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Community Announcements Ravaged Development Kit is LIVE! Download here Hello Gamers... Today we would like to announce the release of the Ravaged Development Kit! The Ravaged Development Kit (RDK) is the Unreal Engine 3 driven editor for Ravaged.. a fun, fast-paced fps/vehicular combat game on Steam, built by the same developers that worked on Battlefield: Desert Comba... 05.03.14 10:20
Community Announcements Halloween Update Released! Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse releases a new update just in time for Halloween! Characters - Pumpkin Head Zombie added! Maps - New Zombie Map! Rooftop Nights - New Resource Run Map! Wasteland - Added Resource Run Dustbowl Night Map (with pumpkins you can drive through) - Added Resource Run Dustbowl Day ... 29.10.13 18:34
Community Announcements Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse Updated! 2Dawn Games has just released a patch for Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse. While you wait for us to update our global network of dedicated servers you can still host your own listen server games. This patch addresses some issues reported through our forums. We also made some modifications to the Zombie ga... 29.08.13 19:11
Community Announcements We have been listening! The last 24 hours have been pretty amazing and the player counts keep increasing across the globe. Our Zombie mode has been very well received and people are also having a blast on our brand new traditional Ravaged maps and game modes. Not bad for a completely free upgrade right! A lot of people hav... 20.08.13 20:14
Community Announcements Setting up Dedicated Servers for Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse! Hello All! We are in the process of setting up more servers for Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse. LOTS of things have been updated in this release so it is taking a bit of time to update our global server network. The great thing is in this update you can create your own Zombie co-op games of up to five pl... 19.08.13 21:14


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Release17.12.2012 GenreMultiplayer-Shooter Entwicklerkeine Infos Publisher Reverb Publishing Engine Unreal Engine 3
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