• Brut@l: Screen zum Spiel Brut@l.
  • Brut@l: Screen zum Spiel Brut@l.
  • Brut@l: Screen zum Spiel Brut@l.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screen zum Spiel Brut@l.
  • Brut@l: Screen zum Spiel Brut@l.
  • Brut@l: Screen zum Spiel Brut@l.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Brut@l: Screenshot zum Titel.


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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 09.02.2017
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Preis Update 13.09.23

Über das Spiel

Brut@l ist eine moderne Version der klassischen ASCII-Dungeoncrawler.
Wähle deinen Helden: Waldläufer, Magier, Krieger oder Amazone. Steige dann hinab in eine prozedural erstellte Welt, die ausschließlich aus ASCII-Zeichen besteht.
Du kannst Waffen bauen und Tränke brauen, doch der Tod ist endgültig und dir steht eine Horde Feinde gegenüber – kannst du Brut@l überleben?

  • Wähle einen von vier einzigartigen Charakteren
  • Baue mächtige Waffen und braue merkwürdige Tränke, die dir bei deiner Aufgabe helfen
  • Baue deine Stufe aus, um neue Fertigkeiten und verheerende Kampffähigkeiten freizuschalten
  • Überlebe in 26 prozedural erstellten Kerkerlevels die Begegnung mit dem Wächter des Kerkers
  • Teile dein Abenteuer im lokalen 2-Spieler-Koop mit einem Freund
  • Zeige deine Kreativität mit dem Kerkerwerkzeug, einem intuitiven Editor, mit dem du deine eigenen Kerker bauen, spielen und teilen und sogar darin sterben kannst.


  • CPU: 2.0GHz i5 or better
  • GFX: Graphics card with 1 GB of Video RAM (requires DX9.0 or higher)
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows 7 or higher
  • HD: 2 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
  • SFX: Any compatible soundcard
  • DX: Version 9.0
  • LANG: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch
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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

962 Produkte im Account
67 Reviews
33 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.02.17 11:30
460 Produkte im Account
12 Reviews
351 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.02.17 15:33
Brut@l machte mir beim spielen jede Menge Freude. Durch die zufallsgenerierte Welt, die nur aus ASCII Zeichen besteht, entfaltet das Spiel eine ganz besondere Atmosphäre. Die Level – und Gegner Gestaltung ist unglaublich gut gelungen. Ebenfalls positiv hervorzuheben, ist der sehr gut gelungene Soundtrack der sich in der Brut@l Welt fantastisch entfaltet.
Die Entwickler von Stormcloud Games, haben mit diesem Spiel eine kleine Perle abgeliefert. Es macht absolut Spaß es zu spielen und ich kann es uneingeschränkt empfehlen.
1407 Produkte im Account
118 Reviews
681 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 14.04.21 06:35
Interesting visual concept and good overall gameplay. Feels like playing Rogue with the same old graphics but on 3D.

My only complain is the jumping: It's not only horrible but one fall and you're dead, so any great run can be over as soon as you come across a gap.
949 Produkte im Account
47 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
76 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 13.04.21 22:55
Brut@l is an action game that makes use of an aesthetic drawn straight out of the old ASCII roguelikes. Make no mistake though - it has basically nothing in common with those. There's randomly generated dungeons (and potions), and there's permadeath. That's it. Other than that, it plays like a basic kind of Dark Souls-ish game, or if you've played that, think the combat sections of Hand of Fate. Swing sword, toss potion, dodge, jump, parry, throw shield. It's meant to be played with a gamepad, has some RPG elements like a skill tree but definitely nothing like the complex builds and strategies you'd be able to pull off in a proper roguelike.

However, in itself, this would still make for a pretty fun action game. So why the negative vote?

Because this game's actual design is pretty poor.

There's some pretty baffling mechanics that just appear out of nowhere now and then and seem a one off. For example, some enemies are zombies. These need to be killed with fire, which you won't have access to unless you have an enchanted weapon or an explosive barrell. They're the only enemies that have this property. Why? Who knows. They're annoying, pointless, and stick out like a sore thumb. Potions are random, you can only toss them or drink them to find out what they do, and some do pretty bad stuff. In a game with permadeath, this sort of lottery can cost you dearly, and is another aspect that is insanely more difficult than the average fight. But the worst thing of all are pits. So to make it clear, you can fight hordes of enemies and have a decent chance to come out alive. But you know what will 100% kill you and force you to restart the game? A single bottomless pit. Which are rare, random, sometimes pop up from outside the screen while you're running one moment before reaching them, and sometimes are wide enough that you need to really time well your jump to pass them - except that if you fall, you lose your entire game. Look, platforming is one thing, but don't put HARD platforming elements, with controls and camera fighting you, in a game with permadeath. This one thing alone is so frustrating, sincerely, it makes the game hard to recommend. Pass, there's much better games with the same kind of combat compared to which this offers nothing of value.

