capital city arena!


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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

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1017 Produkte im Account
12 Reviews
3095 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.04.22 02:39
pretty solid combat
some achievements are a bitch - like playing a 2-layered gacha game
try arena mode, it's the best fun you can have
175 Produkte im Account
12 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
516 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.02.22 00:50
Looks great. Awesome concept. But the window for counters is so small that any effort to parry amounts to RNG. The campaign is mostly RNG, and not a lot of content. It really want to like this game, but there's not enough content to overlook the frustrations. Wouldn't recommend.
144 Produkte im Account
5 Reviews
222 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 06.01.22 13:59
It has beautiful combination movements
211 Produkte im Account
18 Reviews
1405 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.08.21 18:55
you can beat the shit out hernan cortez what more can we ask for
217 Produkte im Account
16 Reviews
526 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 13.06.21 15:11
This is a great game for a bit of pick up and play. Light strategy combined with 2D arena combat. Tight controls, great soundtrack and a chance to stick it to Cortez! Well worth the price of admission!
260 Produkte im Account
8 Reviews
214 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.08.20 03:49
An excellent brawler that oozes style, gives you plenty of weapons and ways to play, has a surprisingly deep and dynamic campaign, and keeps delivering new surprises each run you play.

This game is criminally under-played/hyped, but it is rock solid, quick, sharp, beautiful, and has perfect controller play. If you're looking for a fun & challenging brawler with a unique strategy layer, Aztez is it!
96 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
345 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 06.08.20 22:11
Now look, is this game fun? It certainly can be. When you're pummeling the weaker enemies it really feels like it could be a decent, mindless hack and slash. I also enjoy the civ management side of the game, after understanding how to use the different items I had I felt like the game opened up a lot.

However, many design decisions that take the power out of the hands of the player (random assassination attempts, power spikes for the enemies, certain unblockable attacks, etc.) leave me feeling like my deaths are the game's fault, and not mine. I simply do not care enough to play the game more to unlock the better items to see the end-game, as I believe I've seen everything the game has to offer.

There is a skill ceiling. It's kind of like learning how to play a serious fighter, which I found to be needlessly complicated. It would be cool if you were encouraged to pull off seriously impressive combos, but 95% of your experience will be using the same simple combos and grabs.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, when you're winning, the game feels cheap, and when you're losing, the game feels cheap.

I feel like the amount of enjoyment you can get from this game feels needlessly limited by the devs. Go for another 2D hack and slash, pick this one up on sale if you feel like you really want to play it.
369 Produkte im Account
165 Reviews
269 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27.07.20 12:31
Aztez was such a strange experience for me...

It seems to have it all to become a legendary brawler: moves, weapons, enemies, outfits - all present in great quantities, supplemented by a complex roguelike-strategy layer and an immortal black-and-white artstyle.
There was no reason for me not to like it... And yet I didn't. Or rather I just got bored two hours in. Then I responsibly came back to it thinking it was my own mood that prevented me from enjoying the game... And it still didn't work. I made some more approaches later - and all in vain.

I really don't know why. I hadn't come anywhere near mastering any of the combat mechanics or the strategic layer - I just dropped the game because for some reason it didn't grip me. I suspect it might have to do with the combat - especially the animations - which I found slick but not quite slick enough, responsive but not quite responsive enough. Or maybe it was the graphics which are stylish but not quite stylish enough. Or it could be a different reason entirely. It was like the game had all the parts but no magic to glue them together as an engaging experience.

I wouldn't recommend it to myself, but since I can't figure out the clear objective reason why, I'm left to believe that it's just me.
And if it is indeed just me, then Aztez might very well work for you, so consider giving it a go.
210 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
314 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.06.20 16:42
The board-game layer is nice. The art is really snazzy. The weapons are interesting.

Unfortunately, the controls feel gummy and unresponsive. This is OK early-game, but it's frustrating late-game.
3352 Produkte im Account
107 Reviews
1041 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 07.04.20 01:17
It's a sort of a cross between Civilization and Street Fighter. Make strategic decisions and beat people up.
2 Produkte im Account
1 Reviews
842 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23.02.20 20:46
I really like how the game has some charachteristics of a strategy game, but the fights keep it interesting and more engaging.
597 Produkte im Account
198 Reviews
92 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.11.18 22:24
Melee system is solid and satisfying.

Graphic concept is original, badazz and easy to read.

