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Community Announcements How to reclaim Honour points As part of the Wrath of the Nomads update we introduced a feature that allows you to reclaim Honour points, allowing you to unlock units and buffs from other parts of the Unit Tree. You may think, for example, that the route to unlocking Iron Reapers via Palace Guards was the wrong one, and that you... 17.01.20 12:05
Community Announcements A world of matchmaking has opened up As important as it is to explore the open-world in Conqueror’s Blade, one of the problems of doing so - until the release of Season II - was that you were unable to participate in matchmaking battles. There was a very good reason for this, but it did restrict the number of players available for matc... 16.01.20 14:05
Community Announcements Map Guide: Allenburg (Siege) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33318685/ea5dfd10fdf95803b6cb3bf9a86b1ea8446194d0.png As well as being uniquely situated, the fortress city of Allenburg - recently introduced via the Wrath of the Nomads update - is unique in its defences. Attackers will effectively have to conduct two sieges to win, in between w... 15.01.20 15:05
Community Announcements Give your armies a boost with Auxiliary Units {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/33318685/754b42b2aead6b8274941da80b4c1e4b682d00c0.jpg As a way to try out units you haven’t unlocked, or to bulk out your army for a short period of time, we have introduced a system where you can recruit units to fight by your side for up to seven days. We first introduced mercen... 08.01.20 16:01
Community Announcements Server downtime - Wednesday 8 January Please be aware that from 11:00 CET (2am PDT) on Wednesday 8th January, the Conqueror’s Blade servers will be inaccessible. The downtime is expected to last for 3 hours. Adding Auxiliary Units Reenabling Doctrine salvaging Please stay tuned to our Discord channel in case of any immediate server upda... 07.01.20 17:06

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Allgemein Luigi's Mansion spukt durch die Games-Charts - Die Videospiele Charts GfK Entertainment veröffentlichten heute die frischen Verkaufscharts.
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Allgemein eP Intern - Login via Steam Account nun möglich Ab heute ist es möglich, sich bei uns mit seinem Steam Account anzumelden. Wie genau das geht und was dabei passiert, erklären wir dir ganz kurz.
Transport Fever 2 Release-Date bekannt gegeben Good Shepherd Entertainment und Urban Games geben das Veröffentlichungsdatum ihrer Transportsimulation Transport Fever 2 bekannt.
SOMA Bis 7.November kostenlos im Epic Store Zur Zeit gibt es das SCI-FI Horror Spiel SOMA kostenlos im Epic Games Store bis zum 7.November 2019.
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Allgemein von Blizzard in Beta testbar FĂĽr die PC Desktop App von Blizzard kannst du nun die Betaversion antesten.
Die Sims 4: An die Uni! Release-Termin fĂĽr neues Erweiterungspack bekannt gegeben Zum kommenden Erweiterungspack An die Uni!, fĂĽr das aktuelle Die Sims 4, wurde nun der Release-Termin bekannt gegeben.
Isles of Adalar Neues Open World Rollenspiel kommt Mitte 2020 Das junge Studio Peakway Software arbeitet zur Zeit an einem Open World RPG, das sehr an Skyrim erinnert.