• Ninja Blade: Weitere Bilder aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Weitere Bilder aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Weitere Bilder aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Weitere Bilder aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Weitere Bilder aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Weitere Bilder aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus dem Actionspiel Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade
  • Ninja Blade: Screenshot aus Ninja Blade


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  • Auslieferung:
  • Plattform: PC Release: 03.04.2009 Steam DB
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Preise Update 13.06.22

Über das Spiel

Ninja Blade ist ein Xbox 360-exklusives Action-Game, in dessen Mittelpunkt ein moderner Ninja steht, der Tokio vor der Vernichtung durch genetisch manipulierte Monster beschützen muss. Neben der überzeugenden Grafik und der ausgewogenen Mischung aus traditionellen Kampfkünsten, modernen Waffen und Ninja-typischen Spezialfähigkeiten, ist es vor allem die Nonstop-Action, die den Spieler von der ersten Sekunde an in das Geschehen zieht.


  • CPU: 3.2 GHz, Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64
  • GFX: 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Software: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • HD: 5.0 GB
  • SFX: DirectX 9.0c kompatibel
  • INET:
  • MISC:
  • LANG: Englisch , Deutsch
  • CPU:
  • GFX:
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Software: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • HD: 5.0 GB
  • SFX: DirectX 9.0c kompatibel
  • INET:
  • MISC:
  • LANG: Englisch , Deutsch

Steam Nutzer-Reviews

1072 Produkte im Account
58 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
225 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 05.04.14 17:30
Was für ein Haufen Müll...
Der Trailer verspricht ja jede Menge, und normalerweise meckere ich jetzt auch nicht SOO viel rum, aber -
Das Spiel ruckelt bei mir wie Hölle, außer ich Stelle die Einstellungen komplett auf Minimum... und mein Rechner ist ECHT FIX.
Die Übersetzung ist unsagbar grauenhaft - mein Lehrmeister, meine vertrauteste und ehrwürdigste Person, SIEzt mich -.-
Die Steuerung ist hakelig und die Maussensitivität lässt sich nicht anpassen.
Meine Spielfigur SCHWEBT an JEDER verdammten Stange, an der sich schwingen soll, einen verbuggten halben Meter darüber - und schwingt dann bei jeder Umdrehung hindurch. -.-
Und JEDER VERDAMMTE QUICKTIME-EVENT ZEIGT MIR DIE SCHEISS TASTEN AN, DIE ICH AUF EINEM XBOX-PAD HÄTTE - blöd nur, dass ich mit Maus und Tastatur spiele. Aber dafür schreibt das Spiel mir dann lang und breit RECHTE MAUSTASTE DRÜCKEN hin. Was ja kein Problem ist, hieße die Akion nicht zufällig QUICK-time Event. Da ist keine Zeit zum lesen. Das ist ja der ganze Witz daran.
Alles in Allem - ich musste in der halben Stunde, die ich es angespielt habe, beinahe mehr Lachen als Fluchen - aber eben auch das leider nur aus reinem Unglauben darüber, wie unfassbar faul das Teil hier auf die PC-Plattform rübergeschmissen wurde.
Wird augenblicklich wieder deinstalliert, - lächerlich.
125 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
21 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21.08.14 11:31
Das Spiel hat auf den meisten Pc´s erhebliche Grafikruckler.
73 Produkte im Account
13 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
68 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.12.19 06:02
I Played the game for a good amount of time. I enjoyed it. It was fun. Gameplay was good.
But then it crashed and stopped working.

Terrible PC Port :(

Not Worth Buying in 2019 or in the future. I'd rather recommend Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice or Devil May Cry 5. Get Both If You Can.
748 Produkte im Account
79 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
85 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19.11.19 15:33
I do not recommend buying this game. There are a ton of issues such as: trying to skip a cutscene crashes the game, enemies spawning inside geometry and thus preventing you killing them thus preventing you from moving forward, at one point you have to mash both controller button and space bar on keyboard in order to progress and no using just one does not work, menus locked at 22 fps for some reason etc.

