• Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.
  • Genesis Noir: Screen zum Spiel Genesis Noir.


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  • Auslieferung:
  • Plattform: PC
  • Release: 26.03.2021
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Über das Spiel

Ein Abenteuer durch Raum und Zeit im Film-Noir-Stil.
Du spielst No Man, einen Uhrenverkäufer, der sich in eine Dreiecksbeziehung mit zwei kosmischen Wesen verstrickt hat: Miss Mass und Golden Boy. Als deine Affäre in einer unerbittlichen Konfrontation endet, wirst du Zeuge eines Schusses von einem eifersüchtigen Gott – auch bekannt als Urknall. Springe ins expandierende Universum, versuche, die Schöpfung zu zerstören oder zu verhindern und rette deine Liebe.

Erkunde und löse physikalische Rätsel, indem du in kleinen Abschnitten des Universums mit Gegenständen experimentierst und Möglichkeiten ihrer Manipulation entdeckst. Nutze ein Telefon mit Drehscheibe, zerstöre eine Zivilisation, pflanze einen Garten, improvisiere mit einem Musiker, erschaffe Leben – alles, um Miss Mass zu retten.

Der Urknall ist nicht nur der Beginn der Schöpfung, sondern auch ein Gewehrschuss, der in der Zeit eingefroren wurde und dessen Kugel auf die Liebe deines Lebens zufliegt. Du wirst in Zeittaschen springen, Momente in der Lebensspanne des Universums erkunden und nach einem Weg suchen, das Schicksal zu verändern.

Erlebe Momente in der Geschichte des Universums, von den ersten Mikrosekunden des Lebens bis in eine Zukunft, die Billionen Jahre entfernt ist. Was wirst du über diese neuen Schöpfungen lernen, beim Versuch, sie zu zerstören?


  • CPU: AMD / Intel CPU running at 2.6 GHz or higher
  • GFX: Radeon R9 285 (or equivalent) or GeForce GTX 560Ti or newer
  • RAM: 6 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows 10
  • HD: 8 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
  • DX: Version 12
  • LANG: Englisch
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Verfasst: 13.04.21 20:05
[h1]Genesis Noir [/h1]
Genesis Noir looks and sounds wonderful, with original and innovative ideas, but the story is confusing and the gameplay is lackluster in places.

You play as No Man, a watch peddler caught in a love triangle with a jazz singer called Miss Mass and Golden Boy. When your affair turns into a bitter confrontation, you will witness a gunshot fired by a jealous god—otherwise known as The Big Bang.

Jump into pockets of time, explore moments throughout the lifespan of the universe, and search for a way to change the course of destiny.

It’s difficult to put Genesis Noir into words. It feels like it is a hybrid between a bizarre space opera and a Raymond Chandler inspired detective mystery. There. I hope that explains it.

If you are interested in weird, original and flamboyant games then this certainly ticks all the boxes. The stunning visuals, art work and screenplay are enough for admission alone, but the story may leave you perplexed and the gameplay is minimal.

[h1] Story ???? [/h1]
To be honest, I had to look at the store page to get an idea of what the story was about.

It is obvious that the game revolves around time and space and details the big bang theory in surprising detail. It chronicles the start of time, as we know it, and shows key events through the history of man. It even touches upon our impending doom and subsequent exodus into the stars in search of other planets to ruin.

Other than that, the story revolves around a love triangle which is difficult to fathom but would probably make sense if it was explained.

It is one of those stories that seems open to interpretation but behind it you suspect there is some logic lost in the weird time and space continuum. The truth is out there.

There are fourteen chapters to enjoy and before each chapter we are presented with an interesting synopsis detailing an astronomical phenomenon. How a star is born, what a singularity is etc. It’s quite interesting stuff. The chapter revolves around the theme and the gameplay supports it.

The game takes around six hours to complete and it’s easy to gain all the achievements.



It is kind of a walking simulator with light puzzle elements.

Often, there will be a short cutscene at the beginning of the chapter and then you are thrown into the mix to experiment on all the things that are on the screen. Using your left mouse button pressing everything to see what it does is often a good way of approaching things. This is how the story is driven.

Most of the time, this is all that is required but occasionally there are some puzzles thrown in for good measure. The puzzles are generally easy to figure out but there is one particularly difficult puzzle which seems out of place and will be challenging.


