• Caffeine: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Caffeine: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Caffeine: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Caffeine: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Caffeine: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Caffeine: Screenshot zum Titel.
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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 15.10.2015
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Preise Update 03.05.20

Über das Spiel

Caffeine is a quirky first person adventure game with environmental puzzles and a touch of psychological horror.

Set in the near future, the entire population of Earth is vigorously addicted to coffee. Massive space stations built by the biggest corporations roam the stars mining minerals to create a synthetic caffeine.

You awaken aboard one of these caffeine mining stations alone. Before long you realize that you are a young boy with no memory of what has transpired on this seemingly empty space station.

Naturally you set out to explore the depths of the huge structure to figure out what exactly is going on.

Caffeine is a collection of three episodes, the first of which will be released on October 5th 2015.
Episode One is a 1-2 hour adventure which sets the story and tone of what is to come in Episode Two and Three.

  • Horror – You are alone in a mysteriously empty space station. Who knows what’s out there!
  • Lore – Sticky notes, audio logs, whiteboards etc. This place feels lived in with each character having a rich back-story that can be deciphered from just walking into an office or quarters.
  • Puzzles – Interesting environmental and memory based puzzles.
  • Windows, Linux and Mac support
  • Controller support


  • CPU: 2Ghz Dual Core Processor
  • GFX: 1GB Dedicated Graphics Card
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Software: Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  • HD: 4 GB available space
  • DX: Version 11
  • LANG: Englisch
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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

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12 Reviews
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174 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 07.02.16 14:25
Was kann man wohl zu Caffeine sagen? Nicht viel!

Meine Stichpunkte in Postiv (+) und Negativ (-)

+ Unterstützt Dx12
+ lässt sich starten
+ Man kann sachen aufnehmen und sich bewegen.
+ könnte hübsch aussehen.

- Stürzt auf dx12 mit der Fehlermeldung ab, das mein VRAM voll ist. (Egal ob auf minimal oder maximalen EInstellungen)
- Mir definitiv zu dunkel.
- kein Horror (oder Psycho-Horror wie der Entwickler es nennt)
- man glitcht durch den Boden.
- Kein Inventar. (Sachen werden vor einem her getragen (einzeln))
- Kein Speichern möglich. (Beendest du das Spiel, fängst du von vorne an)

Coffeine ist definitiv zu unausgereift und zu verbuggt. Ich bin froh, das ich es damals im Indie Bundle und nicht hier gekauft habe. Es langweilt mich und machte mir keinen Spaß. Die Performance ist so ziemlich das einizige am Spiel was an Horror heranreicht. Davon abgesehen rennt man nur rum und weiss auch nicht so recht, was man nun machen soll.

Caffeine ist damit das erste Spiel, was ich freiwillig aus meiner STeam Bibliothek raushaben würde.

Von mir gibt es eine klare NICHT-Kaufempfehlung.

Meine Specs:
i7 4790K (4.0-4,4GHz)
Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X OC (4GB VRAM)
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76 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30.11.15 00:25
Psycho Horror Game, das in Episoden aufgeteilt ist

- schönes Leveldesign/Setting
- sehr guter Soundtrack
- kein manuelles Speichern möglich, wenn man schon recht weit ist und dann ein Fehler macht, ist man am Ar*** und muss das Game wieder von vorne beginnen. Nimmt einen den Spielspaß.
- etwas hardwarehungrig bei max. Einstellungen
- DX11 und DX12 (Win10)
- Errungenschaften
- Puzzle Elemente
- Episode 1 ist viel mit rumlaufen und Dinge erfüllen besetzt

Episode 1 ist noch recht schwach, zeigt aber schon einige interessante Aspekte.
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26 Reviews
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113 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23.01.21 08:26
When you look at the credits and see how many people crowdfunded this game just for it to be one hour long and abandoned 5 years ago...
I feel bad for all of them, they were probably expecting an interesting horror experience not a walking simulator were you go around in circles until you figure out where to go next.

Oh, also this game doesn't save so you need to complete everything in one go or you start from the beginning. Likewise, if you encounter a glitch that kicks you out of bounds, to the beginning you go.
175 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
317 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10.12.20 07:04
If you have a high end Nvidia Geforce RTX graphics card, this is actually a graphically nice game to play, graphics are the focus, the story (although still very significant) and the rest is secondary
2590 Produkte im Account
68 Reviews
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54 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.07.19 13:34
A game with much potential but unfortunately feels very empty. At this point in time I cannot recommend this game. The last news update we got was back in june, 2017. News, not game. I understand life is busy, especially if you're a solo dev and have a family.

But we're in 2019 now, and still nothing? I consider this abandoned. A shame though, I've owned this game for a long time and had high hopes.

