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  • Memoranda: Screenshot zum Titel.
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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 25.01.2017
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Über das Spiel

Memoranda is a game about forgetting and being forgotten!

A point and click adventure game with magic realism elements that tells the story of a young lady who gradually realizes she is forgetting her own name. Is she really losing her memory or is there something else that could explain the strange circumstances?

The story happens in a quiet little town where a few ordinary and strange characters live together. Including a World War II surviving soldier to an elephant taking shelter in a man’s cottage hoping to become a human. There is one thing all these characters have in common: they are losing something. It could be a name, a husband or even someone’s sanity!

The story is inspired by various Haruki Murakami short stories that describe a surreal world full of lonely characters.

  • A classic 2D point and click adventure game in a magic realism setting.
  • Unique and beautiful hand-drawn full-HD 2D graphics.
  • Inspired by many of Haruki Murakami’s short stories.
  • Original soundtrack with more than 15 tracks.
  • Thousands of lines of dialog with English voice over.
  • Meet more than 35 characters in 40 different locations.


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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

100 Produkte im Account
22 Reviews
105 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.01.17 23:23
Das Spiel ist schön, die Stimme von Mizuki ist nett, ein paar Rätsel hab ich GAR nicht verstanden und die Lösung aus Walktrough Videos, die leider auch nicht erklären, wie sie darauf gekommen sind. Im Moment stecke ich gerade und habe das Gefühl, alles mit allem probiert zu haben. Aber vielleicht kommt ja wer anderer drauf, oder es gibt morgen neue Walktrough Videos.
747 Produkte im Account
155 Reviews
175 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 04.07.21 04:18
I was charmed, if a little befuddled, by Memoranda, an arthouse point-and-click adventure from 2017 based on the short stories of Haruki Murakami.

In Memoranda, we follow a directionless 25-year old insomniac, separated from her husband, who experiences frequent episodes where she forgets her own name and nothing else. While over the course of the game we do end up resolving the insomnia and the forgetfulness, we are in no hurry to get there. The rest of the game is comprised of loosely connected oddball characters, bizarre ideas, and story fragments lifted out of the pages of the myriad short stories that inspired the creators. In this game, we meet a baker obsessed with Wagner, track down a man-sized elephant being hidden by a pasta-obsessed psychiatric patient, visit a puppeteer who exclusively watches hundred-year-old disaster footage on black-and-white television, turn a man into a fish (much to his delight), and learn a magic spell from one hundred and ten singing frogs. If you are expecting any sort of explanation or answer for any of these things, well too bad, because you aren't going to get any, and the overall effect definitely feels like you are walking around in Alice's Wonderland or a crazy person's head.

It's a beautiful journey, though, as the background art in Memoranda is colorful, memorable, and gorgeous, and the whole game is accompanied by a lovely soundtrack that does a great job of setting the mood. The game is fully voice acted, though some of the acting is a little hit-and-miss, and has a slick mouse+keyboard interface with modern conveniences such as hotspot highlight, double-click to transition instantly, and fast-travel.

Unfortunately, while the game is a great love letter to the source material that inspired it, it doesn't do a great job at turning that material into a cohesive story or building its own tension. While this does give the game a kind of fascinating storybook fever dream effect, and has inspired me to want to go read all of the source material myself, it is not a great narrative that really stands on its own.

Another result of this is that the game sometimes suffers from both unclear objectives or poorly signposted puzzles. Some of the puzzles do have a tiered hint system which is quite handy, but not all of them, and unless you are particularly patient you will likely be reaching for a guide a few times, as while most puzzles are fine, a handful are particularly egregious.

