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Community Announcements Confusion about upgrade There still seems to be confusion about updating a previously bought Sailaway 1 license to Sailaway II Let's be clear once and for all: There is nothing that Sailaway 1 users had in October 2019 that they do not have access to anymore in Sailaway II. Without having to pay anything. This was settled ... 16.05.20 16:07
Community Announcements Sailaway 2.08 - Fixed some of the issues with special characters øöé (in some cases it will help to type the text again, because it was stored incorrectly in the database) - Added a tiny button next to the Depth indicator to overrule the depth. This will help sailing areas that have incorrect depths. It only work... 13.12.19 12:52
Community Announcements Sailaway II A major update of Sailaway is released today. All existing users will automatically update and will take all their boats, groups and team memberships with them. Full release notes can be found here The update contains a full rewrit... 04.11.19 09:54
Community Announcements Information about The Irregular Corp and Sailaway Hello Sailaway Pioneers, The Irregular Corporation has been honoured to work alongside Richard over the last few years to help bring his passion of sailing to more people but that journey for us has now come to an end as our existing publishing agreement expires. This might be the end of our journey... 10.09.19 16:43
Community Announcements World Editor v2.0.02 Greetings Pioneers! We have made some improvements to the World Editor. Here's a list of what's been changed. What's New! Map loads faster now. Land renders faster and has a higher resolution. Improved land textures. Satellite imagery is used to make a difference between the rendering of desert area... 20.03.19 11:53
Sailaway - The Sailing Simulator


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