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Illusion Softworks
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Illusion Softworks
Illusion Softworks is a Czech-owned company based in Brno. It is the most successful computer game developer in the Central European region and its games compete with the largest and most successful studios worldwide.
The company was founded in 1997 by Petr Vochozka and Czech venture investor CRG. The goal was set from the very beginning and has never changed. “To develop outstanding games for PC and modern consoles” The Company’s main focus is on realistic action games.

The developers at Illusion Softworks work with state-of-the-art technologies including; Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 dev kits, very latest optical motion capture equipment and proprietary tools and technologies for modern PCs and next-gen consoles.

Within a few years we were able to build a group of highly skilled developers and release many titles, including worldwide best sellers for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Dreamcast. The sales of our most successful game, Mafia, exceeded two million units with another brand, Hidden & Dangerous, selling over a million units. High rankings reviews were also awarded to the realistic Vietnam war shooter Vietcong and its successor Vietcong 2.

Currently we are working on projects for PC, Xbox360 and PlayStation 3 with major videogame publishers.

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