Formula Truck 2013

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Community Announcements All Reiza titles on Steam Sale! Black Friday week is now on for the Steam sale covering all Reiza products - don´t miss it! Automobilista 50% off Automobilista Brit Pack 50% off Automobilista Season Pass 25% o... 24.11.16 17:46
Community Announcements Reiza Simracing Bonanza - Final week round-up! Thanks to all the backers who have already contributed, the funding level so far allowed us to confirm several new developments to Stock Car Extreme. With a few more days to go, there is still time for an extra push! What is CONFIRMED with funding level achieved so far: Cars: SuperV8; Mitsubishi Lan... 20.07.15 23:50
Community Announcements More free content confirmed as crowdfunding campaign hits 36% in 9 days! Reiza SimRacing Bonanza - More Good News! Thanks to the 367 backers who together have funded 36% of the goal so far, we are very happy to confirm the following upcoming additions: SuperV8 (for SCE); Mitsubishi Lancer Cup (for SCE); Montreal modern (for SCE & FTruck); Velo Cittá (for SCE & FTruck). A... 04.07.15 19:20
Community Announcements Reiza SimRacing Bonanza - Crowdfunding campaign launched! Help us take our racing simulators to the next level! We are very pleased to announce the launch of Reiza Sim Racing Bonanza! a crowdfunding campaign targetted to raise a complementary budget for continuing developing Game Stock Car Extreme & Formula Truck... 27.06.15 15:06
Community Announcements Formula Truck 2013 v1.25 released - The trucks take it to the streets! Content Added Salvador Street Circuit General features / Bug Fixes Added option to set session start time (24h cycle); Added options to switch qualifying off and manually set grid position; Fixed trackside flags animation; Added support for graphi... 18.04.15 20:18

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