I appreciate being able to play this natively in Linux.
1502 Produkte im Account
15 Reviews
2723 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27.10.17 02:10
Do you ever feel like modern fighting games lack impact? Do you feel like the art and nuance of the difficulty in expressing yourself with fight moves combined in unexpected ways has been lost to the ages? Aztez does this and more.

This game is simply amazing. It is a living, breathing love letter to the gods of fighting game experiences. You really need to get this game and find this goodness for yourself. If you want an easy game that you don't have to engage with deeply this might not be right for you. Expect to fail at first, a lot. This is a game about exploring the fine details of timing, angle, and range. Between dashing, smashing, air juggling, and executions this game delivers an intense quality game-play experience. You're making a mistake by not having it right now.

On a side note: You might find the meta-game a little opaque at first, it takes a little getting used to and there is room to be confused. Work through it, it's worth the effort.
17 Produkte im Account
1 Reviews
616 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.10.17 04:59
Pretty simple game, good mechanics. I really like the black, white and red colors. The only thing that I don't like that it goes from medium to insane without warning. But I do recommend it.
87 Produkte im Account
24 Reviews
69 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.08.17 06:12
As a non-expert in the brawler genre, this game is rage inducingly difficult... but I love it! The combat system has a ton of depth, and the controls are super crisp. Friends of mine have been clammering about this game for years after playing it at expos pre-release, and it seems to live up to the hype.
268 Produkte im Account
3 Reviews
5604 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21.08.17 15:21
It's been a long time since I've been impressed with a game's combat sysem but holy hell this game is amazing at it. With DMC and Bayonetta seemingly in comatose there's not much in the way of character action games so colour me surprised when this game released out of seemingly nowhere after not seeing anything since Saurian Dash's video on it, but it has been worth the wait!

Being able to cancel anything into anything at any time gives the combat amazing depth and flexibility and with 8 total weapons (4 being equippable at any one time) you can combat the game's nasties with your own sense of style and bloody carnage.
As far as aesthetics go the black and white colour pallette works wonderfully well and I never had the feeling that enemies or characters blend into the background too much. This is helped even more by the things you do NEED to see being coloured, like enemy tells and danger areas...oh and the blood of course!

The game has 2 main modes of play: Campaign and Arena

The campaign mode is a turn-based strategy/board game where you get random missions every turn and have to send your limited amount of aztez to do battle. These combat scenarios are the heart and soul of the game and are extremely fun. The missions increase in difficulty as the game's turn counter increases.
Some missions have to be done before the turn's end or something bad happens, while others are simply there to grant bonuses. Each mission also has a bonus objective which reward you with extra goodies, and these are rather important if you want to get to the true ending of the game.
This mode doesn't take too long to complete, depending on how well you do you're looking at about 1.5 hours max. I also found it rather easy and while there is an item that makes the game harder in the early game there is currently no way to make the end-game more challenging.

Besides the campaign there's also an Arena mode which has over 50 combat challenges for you to undertake. These increase in difficulty and you can choose to do them 1 by 1 or back to back to see how far you can get on a single life.
You also have your tutorials and practice modes to dive in. The practice mode is quite extensive with being able to choose any enemy in the game as your practice target. For the combo freaks among us the immortal dummy is quite important!

All in all I recommend this game for anyone who's looking for a good brawler to spend some time with, and also for those looking for a game with a lot of depth to its combat.
I have a combo video showing off some of the slick things possible in this game's combat system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rSNpsSfXMU

I even made a 2nd one! Yes I like this game that much:
214 Produkte im Account
4 Reviews
898 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 07.08.17 14:49
Aztez may look like a simple button masher beat em' up, but it's far more than that. This game is rich with combat variety in the form of 8 weapons, each with its own distinct action trait that allows for players to strut their creative side of combat. The game alone offers a surprisingly good amount of depth that most other indie developers would shy away from. It's obvious that this game takes a lot of cues from Bayonetta and DMC, and while Aztez may not be quite as stylish as the Umbran Witch or the Son of Sparda, the satisfaction of pulling off air combos, weapon switching, shield canceling, executing frame perfect counters and summoning Gods to aid you in battle never felt so good. Mix this in with a really cool single player campaign in the form a strategic, board-game-like adventure where you must protect your empire as you attempt to survive for as long as you can, collecting resources, collecting cards to alter the battlefield, and fend off wave after wave of incoming enemy attacks, and you got a game that'll keep you hooked for hours on end.
142 Produkte im Account
10 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
166 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 02.08.17 02:27
The game is relatively fun, but after so many years in development- so many delays- you'd think the combat would be much deeper. As others have said, the game highly encourages you to finish your button mash combos (x,x,x,x,x or y,y,y,y,y) by having the final hits deal large amounts of damage.

