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Rock, Paper, Shotgun The 32 best PC games that demand to be played in ultrawide There’s an old saying in gaming monitor circles that once you’ve gone ultrawide, there’s no going back. Indeed, having had the vast Samsung CRG9 hogging my desk for a bit last month, I’m inclined to agree. But what do games actually look like on a screen this wide? It’... 19.12.19 14:00
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Have You Played Rime? Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. What an unexpected journey that was. I certainly didn t expect the direction Rime went in. I don t want to spoil the ending, but washing up on an island as a small boy, with a beautiful fox frie... 16.07.19 08:30
Eurogamer What developers think of Xbox Game Pass Subscription gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass, EA Access and PlayStation Now have become a good deal for players - or at least, a good way of ensuring you never reach the bottom of your pile of shame. As this year's E3 festivities made plain, they are now central to platform holder strategy, w... 05.07.19 13:03
Rock, Paper, Shotgun With reason: Rime free on the Epic Games Store now The latest game Epic are giving away free on their digishop is Rime, 2017’s nonviolent explore-o-puzzle-a-platformer made by Tequila Works. Y’know, the one that people may have tried to explain to you with comparisons to Ico or Journey, a great deal of handwaving, and the words like &#... 23.05.19 17:04
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Halloween 2018 Special: Some lovely games! Video games, you may have noticed, are often a little bit horrid. All sorts of naughtiness, and a distinct lack of people just being kind to one another. What are we like?! But fortunately there are games that make an exception to the potty-mouthed meanies that dominate, and today I celebrate them... 31.10.18 16:00