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Community Announcements Biker Garage - 36% Discount - Last Weekend! Hi, Bikers! This is the last weekend with 36% discount! Event link: Buy here: 13.03.20 17:07
Community Announcements Biker Garage - 36% Discount right now! Hi, Bikers! Did you know that we released Biker Garage more than three months ago? That was a hard time - we polished the game, listened to what do you want in the game. I believe we did it, and now most of you are satisfied when playing Biker Garage. I hope you'll like the surprise that we prepared... 09.03.20 18:00
Community Announcements New Free DLC - Chopper VV Motorbike Hi guys! We present you new free motorcycle. We hope you like it. Have fun! Your Biker dev team 28.02.20 17:25
Community Announcements The largest and the most expected UPDATE! Hi everybody, We present to you the largest and the most expected update so far. The new camera system! We've also launched: the y-axis invert option, changed the animation of the screws, corrected the display of the game interface, repaired minor bugs you reported, added a few new tracks to the sou... 21.02.20 19:36
Community Announcements Now you can test our new camera view! Hi! We are near to release the update that a lot of you asked for - a new camera view. If you want to help us in this challenge, you can test it and send feedback to us right now :) If you want to play with new camera mode, you should click the right mouse button on the Biker Garage: Mechanic Simula... 15.02.20 15:13
Biker Garage: Mechanic Simulator


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