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Community Announcements King's Bounty II - Dev Diary #2: Evolution of the series Greetings everyone! The second developer diary of King's Bounty II is now out! In this entry, we focus on the evolution of the King's Bounty series. Take a trip down memory lane, s... 26.03.20 15:10
Community Announcements King's Bounty II - Developer Diary #1: Introduction {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35631987/2f4da5b9bef74de5699d58a90dac5500cec5df69.jpg Hello everyone, Today we bring you the first developer's diary of the upcoming King's Bounty II. In this introductory episode, we explore core elements of King's Bounty II and touch on what makes them both unique and different ... 04.02.20 14:55
Community Announcements The return of royalty - King’s Bounty 2 has been announced! The King is Back! We are happy to announce King's Bounty 2! Releasing in 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, King’s Bounty 2 will take you to the land of Antara, iterating on the classic... 15.08.19 18:08
Community Announcements King's Bounty: The Legend - !GIVEAWAY! Hi everyone, we decided to do a little giveaway for our legendary King's Bounty: The Legends! We will select five of you from the comments with the best reason why YOU should win. ... 11.06.19 15:01
Community Announcements Chinese translation added Traditional Chinese language support has been added to the game. 16.12.16 10:08
King's Bounty: Crossworlds


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