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Community Announcements RUINER OST is now separate from the game! Hello Puppies, We are back with one of the most frequently requested adjustments to our official soundtrack on Steam! From now on, you can purchase the RUINER OST on Steam independently of the game. It means that our soundtrack is purchasable and downloadable even by users who don't own the base gam... 29.02.20 18:02
Eurogamer Nuclear Throne and Ruiner are this week's free Epic Store games If you're looking to expand that insurmountable gaming backlog still further, then perhaps you might like to glance in the direction of the Epic Games Store, where once again a bony finger beckons through the crack in the curtain with the promise of more free games. And this week your freebie option... 08.11.19 20:38
PC Gamer Nuclear Throne and Ruiner are free on the Epic Games Store I hope you remembered to pick up Costume Quest and SOMA for free from the Epic Games Store, because if you didn't, you missed your chance. The good news, as the old saying goes, is that when one window closes, somebody throws a big rock through another one, and so it is that Nuclear Throne and ... 07.11.19 23:16
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Top-down blasters Ruiner and Nuclear Throne are this week's Epic Games Store freebies If you like your violence from the perspective of a duck, or of a child who held onto their kite during a gale, then the two free games on Epic Games Store this week are very much for you. Both Ruiner and Nuclear Throne are top-down shooters, given freely as long as you grab them before next Thurs... 07.11.19 18:18
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Costume Quest and Soma are this week's Epic Games Store freebies The Epic Games Store has a little Halloween treat for you, with both dress ’em up RPG Costume Quest and grim depths survival game Soma free for the next week. If you’re going to grab a freebie for your kiddy-winks, I urge you to be very careful with your clicks or prepare for some long... 01.11.19 14:56


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