Despite the flaws, and occasionally frustrating puzzles, I enjoyed my time with Memoranda. It is an interesting and artistic experience, and a really cool execution of what is clearly a passion project. Thumbs up.
191 Produkte im Account
29 Reviews
297 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27.06.21 21:56
This was a terrific adventure game. It reminded me of old school titles like toonstruck or monkey island, but had a unique flair of its own. There were many locations which open up as you went along. They were cozy and beautiful. There were many people, animals and characters to meet and interact with. The puzzles were simple yet clever. The inventory system was simple enough and you could combine some items. My only complaint is that some of the item combinations were ridiculous and a couple of times I had no clue where to go next. But in the end everything turned out very nicely and the story which was pretty cool wrapped up nearly. I truly enjoyed this amazing adventure. I'd love to see a few more like this one from this developer. Excellent game!
3048 Produkte im Account
20 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
322 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.04.21 16:07
The most irrational, illogical, frustrating - P&C - game what I played in the last few years.
I want to enjoy and playing a game, not always reading a walkthrough.
1557 Produkte im Account
117 Reviews
91 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27.12.20 16:03
Memoranda is a beautifully looking point n click game with good soundtrack and voice acting. The art design of the game is definitely the best part about it and you can see that every scene and character has been done with care.

Storywise... a bit confused. You play as a young lady who has forgotten her name, from there it spreads out a bit and you never really come to a full conclusion on anything. It's mostly odd, you meet a lot of people and explore but that's about it. The puzzles are definitely the weakest point of the game. Some of them makes sense but a majority does not.

With that said, still a good-looking and interesting game with big potential; hopefully the devs makes more games in the future! I recommend this one to fans of the genre, it's definitely worth a playthrough.
91 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
518 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.07.20 17:06
Very fun puzzler for fans of classic point and click adventure and readers of Haruki Murakami. Knowing the story references within the game make it more fun for the player and as for the references I didn't get, it made me want to read more of his stories and novels. Some of the puzzles require some stretches in logic but for the most part each is solvable by reading every characters' dialogue and of course, referring to Mizuki's handy memoranda notebook. The game is a bit short so I hope Byterz makes another game in this style that builds off the works of Murakami, like 1Q84.

+Art Style
+Interesting Puzzles
+Fun Characters
+Great (Weird) Story

-Complex Puzzle Logic
-Short Length
1254 Produkte im Account
820 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
75 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17.06.20 06:14
I love the visuals, but puzzles are illogical and annoying, therefore it is a terrible adventure game.
1815 Produkte im Account
99 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
207 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.04.20 23:57
Some adventure games suffer because their puzzles don't make any sense. This one's story doesn't make any sense though, which would seem harder to mess up. I was really hoping things would fall into place in the end, some meaningful alegory or symbolism unveiled, but no. The game's art and soundtrack are quite good, but the voice acting is unfortunately subpar. Overall, I didn't enjoy my time with it, and cannot recommend it.
22 Produkte im Account
2 Reviews
225 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.01.20 21:38
A beautiful, short, chill game with a little bit of creepiness (not so successful at it though).
It has some weak points but overall I had a great experience playing Memoranda. Needed to check walkthrough a couple of times because of the logic behind the puzzles was hard to follow. Also I'm not satisfied with the ending.
Art style is amazing tough, it's one of those things that makes me feel good about humans. I liked the voices too.
I recommend it and I would give a 6,5/10
67 Produkte im Account
10 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
247 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19.01.20 01:50
While the game has a nice aesthetic to it and a cozy art style, combined with a story that may not be great but isn't too bad, the puzzles and gameplay undo most of it.

The puzzles are for the most part completely illogical and are near impossible to solve without a walkthrough or by trying to combine every item with anything you can interact with. On top of that it constantly makes you go back and forth across the whole map for seemingly no reason.

Now about the story

SO MANY elements are introduced that seemingly have no purpose other than for a few puzzles, and then are completely dropped: The whole thing with the singing cat, dabchick running an illegal business, Mizuki's friends or the counselor, who basically only gives you one clue that could have easily been surmised from all the other plotlines going on

Other parts are just completely useless,like tha lady who lost her cat, but specifically Moriko. In the very beginning it's made obvious that Moriko committed suicide, and at first it seems like that would be an important plot point to maybe some mystery or something, but no, other than the whole thing with the monkey, she just appears in the dream really quick, does nothing at all, and is forgotten for pretty much the rest of the game save the ending.

