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PC Gamer Exploring an abandoned Soviet space station in Outreach You, a lone Soviet cosmonaut, are sent to investigate a communications blackout on a space station. When you arrive the place is falling apart, the crew is missing, and it’s up to you to find out what happened to the station and the workers aboard it. Set in the ’80s, Outreach fuses re... 17.07.17 16:18
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Cosmonaut Conspiracy Outreach Gets Live-Action Trailer We all know the United States faked the moon landing by covering the floors of Universal Studios with cocaine and then tramping through it in slow motion wearing spacesuits. That’s a FACT. But we don’t know the Russian conspiracies of the Space Race. Outreach is hoping to fix that. It... 06.08.16 19:00
PC Gamer Outreach promises a sinister mystery aboard an 80s-era Soviet space station Outreach is a Cold War conspiracy thriller set on a covert Soviet space station during the tail-end of the Cold War in the 1980s. You play a famed cosmonaut, sent up alone to discover why the station has suddenly halted all communications. Based on the announcement trailer released earlier this week... 05.08.16 23:41


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