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Steam News

Community Announcements Quern 1.2.0 is LIVE! Quern 1.2.0 is here! This patch focuses on making Quern run better and look nicer. We also added Steam Cloud function to the game. This means your saved files are now stored in the cloud so you can play from a different computer and continue where you left off. We made some improvements to the user ... 02.02.18 16:03
Announcement Midweek Madness - Explorer's Bundle, up to 60% off! Save up to 60% on great titles like Firewatch, Tacoma, Obduction, Samorost 3, Quern, and The Witness as part of the Explorer's Bundle during this week's Midweek Madness*! *Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time 24.10.17 19:05
Community Announcements 1.1.0 and Czech language! Hey guys, Quern 1.1.0 is here! This patch focuses on making Quern a smoother and a more enjoyable experience. To make the game more accessible, we implemented some extra features for players less experienced with puzzle games. Besides all that, Quern runs better than ever before! If you run into any... 26.06.17 14:59
Community Announcements Trading Cards New Languages Hey guys! We’ve spent the last few months polishing Quern based on your feedback in reviews and our Discussions page. We seem to have tackled all kinds of technical issues and managed to bring the Quern experience for more people around the world by including four new languages: German, Italian, Rus... 24.03.17 13:36
Community Announcements New patch with a bunch of spoilers! Hey guys! A few new features and some bugfixing comes with today's update. Read with caution, it has a few spoilers. If you run into any bug in the game please be sure to start a thread about it here or email us about it at feedback@querngame.com As some of you requested, we have added an option to ... 10.12.16 16:02