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Rock, Paper, Shotgun The RPG Scrollbars: The Scrolls of Honour 2015 As the dragons finally return to their nests to hibernate and the ghosts don their chains to help remind misers of the meaning of the season, we approach the end of another year. As is tradition, that is time for we at the guild-house to award both quests and questers the ceremonial Scrolls of Honou... 14.12.15 14:00
PC Gamer Did you buy Raven's Cry? Sign this form to get re-release for free back in January? I'm sorry; I'm so, so sorry. The word on the pirate grapevine (that's a thing) is that Raven's Cry is a hot, sticky mess. (Have a read of the Steam reviews if you don't believe me.) Although it was delayed more times than I've had tepid, unappetising dinners, Raven's Cry o... 14.11.15 18:00
PC Gamer Swashbuckling RPG Raven's Cry is being re-named and re-released Raven's Cry , the high-seas piracy RPG that came out early this year. We first talked about it well over three years ago, after which it set (and missed) a few release dates before finally launching on Steam in January—an arrival greeted with borderline catastrophic user reviews. In many cases... 19.10.15 22:33
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Caw Blimey: Raven s Cry Is Being Actually Finished When oh-so-edgy pirate RPG Raven’s Cry came out in January, it was buggy, silly, boring and… well, rubbish. But bless ‘em, developers Reality Pump and publishers TopWare love their gamebaby enough to be, er, actually properly finishing it. A big old update is coming soon-ish, and w... 19.10.15 17:08
Community Announcements Raven's Cry Patch V 1.03 (February 28th 2015) CHANGE LOG: GAME STABILITY: - Fixed various crashes. - Several levels and physics changes. MISCELLANEOUS: - problems with lipsync corrected - Raven position in cutscenes fixed - Pete cutscene fixed - Finishing moves added to fighting system - added guards to some cities e.g. San Juan - improved beha... 28.02.15 22:43
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