Cyber Shadow


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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Shovel Knight studio Yacht Club to publish Cyber Shadow Ninjas are the new hotness again and Cyber Shadow is the latest to remind us that the shinobi mask/scarf combo never goes out of style, if you’re a ninja. I’ve been following the development of this one for a while. It’s developed by one-man studio Mechanical Head with some musical... 27.03.19 23:44
Eurogamer Shovel Knight dev unveils 8-bit-style ninja romp Cyber Shadow in new trailer Shovel Knight studio Yacht Club Games has formally unveiled Cyber Shadow, a Ninja-Gaiden-inspired 8-bit-style platformer from developer Aarne "MekaSkull" Hunziker. Cyber Shadow sets players loose among the ruins of an enemy-infested, trap-laden Mekacity, and is described as an NES-style platformer w... 27.03.19 23:30