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Community Announcements Metro 10th Anniversary Sale 2020 marks ten years since the release of Metro 2033, and to celebrate a decade of the Metro series of games (based on the books by critically acclaimed Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky), we are offering a sale on all of the original trilogy. Metro 2033 Redux – this is where it all began. A fully re... 30.03.20 19:15
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Four whole sexy games made Steam's top new releases in February Right out of the oven, here are the hottest new games on Steam from February and boy they are hot indeed. Put those games on the cooling rack and open a window, will you? Games with “sexual content,” (in the parlance of professional business speak) do occasionally crack the list of top s... 20.03.20 20:44
Rock, Paper, Shotgun The 9 dodgiest religions in games One Off The List is our weekly list feature. Is there something you think doesn t deserve to be on this list? Comment with your reasons why, and next week it may be struck off. Ah, religion. I know this is a topic we all have trouble agreeing on. But fear not, humble practitioner of a good pray,... 28.02.20 10:00
Rock, Paper, Shotgun FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE, declares Google's listing for Steam Back in the day, you really had to work hard to pull pranks in Google search results by planting Google Bombs and such. These days, now that the Internet is run by deranged robots made of clouds, it seems Google will happily prank itself. Case in point: today, searching for Steam on Google could r... 19.02.20 15:55
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Metro Exodus arrives on Steam after a year of Epic exclusivity All aboard! After braving the stormy tracks of Epic Games Store exclusivity for the past 12 months, Metro: Exodus has finally pulled into Steam central station. Trading claustrophobic tunnels for a grand post-apocalyptic Russian expanse, the rather-good third entry in 4A Games’ Metro series ... 15.02.20 12:36
Metro Exodus


Release15.02.2019 GenreEgo-Shooter Entwickler 4A-Games Publisher Deep Silver Engine PathEngine


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