This brings me to my next point: the dream
Since Mizuki is an insomniac it seems like there must be a good reason for her to not be able to fall asleep, but really it's just an old ghost who randomly chose to haunt her (for plot convenience i guess) and fucks off after you give him some good kush. Then when Mizuki finally falls asleep there's nothing of substance other than just one measly puzzle and Morioh-cho hiding in the trees.
Lastly the whole plotline with the elephant and everything goes nowhere and is just a huge detour to distract you from the lack of substance in the main story

It's even more of a shame to see that the game sets up a lot of promise in the beginning, but delivers none of it. In the first quarter of the game we meet this mysterious old dude who has really interesting puzzles set up and could have played a much bigger role, but is completely forgotten about the second you finish 2 puzzles. It would have been so much better if Mocchi's suicide made any impact and that you had to find out why or how she did it intead of just [spoiler] having your name stolen by a horny old monkey [/spoiler] or at the very least have the whole elephant plot line tie in more with the main story. The elephant used to be friends with the dude at the front desk, who was also friends with the mysterious old guy, why not have done something with that, maybe to try an solve Marmelade's death?

All in all this game is a huge clump of bad puzzles, loose threads and wasted potential, all wrapped in a nice artsy package.

TL;DR the game isn't horrible, but it's not good either, and definetly not worth $15
583 Produkte im Account
590 Reviews
249 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 03.04.18 23:23
The vivid world of Memoranda is unique. There was something about the art style that I really enjoyed. The story was strange and felt fairly hollow, but my overall experience was a positive one.

System Info & Performance Report

Operating System Ubuntu Linux 16.04 x64
Game Saves Manually, plenty of save slots
Technical Notes No problems running
93 Produkte im Account
24 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
218 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12.11.17 18:04
I feel really bad to give a negative review because I love the art, the music, and the great voice acting. I really appriciate the effort given to the game aesthetic.

The game play, however, is frustrating. I have no problem with surreal story but the puzzles could have been more logical. The lack of instruction made it impossible for me to be patient enough to complete the game without walkthrough.

The begining of the game was very promising, but later on it has gotten too random for me to enjoy the story. It's ashame because if it has been more polished, it would have been a great game

I'm glad I got this game on sale or else I would not feel like this game worth buying at all.
2169 Produkte im Account
92 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
247 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.09.17 02:31

Its unique art style and interesting premise aside, Memoranda doesn’t have a lot going for it. The nonsensical story, 1-dimensional characters, and lack of direction or a clear idea of what to do next makes for a frustrating—not to mention brief—experience.

The game started out promisingly enough with insomniac Mizuki pacing her room, the source of her affliction, a red-eyed dwarf, vowing that as long as he couldn’t sleep, neither could she. The smooth animation, fully voice acted script, and bizarre, but beautiful artstyle created a distinct atmosphere and I was eager to find out how I’d be able to dispel Mizuki’s demon.

From there, the game makes a nosedive.


In typical point and click fashion, your protagonist is given a laundry list of tasks to complete in order to move the plot forward. Memoranda’s journal/quest log of choice called a memoranda and Mizuki updates it when you get something new to do. Unfortunately, she scribbles down personal notes the way one might in their own private journal, meaning that it may or may not make sense to someone other than the person who wrote it while these scribble notes fit in with the game thematically, a lot of them only gave the vaguest sense of what actually needed to be done.

This meant that I spent more time travelling from screen to screen, trying my most recently acquired item on people and trying to combine random items in my inventory.

Even the townspeople, who could have very well have made a helpful suggestion such as “Hey, have you spoken to so-and-so?” just continued to spit out one of their three pre-programmed lines, so they were of no help. I finally broke down and used the only guide posted in the community hub, which is why my playtime is only 4 hours.

One of those four were spent trying not to tear my hair out and the other three were actually spent playing the game with the occasional, infrequent glance at my handy, dandy guide.

In conjunction with the oftentimes obscure memoranda is the story itself. It’s based off of a collection of short stories, so perhaps it’s my own fault for not having read that first, but the game just seemed to be a Frankenstein of parallel story paths that were strangely disjointed, but somehow relevant to the fact that Mizuki had trouble remembering her name.