[h1] Overall Impressions???? [/h1]
Genesis Noir mirrors and tries to quantify the chaos that is the start of the Universe. The game successfully portrays this through its own mix of weird, unique and bizarre events alongside an offbeat jazz inspired soundtrack.

It screams at you and forces you to pay attention although you’re never quite sure what is happening and you’re never allowed to put your hand up and ask.

Gameplay is varied enough and never becomes boring although certain chapters are more entertaining than others. There is a nice mix of walking sim type spectacular visuals and music followed by a few light puzzle elements. It often feels like you are watching a time travelling musical extravaganza.

When the game started, I thought there were going to be some detective style elements in the game but these never materialized, which was a shame. Most of the time it felt like an interactive visual novel, using your mouse to turn objects, throw things and generally manipulating objects on offer. Instead of text however, the visuals and music told the story.

The puzzles were mostly easy and offered a quick way of progressing the story but one section was abnormally difficult and completely ran against the grain. It was an odd design choice considering everything before and after it was so accommodating.

The love story is bizarre and didn’t make much sense to me at the time. After reading the store page however, it made more sense so I would recommend having a quick peak at the synopsis which will certainly help you decipher their romance.

The rest of the story is comprehensible and also educational, even if it is presented in a completely eccentric manner.


[h1]Graphics ????[/h1]
The art style is original and distinguished. It feels astronomical with it’s black and white façade but manages to retain an impressive look and keep to its noir origins.

The art direction is also notable with some really interesting shots and artwork which look astounding.

[h1] Sound ???? [/h1]
Genesis Noir certainly feels like you’ve stepped into a jazz club in the 1930s. Saxophone, cello and trumpet accompanies a chaotic jazz beat. There are scenes that would rival opera and most of the game feels like you are in the audience at a concert.

There is no voice acting.

[h1]Conclusion???? [/h1]
Genesis Noir is the most original game I have played so far this year. I guarantee you won’t have played many games like this before.

It is a very casual game with minimal interaction so I would suggest this will appeal to visual novel and walking sim fans mostly.

It manages to entertain for the duration, mostly through the visual and audible treats on offer and the pure absurdness of the adventure.

Definitely pick it up on sale.

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Verfasst: 06.04.21 03:54

Genesis Noir is quite a strange and scintillating adventure, featuring a time-traveling being trying to reverse the Big Bang. Aside from a few sporadic puzzles, everything is linear and just keeps moving. Otherwise, it's really not much of a game, as there is very little that you have to do other than follow along the preset path and click on a few items of interest as the game moves forward in its artistic and musical exhibitions.

If anything, the game is a pretty good exploration into the origins of the universe as theorized by the Big Bang and some accompanying fun ideas. For me it was a pretty fun cursory review without diving into anything deep. And it was made abstract to throw somewhat of a story into it all, to add the elements of a higher being. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience.

1. The abstract art to piece together the events at the beginning of the universe into a story is quite well done and rather fun to look at throughout the game.
2. The jazz music is full of energy and rather fun to listen to throughout the game.
3. There's enough additional information for people who are interested in a bit of basic astrophysics knowledge without diving so deep to make it too difficult to read.
4. This game is just so odd, that everything that got distorted and made abstract seems to fit well together overall.
5. Overall very enjoyable experience.

1. I would love to see a few extra save slots and manual saving. I am of the understanding that manual saves would not be easy to implement. Planning to put in a few more checkpoints would be good. I ended up losing a lot of progress in a couple of areas when I could not continue the game.
2. There are some bugs that I encountered, and one that crashed the game and I had to restart my computer to restart. Hopefully these get discovered and fixed.
3. Some areas of rapidly changing displayed lights and colors, especially in the 2nd half of the game. It could potentially give some people motion sickness.

There are a few random puzzles strewn across mostly a linear story told wordlessly except for between chapters at checkpoints. You run around in some areas in a top-down 2D zone, while other times it's a linear left and right movement to progress. A lot of areas you just need to click on the few items of interest to see a few associated animated sequences and the game would just move forward.