Ninja Blade could have been a fun and cheesy action romp, but playing it on modern systems is just an impossibility. Not worth it. You are better off playing Sekiro instead. Or DMC 5. Or preferably both.
406 Produkte im Account
31 Reviews
656 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.11.19 16:34
Pretty Much Quick Time Event: The Game. You play as Ken Ogawa, a ninja who is part of a clan of ninja who hunt monsters. Essentially Tokyo is getting infected in some weird zombie-plagas plague & and it is your job to kill the infected and prevent the spread or the government or organization you work for will nuke the city. Problem is that your Ninja Master and not-Sasuke best friend Kuroh betrays everyone is some 3-d chess game & kills everyone. Now it is just you & a city that gets worse with each mission.

The game cycles through the same enemy types, but the idea is to know which weapon to use. Heavy weapon to break armor, dual blades to redirect energy blasts & transverse buildings, etc... You also get access to ninjutsu in the form of shuriken that helps with environmental puzzles. The cyclone shuriken clears up fires while also acting as an aoe attack and can be used as a combo finisher but is useless against armored enemies. The lightning shuriken is good at stunning enemies but deals the least amount of damage. The flame shuriken can kill infected insects & plants in one hit while carrying general explosive damage for other foes but takes a little time to use. '

You have ninja vision which slows down time & helps you see places to go by highlighting them in blue but runs on a meter than needs time to recharge.

All boss battles will end with an QTE of some form and require you to mix up your repertoire to get through boss mechanics. A downside is that some areas are clearly reused, especially towards then end, but if you can get past that, the last few areas are very fun.

With the way the game speeds through some characters like the Yakuza pair, it can feel like some characterization is missing, Almost like there is an expansive back story that should of been the first part of the game, but instead we are dropped into the point in the time line where everything is coming to a head.
And you at least get an explanation why Ken can’t get infected.

A fun game that suffered from the QTE backlash that was going on at the time.

356 Produkte im Account
98 Reviews
898 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.12.19 23:16
This game is a mix between Metal Gear Rising Revegeance,Ninja Gaiden, and Prototype. It borrows elements from all three and mixes them into one while still being epic and badass. It does lag but it's not gamebreaking, it does work fine with windows 10 along with the pc version of it.
521 Produkte im Account
8 Reviews
718 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 27.06.14 10:59
This game isn't great. But that doesn't stop it from being hillariously crazy and in your face. The gameplay is bland and gets boring. However, this is made up for by how stupidly action-packed the cut-scenes/QTEs are. Annoyed by QTEs? That's fine, you can set the QTE difficulty separately to 'fool-proof' so you don't even have to do them. And you can customize your ninjas colours super thoroughly. Play as a plain grey boring guy for one level and then you can be a rainbow or a sweet neon pink messenger of badassery. I just finished this game today on live stream and can honestly say it's one Hell of a roller coaster ride.
170 Produkte im Account
44 Reviews
659 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.10.15 01:17
Definitely not the best of ports. It's gonna give you some trouble no matter how your rig is. But trust me, once you got everything all worked out, it is sooooo worth it. It's pretty rough around the edges even once you've gotten everything in order, but it's well worth your time.
1410 Produkte im Account
138 Reviews
731 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.08.17 12:33
60 FPS, 1080p version of an underrated action games on consoles. Spectacular action, good gameplay. This game has it all and i recomend it to all fans of God of War, DMC, Ninja Gaiden etc.
217 Produkte im Account
8 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
180 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.01.20 11:42
Completed the game
The game is good mostly a rip off of god of war but the port is very bad for pc
22 Produkte im Account
14 Reviews
1135 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.04.20 14:32
The action is pretty over the top, very fun to play. I haven't experienced any problems with gameplay. I'm kinda shocked this didn't gain similar popularity to Ninja Gaiden or Metal Gear Rising. The main character is just as badass. Sound cuts out a little every so often, Combat is fast and fluid.... If you have ten bucks to spare and like flashy action titles this is perfect. I feel I got more than my money's worth on this one.
255 Produkte im Account
44 Reviews
683 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 07.10.14 17:36
a mediocre hack and slash game with mediocre platforming here and there.
the game tries to go over the top with the scenes and bosses but kinda falls flat and sometimes makes you cringe a bit.
story is also mediocre and some of you can probably see the plot twist a mile away.
game is also buggy in some parts here and there but nothing game breaking but there is one part when you are fighting a certain boss , you can stunlock him by spamming your heavy weapons and he will never be able to move.

