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Frogwares is an independent video game development studio based in Dublin and Kiev. Since 2000, the studio has become renowned for its vast catalogue of games, ranging from RTS to action-adventure games. Frogwares' games are available on major game platforms, including the latest generation consoles, and are often compared in quality to many AAA titles. The developer's cutting-edge Sherlock Holmes games are also a registered trademark of the studio.
Created in 2000, Frogwares is an independent development studio specialized in adventure video games. Thanks to a talented team of 45 artistes and programmers, we release quality games to please adventure fans.
We have alternate the production of games based upon inquiry and discovery, with high licenses like Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne. The graphic quality, the technical innovation and the incredible ability to create environments and atmospheres are the spearheads of our titles.


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