6704 Produkte im Account
29 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
48 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21.03.20 05:34
for a hack and slash RPG game, 1 shot kill just because down into a pit is way too much!!! they also make no leeway for the jump, you need almost perfect jump for it
unless dev resolve this this game is not reccomended!!!

other than that is pretty standart, should be a good game WITHOUT the 1 shot pit
551 Produkte im Account
53 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
113 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23.12.19 10:28
Very fun and beautiful rogue like game until you get platforming parts and you throw away all founded wepons, enchants, full armor, crafts everything couse you insta die if you fall. Very bad design decision.
861 Produkte im Account
44 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
14 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.12.19 05:52
The core idea of a 3D hack 'n' slash rogue-lite is a good one, but the execution here leaves much to be desired. Controlling your character feels clunky, even with using a controller as recommended. The art style is a nice nod to the roguelikes of yesteryear, and the developers did a great job translating the ASCII style into 3D. That said, it doesn't suit the gameplay well, and makes navigating around difficult. Especially when the floor is black, and insta-kill pitfalls blend in. I want to like this game, and I may give it another chance later. First impressions however, left me disappointed.
910 Produkte im Account
222 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
92 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.10.19 06:35
The art style is cool, and the brawling has weighty but responsive animations which make it feel fun to fight the enemies. But so much of the game isn't about the pretty nice but not exactly special brawling mechanics, the majority of it is instead about repeatedly hitting barrels for the XP, and suddenly dying to instant kill pits that fade into view as you enter a new hallway. Instant kill pits are the biggest threat in the game, and by golly it sure is annoying for there to be one hard-to-see obstacle that kills you instantly in a game with 10+ minute runs.
752 Produkte im Account
56 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
70 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.07.19 07:27
This wants to be a good game. It's a roguelike in the most literal sense of the term. All progression is lost on death. There are no upgrades to be received outside of runs. I found the lack of progression to be jarring, especially with terrible platforming sections that can easily kill a run with an instant death. The gameplay is decent, but I'd really like some sense of progression over time even if it were really minor unlocks. The platforming should have been removed before release. This game just isn't a platformer. the camera, controls and nearly everything about it is designed for hack and slash gameplay, and throwing in instant death bottomless pits is an exercise in frustration.
4640 Produkte im Account
126 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
491 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.06.19 01:26
Pretty fun game - or would have been if not for the platforming sections leading to insta-death falls. Who though the pits were a good idea in a permadeath roguelikelike??? At first I thought they were an annoyance, but after the umpteenth death to the things, I'm switching my rating to Negative.
1980 Produkte im Account
10 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
1112 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17.12.17 06:24
Brut@l is a fun game, which makes it all the more unfortunate I must give it a negative.

Brut@l is a typical dungeon-crawler hack-n-slash with its main attraction being the ascii style 3d art and its ascii style crafting system. With 20 randomly generated levels to smash your way through, it does offer plenty of fun for you, and a friend in local co-op ONLY, which brings me to why I cannot recomend the game at full price.

The store page states that this game has multiplayer as well as local co-op. The game only offers local co-op. The store page also states the game has a level editor and workshop content however, what use is the level editor other than making levels for yourself to enjoy when there is no implemented workshop for this game? No way to share fun ascii style levels with your friends across steam.

The devs appear to have abandoned this game apon its release and have made no further updates nor implemented the features promised. It's a pitty as i was looking forward to this for over a year after it launched on PS4.