Game is unfinished and abandoned it seems.
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49 Reviews
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77 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 05.01.18 23:52
Had potential, but it's abandoned and unoptimized.
2010 Produkte im Account
82 Reviews
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15 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.03.16 22:53
If one of the only actual gameplay elements of your game is using keycards to unlock doors then it might be a good idea to have an actual inventory system instead of having to awkwardly click and drag the keycards along with you as a physics object.
147 Produkte im Account
15 Reviews
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86 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27.01.16 03:59
I don't have anything to add to the detailed enumerations of this game's problems in other reviews.

I will stress one point, however, which is that this game feels unfinished. It is also unpolished and buggy, but I could live with that if the game was complete. Caffeine, as of this writing, v118, looks like what I imagine games in progress look like when they are about 60% complete: the basic artwork is done, coarse world map is drawn, simple sound effects and background music prepared. What's left? Story, narration, combat, gameplay, NPCs, puzzles, play testing, optimization.

This game is being sold well before it is ready for market and not labeled as early release. Know that if you buy now, it is in the hopes that this will eventually become a playable game.
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16 Reviews
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56 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.10.15 11:50
There’s a solid premise on offer here, and some terrifying sound design that oozes tension – but none of it leads anywhere. There’s no payoff, no feeling of achievement, and there are only fleeting glances of a narrative to grab onto. It’s baffling that this is supposed to be an episodic experience. An opening episode is supposed to hook you in and leave you hungry for the rest of the series, but Caffeine Episode One doesn’t even have enough substantial material for a single instalment.

Plagued with dozens of bugs, some of which break the game, this is a dull, plodding exercise in monotonous walking, which offers up no sense of purpose or progression.

Full review: http://www.gizorama.com/2015/computer/pc/all-cream-no-coffee-caffeine-episode-1-review
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72 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 05.10.15 19:38
Not Fit for Human Consumption

Full disclosure: review copy provided by developer/publisher!

Caffeine is a “quirky first person adventure game with environmental puzzles and a touch of psychological horror.”

Right. That's what the synopsis on the Steam store reads, anyway. What I encountered was a less competent Dear Esther with physics bugs shooting out the wazoo. Just another indie horror title rushed out of the indie horror oven too soon, never to realize its potential... potential. I'll add it to the pile I'm using to build a hellish throne for personal reasons.

Here's the story: you're a tiny child in the not-too-distant future, livin' it up on a space station. Because people are so addicted to coffee, Starbucks has literally conquered the stars themselves, mining planets Dead Space style to synthetically produce Pumpkin Spice lattes for your UGG sporting girlfriends.

But what Space Starbucks™ failed to realize is that once you start mining entire planets for synthetic caffeine it isn't long before Natural Law™ flips a God damn table in defiance. I spent the first 20 cock sucking minutes of this game attempting to grab a keycard to progress past the first door. See, it was placed lovingly in a crate on top of a monitor for... some reason? Perhaps this is one of the touted environmental puzzles? I'm not sure. But with every attempt at grabbing said keycard the crate would kind-of-sort-of coalesce with the monitor, making it impossible to retrieve. And then I'd have to exit out of the entire game (because quitting back to the main menu is for suckers apparently) and try all over again (Edit: upon subsequent playthrough this weird issue has been fixed).

When I did finally manage to pull the damned thing through the monitor I was off to explore this derelict space station, tiny keycard spinning desperately in my grasp as if to say, “Spirit, don't! Can't you see I'm trying to stop you from playing this shit game?!” And I was like, “This is just a little glitch – I'm sure the rest of the game isn't dog shit!”

Then the keycard flew from my hands, never to be seen again, choosing the sweet release of death over playing Caffeine. Damn my hubris!

What followed was another 40, 50 minutes of wandering around a claustrophobic, gray, circuit board of a space station covered in shitty sticky notes saying things like “Why won't he open the door?” and “Can't do it/Can't do it/ CAN.” That's... pretty much it, I'm sorry to say. You wander about a less interesting, less populated, less optimized, not scary Alien: Isolation filled with shimmering amber jello water and chairs that defy the very laws that govern reality as we know it.

There's also, like, space coffee stations but it's empty and everyone ran away or went crazy or something because of caffeine withdrawals! Or something! It isn't super clear!

I'm just not impressed. Terrible physics, no save function, no quit to menu function, walking speed as fast as a snail's fart, bad flashlight mechanics, virtually no gameplay, absolutely no directions on how to progress (unless I'm supposed to read every stupid sticky note littering the environment), I could go on. I won't, because your time and money is precious. Is it episodic? Yes. Are the future two free, longer, puzzlier episodes promised incentive to pay for the dull-as-dishwater first entry? I guess. Cynically I would call this Early Access without the contentious label. You can look forward to the next two episodes sometime in... 2016.

There might be some patches to address the more ludicrous shit I mentioned (again, looks like the first progression bug has been addressed) but it won't save this game from being as lame as a lukewarm cup of black coffee with a pube floating in it.

You can fish the pube out but I've already seen it. The damage is done.
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