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Community Announcements French translation added French language can be selected in Steam properties of the game along with deafult English, Russian, Spanish and Italian. 15.01.15 13:05
Community Announcements Spanish and Italian localizations added The game can now be played in Spanish and Italian in addition to English and Russian. 17.06.14 19:03
Shacknews Indie Gala 7 now available Another set of cheap indie games has been bundled up to help you through the summer slump. The seventh Indie Gala bundle is offering three games with a fourth to be unveiled later, along with even more bonus games for paying more than the rolling target average. The three games in the bundle include... 30.07.12 08:45
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth


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Release24.07.2009 GenreAction-Adventure Entwickler Haggard Games Publisher 1C Company Enginekeine Infos