The dwarf I mentioned earlier, for example, I had assumed had something to do with the missing name, but it turned out that he was just another random weird part of Mizuki’s life. Add to that a near-suicidal man who wants to be a fish, an investigator who is looking for a weirdly human-sized elephant and the runaway man who’s harboring him, a duck doctor who brews mysterious potions, a “dragon”, an opera singing man-cat, a deadbeat who vomits the peanut punch he was so desperate for a war between an army of frogs and a giant worm, a girl who killed herself and feared a monkey would steal her name - the list goes on and the majority of these tangents go on without a resolution.

Instead, you end up with a lot of unanswered questions and the sour taste of “that’s it”? When the credits roll, not too long after the game starts.

If this was an episodic game, fine. The confusion would likely be answered by subsequent chapters. As a completed work, however, Memoranda is like a machine with too many complicated working parts--Some of the parts just don’t function the way they should and instead serve as clutter.

In trying to make this plot complex and many layered, the creator only manages to needlessly convolute the main plot—that is, the problem with Mizuki’s memory—with a bunch of fetch quests and 1-dimensional characters that serve no other purpose than to move the main plotline along.

And that fact shows. The other characters are people who Mizuki’s seems to be very familiar with and as such, it seems that she doesn’t need to explain anything about them other than their name and occupation. The art in Mizuki’s mind, however, nor have we shared any of her 30 years on Earth and so these strangers she chats with so warmly are held at arm’s length and are made stranger still by the fact that we have no idea why we should care about them or their problems.

This utter lack of character development makes the game feel even more like a chore because at no point do you feel empathetic towards any of the characters that appear once, say their peace, and a re never heard from again. There is nothing memorable about them other than the fact that they are strange people or creatures in a strange world--their motivations, likes and dislikes, and what makes them more than a plot device is lost.

Phil is the perfect example of an interesting characters rendered one dimensional by loose ends. He's mentioned early on and, indeed, his story seems to run parallel of Mizuki's because she spends much of the game trying to figure out where he was located and, upon finding him, protecting him from being located by someone investigating the disappearance. After completing a few tasks geared towards helping him become a human, you find out that this weirdly proportioned elephant doesn't actually want to be a human and the man who said he did was actually lying to keep you busy.

Which is insult to injury considering these are clearly fetch quests meant to pad your short game time.

After that, that's it. You don't find out why the elephant has gone missing, why the runaway man is harboring him, or where they end up in the end. You just leave the elephant sitting in an armchair and talking gibberish (apparently elephants speak gibberish) and the man cooking spaghetti. For all of eternity.

The game looks great and the music is quite nice. The voice acting, however, leaves something to be desired. Personally, I found the main character's very noticeable lisp maddening. Other voice actors sounded phoned in--as though they were recorded in a large, echo-y room or passed through some other medium like a phone and then recorded by a device.

  • Music and unique art style
  • A cast of colourful characters and locations to visit.

  • The story is too convoluted for its own good. Multiple story paths lead nowhere, creating a mess of loose ends.
  • The voice acting isn't great. It’s very phoned in, sometimes sounding like the speaker was recorded through some medium then through mic
  • Those interesting characters never get fully fleshed out.
  • Some of the solutions aren’t practical. Why can't I realistically use the world around me rather than having to solve it the ONE way the game wants me to?
  • Very few interactive points in many of game screens. They were pretty, but empty.
  • You spend a lot of time wandering, not knowing you have to backtrack. New ways open and people show up and you don’t even know they’re there. (Can’t talk to people without marker over their heads, which means they serve as props).
  • No way to speed up actions. Interactions have to play out in their entirety. This is a very basic function in most point and clicks.

.Bottom Line.

I found Memoranda to be subpar in terms of story and gameplay elements. Strange is fine, but the disjointed, random events that make up this surreal tale border on the nonsensical and, by the end, you have more questions than answers.

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101 Reviews
3795 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.01.17 02:38
A solid point & click adventure game with an excellent, unique style and music. A fun world to see and inhabit.

The game's clear, biggest shortcoming is that the majority of its puzzles are not logical. AT ALL. This makes sense in terms of the story (your character is obviously a tad unhinged), but poses a practical problem for the player who outright has no grasp of what is expected of them, or why. In a way, that gives it an oldschool vibe: many of the old classics were comparably difficult. But, today, this can feel extremely frustrating.

All in all, a totally unique game and definitely worth it.
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