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Community Announcements Mission Loot Update (Version 0.161) You can now hand in all your missions (even those you haven't found the giver for) at any outpost by visting the Trainer. The only exception is for missions that require to find generic items (such as bandages, antibiotics etc). You will still need to have spoken to the giver for those to finish. Wh... 30.05.20 11:21
Community Announcements New Boss Update A new boss complete with its own special attack has been added to the game and will appear from reset tomorrow in level 25+ zones All chainsaws can now hit worms and zombies on the floor correctly You can no longer hit worms while they are dead/dying Vomit effects were made easier to see A bug affec... 21.05.20 21:48
Community Announcements Chainsaw Update (Version 0.158) Chainsaws have been added to the game! There are currently three versions available: Hedge Trimmer, Dilmar PS and Ronan Pro. Fuel is now stackable and can be used for both powering chainsaws and for filling your vehicle's tank. New "Lumberjack" skill available :) Fixed some visual bugs NOTE: You wil... 08.05.20 23:21
Community Announcements Update (Version 0.158) You can now reject incoming trades Damage scaling removed in multiplayer games (you always deal the same damage in SP/MP from now on) Fix for the boss nuke/instant death bug (should take affect from reset tomorrow) Fixed an ammo count bug Fixed several different bugs related to the stash NOTE: You w... 24.04.20 21:50
Community Announcements Update (Version 0.157) You can now fight bosses in the Open World (even during an OA!) Player characters can now strafe while running left/right, allowing you to keep your torch facing forwards Quicker server loads for people with big stashes Child zombies now keep their normal run animation during an OA "Holy Fingers" bu... 18.04.20 10:59
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