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Our company was founded in 2016, simultaneously to the announcement of the development of Remothered: Tormented Fathers. We develop premium games for PC and consoles, and our titles are story-driven and intriguing, thus making them intellectually stimulating.
We have developed Remothered: Tormented Fathers, the pure and realistic survival horror video game inspired by classics like Clock Tower and cult films such as Silence of the Lambs and Rosemary’s Baby.

We are currently working on the development of Remothered: Tormented Fathers’ sequel, titled Remothered: Going Porcelain.

The psychological complexity of the characters and the cinematic storytelling are our trademarks. The professionals involved in our company believe that video games must have interesting and intriguing stories that could inspire and captivate players. In order to deliver a cinematic experience, we focus in depth on the characterization of realistic and lifelike heroes and enemies.

We are also currently working on a new, unannounced project. Stay tuned to learn more about it.

We are based in Catania, Italy - our team consists of experienced 3D artists, developers, and designers who had the chance to previously prove their skills in CGI movies and video games.

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Remothered: Going Porcelain
Remothered: Going Porcelain
H4 2020
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