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Community Announcements Patch Notes: March 10th, 2016 Greetings Agonians, After a long cold winter, spring is finally arriving in Agon, Removed the Xmas Event theme throughout Agon Removed the Krampus Visage empty folder from the Premium Shop Removed all Conversion Recipes for the Aged Materials At this point, the skill should be only visible through t... 12.03.16 18:27
Community Announcements Darkfall Unholy Wars New Tutorial Video. New Tutorial Video After some deliberation, have decided to temporarily remove the Vale of the Custodian (AKA the tutorial). For the time being, new players will spawn right into the world and begin their explorations without needing to go through the tutorial. At the moment, all new players will be... 14.11.14 20:29
Community Announcements D.U.E.L item during free week Important Announcement: Access granted during FREE WEEK is not an active subscription. You will not be able to benefit from the D.U.E.L item activation to receive 30 extra days of time as the system requires to be running an active subscription. You can benefit from the 75% off first month running o... 14.11.14 11:07
Community Announcements Bonus Items to New players. New players shall find a new red bag in their back pack AFTER completing the tutorial part with items that will help them during their early stages in the world of Agon. 13.11.14 21:24
Community Announcements Steam User Links and New Player Resources Thank you for joining us and congratulations on choosing Darkfall Unholy Wars, the most harcore sandbox PvP MMO, featuring massive battles on land and sea. We'd like to welcome you and help you through your first steps. You should know about the Mentor System which is available to all new players an... 13.11.14 14:01
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