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Bluehole Studio
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Bluehole Studio

Aspiring to be the preeminent MMORPG developer….
Bluehole Studio's vision is to become the preeminent MMORPG developer in the global market.

At the heart of Bluehole's mission is to create a world-wide blockbuster MMORPG.
To accomplish its goal, Bluehole started with an intense focus to acquire the core strengths of a preeminent MMORPG developer. From early on, the company attracted the most prominent of industry professionals that shared the vision to create the next flagship MMORPG for the global market. Bluehole is firmly established with pioneers and innovators in the MMORPG industry to creat a globally renowned game.

Living the core values
Maximizing profits is an important goal for any company, but equally important is achieving the vision without sacrificing the core values. At Bluehole Studio, living the core values is firmly emphasized as the foundation of a great company.

These are the core values at Bluehole :
First, people are irreplaceable "knowledge workers"
Second, 'Teamwork' by reliable and trustworthy people generates the best results.
Third, achieve the company's vision without compromising integrity.

Bluehole aspires to become the preeminent - global - MMORPG developer through its unwavering belief in its people and its core values. Stay tuned for more from Bluehole.


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