The puzzles were overall rather easy to figure out. Everything was quite simple except for one continuous series of puzzles in the middle of the game, in what looks like a particle accelerator in an advanced physics lab. You will know when you get there. Once you figure out where the clues are for these puzzles, they become a lot easier too.

You can use a controller (left joystick + single face button), a mouse only, or a mouse and keyboard combination to play. Some sections I felt were easier with the mouse, other parts I preferred a controller. I ended up switching between the two throughout the game.

Simplistic and abstract art mostly and relatively monotonous in color throughout until a later part of the game where there some bright color explosions led to an increase in color. The artwork is very well done for this game, definitely unique and fun to look at.

The music has a heavy jazz focus and is really nice to listen to. I had a great time listening to the sounds of the game while playing.

I think the game's content and artistic and musical values make it overall worth the $14.99 price tag. But for people who want to get the most time out of your money, please keep in mind that this game is only about 4 hours long if played beginning to end. I have some extra time for initially losing progress from quitting middle of some chapters and then later on just keeping the game on so that I wouldn't have to worry about checkpoints, even if I walked away for other things.

[h1]Beginning of Game Video[/h1]
I recorded the beginning as I played for the first time, if anyone is interested:

Genesis Noir is an enjoyable ride through the museum of space and time, told through a unique perspective and featuring higher beings as well as the basic science behind the Big Bang. If you decide to dive in, you will be looking at the oddities and passively playing the game for a greater chunk of the game.

This game is definitely not for everyone, but the people who enjoy it will do so a great deal.

Score 8/10

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.

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Verfasst: 24.04.21 00:58
Having completed Genesis Noir, I'm not sure how to describe the experience. It is a unique mix of visuals, music, poetry, philosophy, and Big Bang theory. You interact in terms of clicking or moving characters. The biggest challenge is trying to figure out what is required to advance each scene.

The game is split into 12 chapters which have common themes and characters but are very different. Some are super short and others feel like they take forever. Some had obvious ties to the idea of the Big Bang, while others felt like unrelated interludes. At the end of each chapter, you circle back to a central screen with a telescope/cannon (used to select the next chapter) and a display area with collectibles. There is no inventory and the main character pockets items of interest and automatically places them when appropriate. Most of the game is done with black and white line drawings, using gold to accent. Other sections pull in bright colors and feel as if you are looking through a kaleidoscope. The sound track is a mix of jazz, vocals, occasional voice overs, and environmental sounds.

Achievements are earned at the end of each chapter and there are two alternate endings which can be experienced by selecting 'Continue' after the ending scene (only a minor amount of replay is required). A chapter menu becomes available after completion which allows you to pick up any experiences you might have skipped on your first play through. While most chapters are hard to miss, I was able to accidentally skip two chapters and moved right to the ending.

As the game stands today, there are no save points within chapters so I have some AFK time to avoid restarting a chapter after taking a break. The developers have indicated that save points will be added in the future.

If you are looking for a traditional game or one with a cohesive narrative, then Genesis Noir is probably not your cup of tea. If you enjoy participating in an artistic experience that is surreal and non-linear, then I would recommend it. It is well done and obviously took a lot of creative thought. I can't remember playing anything quite like it before and the phrase 'one of a kind' comes to mind.
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Verfasst: 30.03.21 08:19
a masterpiece in terms of art and atmosphere. not so good if we are talking about game play.
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Verfasst: 28.03.21 21:35
Marking this as a recommend, but it's a hesitant one at that.

TL;DR - It's unique in it's style, but has enough minor issues that held me back enjoying it fully

The pros:

The game oozes style. The visuals are genuinely stunning, and they run away with themselves in a great way. The setting is very cool, and the combination of jazz, noir and astro physics is melded together surprisingly well.

The cons:

I was genuinely bored with a large segment of the gameplay, and it's not because I don't enjoy slow games. The progression feels stilted, and the puzzles, few and far between as they are, didn't exactly tax the mind. The second to last act, which has you [spoiler] looking at 12 different timelines while just holding forward [/spoiler], was a genuine slog. While the story says a lot, I finished thinking it had basically said nothing of genuine depth. A final minor gripe is that I got soft locked in one section [spoiler] after clicking all the lotuses, the cut scene didn't start, but it wasn't clear there was meant to be one so I spent a good few minutes just clicking around to see if I'd missed something [/spoiler]


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