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Community Announcements Information about The Irregular Corp and Sailaway Hello Sailaway Pioneers, The Irregular Corporation has been honoured to work alongside Richard over the last few years to help bring his passion of sailing to more people but that journey for us has now come to an end as our existing publishing agreement expires. This might be the end of our journey... 10.09.19 16:43
Community Announcements World Editor v2.0.02 Greetings Pioneers! We have made some improvements to the World Editor. Here's a list of what's been changed. What's New! Map loads faster now. Land renders faster and has a higher resolution. Improved land textures. Satellite imagery is used to make a difference between the rendering of desert area... 20.03.19 11:53
Community Announcements Sailaway v1.1.09 - Greetings From Sailaway! Greetings Pioneers! We have just crossed the Atlantic Ocean and we really wish you were here! We're just writing to tell you that with our latest update you can now show everyone where you've just sailed to - as a postcard! Capture some amazing screenshots of your voyage and email them to your frien... 17.12.18 12:26
Community Announcements Sailaway Update v1.1.08 Hello Pioneers! A new update has landed and it's going to turn your world upside down! Have you always wanted to see what the underside of your boat looks like? Well now you can! Your boat can now be tipped over by waves - why not find a storm and find out? Or attempt to not find out. https://steamc... 05.12.18 11:14
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Have you played Sailaway The Sailing Simulator? Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. Sailaway has some good waves. It has nice rain. It has many ropes. You cannot die in Sailaway. But you can simulate seasickness. (more…) 30.11.18 08:00