Get it on sale, enjoy it if you have some time to kill, then leave it be to rot in your library.
741 Produkte im Account
47 Reviews
610 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15.02.17 06:22

This will become a cult classic for ARPG/Roguelite fans

The Good

-- ASCII aesthetic extremely reminiscent of the warez and .nf0 days of early internet piracy and cracking

-- Near-fully destructible environments (destroying environmental items gives experience and has the potential to drop phat lewts)
-- Lock system that requires weapon enchants to open doors. A new twist on an old mechanic (door keys)

-- Interesting and varied weapon selection
-- Simplistic yet effective weapon enchantment system that offers high reward for your checking-every-corner-for-hidden-loot addiction

-- 26 campaign levels that get increasingly difficult and progressively longer as you traverse the world of Brut@l
-- When campaign isn't enough, you've got community levels and the ability to make your own dungeons with the ingame dungeon editor

-- Custom edit your own hero as well

-- Lots of interesting mobs; the game has a very eclectic bestiary (anything from small carnivorous rollie-pollies to flying reaper gargoyles on fire with pools of acid dripping from their feet).

-- The mobs offer a very interesting difficulty mechanic called 'Squads' in which mob placement ala Dark Souls ensures that you practice appropriate focus fire and strategies to maximize success (ie. going after archers who are equipped with flame arrows as opposed to facetanking an armored destroyer). The game ensures this by forcing multiple mobs into designated squads in later levels, creating what originally used to be 1v1 mob fights into 6v1 mob fights, etc. Can get hectic really quick.

-- Addictive replayability. Very hard to put down!

-- Couch Co-Op

The Bad

-- Very limited appearance customization.
-- Very limited armor selection. Literally only 4 pieces of armor to get throughout the entire game, each armor adds +25 total armor to a bar that has a maximum of 100. Every -25 armor (something like 25 enemy attacks) lost disintegrates that armor item and you must reloot another to regain the armor bonus.

-- Dungeon rooms can feel claustrophobic. While the dungeons in their entirety are quite expansive, especially as the levels progress, the rooms themselves can sometimes be incredibly small and repetitive.

-- The aesthetic, while being a major selling point, can also conversely be a negative if you're a fan of variety. There's not much diversity in Brut@l's environment; the various oranges, greens, blues, purples, reds and yellows that dot the dungeonscape with lava pools, nature enchants, or scent trees that provide healing fruit are the only visual tangents you'll get when exploring the consistent black and white pallete of Brut@l's world.

-- Purposeful input lag. This is one of my biggest issues with the game. A mouse and keyboard makes input lag extremely noticeable and makes your character feel bloated, like driving a car with crappy suspension. When your character turns, it feels like trying to steer a small boat. However, my PS4 controller has eliminated the feel of the input lag almost entirely; this game was definitely designed with consoles in mind.

-- Hunger system. Not really all that bad, just feels forced and unnecessary in a game like Brut@l. Sometimes you'll find yourself getting hunger even when you have full HP. Normally, you may have enough potions of vitality to heal yourself. But in earlier levels, especially on squisher classes and for less experienced players, you may need all your food mainly as healing items. Being forced to use them for sating hunger just feels like a waste and also makes your recovery options more limited.

The Ugly

-- No Online Co-Op >:(
359 Produkte im Account
21 Reviews
588 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10.02.17 03:18
MMMMM, I missed you ASCII
First let me start out by saying this game is rogue-like, [strike]why there is no tag? who knows[/strike] (There's a tag now).
This is a game that takes inspiration from old ASCII dungeon-crawlers. There's crafting (things such as potions, weapons, talismans), enchanting of weapons, local and internet co-op, a wide variety of baddies to square up against.

Now for the actual review:

This game was built around the controller, playing it with M&Kb is almost impossible (it just feels weird), the core gameplay is excellent. Fighting never gets stale especially with elemental enemies thrown into the mix, though most times you can only hit one enemy at a time and sometime's you can hit multiple.

By far the wizard is my favorite class, a battlemage with a staff for casting the one spell you have which is good for keeping distance between you and an enemy, and any weapon you want to wield (Pike is best).
Blocking system is (alright) blocking an attack still deals damage but less than if you had not blocked at all. There is a parry system (no not dark souls parry), when the enemies attack is about to land press the guard button and you will take no damage and you may strike while the enemy is in recovery.

All classes have a form of ranged attack, other than the wizard and the warrior, the ranger and amazon can throw their shields at enemies. The warrior being a tank and heavy hitter slower than the rest of the classes and the wizard, able to cast a spell.


-Easy and comftorable controls (for gamepad)
-Gauntlet like feel
-High replayability
-Can play with friends
-Lots of baddies to kill
-Lots of loot to be had
-Still better than NMS


-Rooms could be a little larger (and more random)
-The ability to remap controls for the gamepad is non existant
-Could use more variety in weapons


Brut@l receives an 8.5/10
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