gameplay is pretty neat with different weapons to make combat not so stale but i wish they would try to make it so that changing weapons can make you go on and make different combos instead of giving you a weapon switch animation.
the enemies are cannon fodder with dumb AI but some of them have unneccesarry big health just so you need to hit it a few times more.
there is platforming but not very compelling, but they did put a few hidden stuff in each level so exploration is encouraged in this game. Ninja blade feels a bit like prince of persia with all the parkour/ninja like moves but not as fun as the latter.
this game is also chock full of QTEs, its literally everywhere in almost every scene and in every bossfight which kinda makes the game feel shallow. i think they were trying to get the god of war feeling but its just not there since if you fail the qte it just rewinds you a few seconds back so you can never fuck it up. it will only affect your end game rating and score.some levels also have a turret section which is pretty weird for a game called ninja blade. its not that fun and is pretty much an on-rail arcade shooter just made to prolong the game.

soundtrack is forgettable but okay.

graphics are decent for its time although still not that pretty and choppy kind of like a ps2 game.

the ending is pretty bad and not really worth noting.

i wouldnt say its a crappy game, its an okay hack and slash game with a few problems here and there, just not at full price. maybe get it at 50-75% discount if you are really interested.
1173 Produkte im Account
22 Reviews
97 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.03.15 21:22
I really seem to like this game. I had it sitting in my inventory until I saw some screenshots uploaded by( cheese:)
I read a lot of comments that ts too over the top. Last time I played god of war and Devil may cry these games were also not very normal. I think a sci fi slasher should be as exagerated as can be. The graphics are decent , maybe showing there age but still great. The QTE in this game are really cool. You can actually skip them but why would you do that?
I just played through the first chapter and it took me about an hour. I killed a spider that was 100 times bigger than me so thats a good start.

Check some videos and maybe you will like it, we only have a few ninja games on steam. Its pretty good

Will rate it once I am done playing
856 Produkte im Account
63 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
97 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.07.20 22:38
Awful game/port, settings won't save, enemies spawn in the ground, objects drift out of where they're supposed to be. Worst of all, a wall-run bug trapping me in eternal death loop.
449 Produkte im Account
28 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
390 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.10.20 18:24
FromSoftware. Who would've thought. This game is clearly inspired by Ninja Gaiden and possibly Shinobi. It's a medicore game that's probably somewhat enjoyable despite itself - despite being bogged down by 1. turret sections (wtf?) and 2. too many unnecessary QTEs. But your biggest problem is the port. It's terrible. Stay away form the PC version, it's buggy, especially if you unlock FPS to run above 30, it's missing some graphical settings (looks mostly like post-processing like bloom is missing) I think, and the worst possibly - it may sound surprising - is the delayed audio. This makes hits feel so much less connected and grounded. Thanks to this PC port I've realized how important audio is to an action fighting game feeling good actually. Get the x360 version if you can.
120 Produkte im Account
11 Reviews
1361 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.03.17 00:23
Where to start with this game? ill keep this short and sweet, the action QTE's are REALLY fun to do, and the combat is standard for the most part, but when fighting against bosses, every hit feels DESTRUCTIVE when doing combos

as for the story, its pretty generic for the most part, and there's only like one plot twist in the middle, however, in the second to last mission in game, you get a GODLY blade that drains your health if you use it too much, but deals A TON of damage to enemies, and after you beat it, you can replay missions, and use the ninja blade too!

BUT, the game is VERY BUGGY and you will most likely clip through the ground or walls, the sound cuts off sometimes and the hit detection is BS when fighting the smaller enemies, and each time you progress in a level, it awkwardly pops in a new section of the level, and BTW the game is short, but the extended level makes up for the short story.

despite its bugs, i would still recommend this game, because if you love ninja hack and slash games and can tolerate the glitches, go ahead, and get it.

