Civilization 6

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun The best strategy games on PC For a time it looked as though strategy games had sunk into a kind of deathly malaise, unsure which territory to claim next and which ones it should leave well and truly alone. Fast forward to 2020, though, and strategy games have never looked healthier, which is why we’ve compiled this best... 29.01.20 17:34
Community Announcements Save up to 75% off Civilization VI Content Hello, Civilization fans! Missing some content in your Civilization VI collection? Now's the time to experience what you're missing: Civilization VI is on sale until January 22, 2020. Whether you're picking up Civilization VI for 70% off, grabbing the Rise and Fall expansion for 50% off or the Gathe... 15.01.20 18:41
Rock, Paper, Shotgun The 32 best PC games that demand to be played in ultrawide There’s an old saying in gaming monitor circles that once you’ve gone ultrawide, there’s no going back. Indeed, having had the vast Samsung CRG9 hogging my desk for a bit last month, I’m inclined to agree. But what do games actually look like on a screen this wide? It’... 19.12.19 14:00
Rock, Paper, Shotgun The best strategy games on PC You’ll ocassionally find someone on the internet sounding off about how the strategy genre is dead. If you see such a person in the future, send them this list of the best strategy games ever made. (more…) 25.11.19 18:08
Eurogamer 2K apologises for racist social media posts following hack 2K has apologised after a social media hack of its various accounts was used to post racist comments. Yesterday evening, 2K lost control of a raft of its social media accounts across Twitter and Facebook, including the official pages for Borderlands, WWE and Civilization. During the hack, the offici... 16.11.19 12:14
Civilization 6


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