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Steam News

Community Announcements Kung hei fat choi Happy Lunar New Year!! It's time for the Lunar New Year and to celebrate, we have the following titles on sale! Check out some of our Chinese localised titles: 04.02.19 22:54
Community Announcements Cave Festival 2018 Live Streams First off there's a Cave-le TV broadcast for Dodonpachi 5:30am April 19 Eastern time hosted by Cave. Then the Cave Festival itself will be broadcasting from the channels below during the event on Saturday 21st (JST) so don't miss the M2/ketsui talk show from 10:30am (JST)! 18.04.18 14:03
Community Announcements Summer Shooting Sale and Bullet Soul score contest The summer sale is here once more, and that means Degica has shooting game bargains aplenty: From Deathsmiles and Mushihimesama, to the DariusBurst CS Cave DLC and all the Cave game soundtracks. And for a more traditional shooting fix, Triangle Se... 23.06.17 09:21
PC Gamer How Steam brought shmups out of arcades and into a new PC renaissance By the late ‘90s, with Street Fighter 2’s impact on arcades receding in the West, the beautiful rows of wooden cabinets and the glow of their CRTs suffered a commercial deforestation. With their dwindling ranks went the heyday for genres built around a quick play and immediate gratific... 13.04.17 21:06
Community Announcements DoDonPachi Resurrection OST release: Arrange Album & Anime Sale! Good news for Cave fans: Kouta Takahashi and Kenji Ito bring their skills to bear on DoDonPachi Resurrection's already great soundtrack. And for launch week only it's 20% off! Don't forget, Mushihimesama, Deathsmiles and DoDonPachi Resurrection are all on sal... 31.03.17 11:42