In addition, there is almost no reason to use some of the more interesting moves. Because of the way hitstun works in this game, one of the most optimal dps combos is x,x,x,x,x > dash y > x,x,x,x,x > repeat. This leaves your opponent unable to fight back and allows you max damage. They give you plenty of moves, but there's very little reason to ever use any of them.
534 Produkte im Account
63 Reviews
224 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 02.08.17 00:02
Aztez seeks to combine the fast and frantic combat of a beat-’em-up game with the structure of a 4X strategy game. You play as an “Aztez”, something that’s not really explained. You are both fighting through hordes of enemies in monochroma, and managing your pre-Spanish (at least for a while) Aztec empire. The use of Aztec imagery and lore (which is a controversial problem of culture, but I digress) is used effectively. Map locations are named after real cities from pre-colonial Mesoamerica, all the gods in the game are real deities, and the random items you get for the strategy portion are aptly themed. Further, as a primary game mechanic, you can sacrifice stunned enemies in combat. It leaves you exposed, but you can absorb the spigot of blood and charge up a powerful ‘God attack’. Missions pop up randomly on the map, with rewards and a bonus objective. If you fail, you lose that Aztez. If you lose all your Aztez, that’s game over.

It’s important to note that, while Aztez does combine these two genres, it does not synthesize them. The strategy and the action never intersect; that’s not a bad thing. Rather, Aztez uses the strategy game map as a metagame for the combat challenges. Rarely do strategic choices affect any combat challenges, though the reverse does happen quite a bit. Because of this, the two feel more like discrete sections, rather than a cohesive whole. While this isn’t bad per se, this would have to work under the condition that both halves manage to be satisfactory in their own right.

The strategic half does not. Because the events are randomized, the game doesn’t feel strategic, but instead like multiple choice. Procedurally, the cities on the map will begin ‘dissenting’, and there’s little you can do to stop it other than expend resources (an act that becomes more expensive with each use) or items. When you have agency to execute decisions on the map, it’s fun, but so much of the game is random and limited that I didn’t feel like I was making strategic choices. It felt like I was just rolling with the punches. I couldn’t pick my set of challenges, they were randomly dealt out. Random number generation and risk management are valuable and fun game assets, but Aztez feels like a slow barrage of combat events on a map screen. To clarify: it’s not awful. It’s not even quantifiably bad, but I couldn’t imagine ever playing the strategy portion of the game without the combat. It felt half baked and empty, like it was there to fill in the time. Worse yet, it felt like a hurdle to get to the meat of the game: the stylish combat.

Because admittedly, the combat is the focus of Aztez. The devs said major inspirations were God of War and Devil May Cry, but without the time spent in between the combat sections. It shows. The combat is stylish, with red blood being the only color to grace your screen. Which can be a problem. Because the game goes for the Madworld aesthetic of red-white-and-black, interpreting the visuals can be bothersome. I would occasionally lose myself in the wall of grayscale, and get hit or drop a combo because of it. But when it works, it works. Enemies are varied and have dynamic movesets. That gameplay loop of: dodge & block, attack & combo, sacrifice: it feels great. The game even offers up a list of combat challenges for those who want to forego the strategy half, and just cut straight to the guts. However, they were remiss to recognize that those in-betweens in those other games, even if boring, provided quiet time and variation. The combat challenges can become dull and mindless, just teleporting into the flat static arena and slicing and dicing over and over. The game needs more variation in this way. Since the game is randomly generated, Aztez needs a broader progression mechanic, but it fails to have one. Every run feels wasted when it is finished, and you lose nearly all your materials. I often just wanted to walk away. Which is too bad, because the combat in this game is flashy, frenetic and fun. I wanted to play more with the combat, I really did, but I never wanted to have to go through the campaign to get anywhere meaningful with it, and the slog of combat challenges felt empty. This complex and exciting combat system is trapped inside a tiring structure.

I feel as though Aztez needs more work. It really is close to a good game. It feels like it has sacrificed depth for the combination of genres. The combat is truly fun, and the style is strong, but the framework it has been placed into feels empty and tiresome. I know this review seemed awfully negative, but I really do recommend this game at the end. If you’re looking for a cool 2D hack and slash, this will get you your fix, but you won’t get much else from the other half of the game.


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