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Community Announcements Planet Zoo Beta - Now Closed! ­čÉ╗ Hello Zookeepers! The Planet Zoo Beta has now come to a close and what an experience it has been! The creativity you have shown in your animal habitats and zoo layouts has been an absolute joy to witness! You've have all been incredible with the feedback and reports you have shared with us and thank... 08.10.19 18:01
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Steam Charts: Baseless Controversy Edition Has your account been hacked? Have your favourite game’s servers been compromised, revealing private data about you and your family? Are your bank details at risk? (more…) 07.10.19 13:13
Community Announcements Planet Zoo - Beta Update 1.3.1 Hello Zookeepers! Thank you for the reports you've sent in since our latest update. We've now released Update 1.3.1 which should resolve some crashes and other issues you have highlighted to us. Fixes Fix for juveniles not growing into adults; Further crash fixes. Please be sure to report any other ... 04.10.19 18:21
Community Announcements Planet Zoo - Beta Update 1.3 Hello Zookeepers! Thank you for all the reports and feedback you have shared during the Beta. We have a new update for you today that we hope will improve your Beta experience further. Notes A number of enrichment items are locked in the Beta, and will therefore always show as locked in the research... 04.10.19 11:01
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Planet Zoo adding a new offline mode following beta feedback Following feedback from Planet Zoo beta players who were unhappy that its fancy Franchise Mode was only playable while online, Frontier Developments have announced they’ll add a similar mode supporting offline play. Franchise Mode is one of three modes originally planned, giving players more... 30.09.19 20:15

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