my final score is a 7.5/10

had it not been for the MANY bugs, maybe i would have given this a higher score, but i still like it because im a sucker for ninja hack and slashes
640 Produkte im Account
46 Reviews
33 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17.03.19 15:21
GTV游戏竞技频道 《游戏宝典 》,差不多是十年前了。。。。。虽然PC优化差的要死,但当年还是酷炫炸-
1125 Produkte im Account
168 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
1054 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 03.02.21 00:47
I was craving for a nice QTE action and Ninja Blade served its purpose well. However, game itself overall is a mess and I wouldn't recommend anyone to play it no matter the platform. Combat feels clunky and slow, platforming sections are decent, QTE action scenes are overall good but they are unnecessarily long and will make you cringe a bit, story and storytelling is extremely bad, same goes for voice acting, level design is straight up lazy since some areas are literally copy paste from the previous levels, uninspired and boring bosses, terrible port, some settings do not save and you need to change them everytime you boot up the game, exiting the game freezes the PC... I could go on listing all the bad things about the game, but I think that's enough to convince you.

Since the publisher went out of the business, it never goes on sale and trust me, it is not a game you should play even if it's on sale. The reason why I've bought it is because I needed something with lots of QTE action in it. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but I was frustrated most of the time. I've finished it twice to unlock everything, only to be disappointed by a bug that prevented me getting what I was after. So yeah, Ninja Blade will be one of those games that I will leave without attaining 100% completion rate. I went through all that on hardest difficulty on my second playthrough just to be rewarded by a big full of nothing. Oh, and, if you're expecting something like Ninja Gaiden, you'll be extremely disappointed.
268 Produkte im Account
12 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
216 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 08.03.21 02:06
Plagged with technical issues, avoid..
812 Produkte im Account
16 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
15 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.04.21 05:41
Ninja Blade is a cool game with stylish maneuvers and extremely fast, fluid combat; but this PC port is utterly atrocious, not even running at 30 Frames per second on 2015 graphics cards. You can fix it by forcing vsync using your GPU drivers, but the performance should have been solid out of the gate. AVOID THIS VERSION. Get it on PS3 or Xbox 360 instead. It really shows just how far From Software have come since they first started making PC ports!
270 Produkte im Account
26 Reviews
662 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21.04.21 11:48
its a good game
876 Produkte im Account
32 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
36 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.10.21 05:06
I really loved this game as a kid
But it doesnt seem to work on new gpus and cpus
Could be windows 10 fault idk
It is running 20-30fps
I tried every way i know to unlock the Fps and non of it worked
Seeing it how shit it runs is just sad ,i really wanted to play it replay it
74 Produkte im Account
17 Reviews
765 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 07.12.21 13:40
this is a true hidden gem fun fast and the Quick Time Events are not annoying grab on a sell
415 Produkte im Account
99 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
40 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10.01.22 23:37
No matter what I do I cannot get the game to play at a normal framerate. Eventually I got it to run at 30fps, but the camera and character animations seemingly stayed at 20fps.

Maybe its fun and enjoyable as an obvious Ninja Gaiden clone, but sadly I do not have the patience for the technical issues.
283 Produkte im Account
119 Reviews
76 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.02.22 18:08
247 Produkte im Account
4 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
62 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.03.22 06:54
the game is fine, had a good time playing it on xbox 360 back in 2010-2011, but that port is disgusting with its optimization, 60 fps and it freezes a lot, and controls(playing it on mouse+keyboard btw), it feels really bad especcialy with all these lags
265 Produkte im Account
61 Reviews
482 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.04.22 21:31
Bring it on, junior.
Don't let this suit fool you, kid. I was in the trenches before you were even a daydream.
I learned Jujitsu from your own master...
You worms make me sick.
817 Produkte im Account
2 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
396 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10.04.22 05:33
-30 fps if you don't wanna break the game
-22 fps menus
-levitation bug during the last boss that softlocked me, even after reloading checkpoints
-required special k and several tweaks just to barely function
-locked up completely when exiting

there's a lot of charm when it nails what it's going for (ie chapter 8) and it's not an awful game, but the port is complete garbage and removing it from being sold was 100% the right decision

might be worth checking out if you're equally curious and patient or have access to the 360 version, but even if you get it working perfectly somehow it's more a middling action game with insane QTEs and cutscenes than some kinda lost classic. I enjoyed my time with it for the most part, but it was a lot of work and frustration for a game that's flawed even at the best of times

for anyone interested I'd recommend watching the cutscenes on youtube instead of biting the bullet yourself
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