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Community Announcements Weekly News Summary #37 (December 13, 2019) This week we announced Wrath of the Nomads, reintroduced White Elk Fort and kicked off new contests and discounts - all of which are detailed in the moving picture below. Note that this will be the last video round-up of 2019, so you’ll have to try to keep abreast of the news all on your own for the... 13.12.19 18:22
Community Announcements Map Guide: White Elk Fort (Siege) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33318685/720b35bb1e258bcbe84ee46cc0c4832bf82709e9.jpg If you recently defended its streets from the Sea Raiders and their nefarious rebel allies, the interior of White Elk Fort will be immediately familiar to you. However, now it’s not just the streets that are under siege, but th... 13.12.19 17:33
Community Announcements Territory Wars reset coming as part of Season 2 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33318685/4879f3b457fa9fecbdeb277ea92b119a50e37141.jpg It is time to bring to an end the current state of war in Conqueror’s Blade and prepare for a new era of conquest. With Season 2 approaching on December 19th, we will be resetting Territory Wars so that when a new age of hostil... 12.12.19 10:30
Community Announcements Season II: Wrath of the Nomads Invading on December 19th! A realm of infinite opportunity draws aspiring conquerors from afar, but there are those who have always been here, and always will be… Through the piercing bite of winter, drought, famine, and unspeakably blood-soaked chapters in their war-torn history, the nomadic tribes endure. Unleash the rage o... 10.12.19 10:46
Community Announcements Win warm winter attire in our festive writing competition {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33318685/99beb4a85d55b4aa156821e8e06e869708572580.jpg Since our Halloween writing contest went down rather well, we thought we’d challenge you creatively once again, this time tasking you to scribe rather more festive fare. Once again you can attempt a piece of short fiction, poet... 09.12.19 16:31

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