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Community Announcements Hungarian Version and Augmented Reality Artbook Thanks to the work and passion of our hungarian friend Zsolt Brechler we are now able to offer you an hungarina translation of the game. Thank you very much Zsolt! Also, we have updated the Artbook with a new Augmented Reality function. You will see that there is a new icon on the corner of some pag... 12.09.14 14:21
Community Announcements PvP BOTS Live for everyone! + 3 new FREE Multiplayer Maps update! Hi Scourge community! We have some good news for you, Scourge: Outbreak fans! We have been working hard with the new Bots functionality and we are happy to say that it is now LIVE FOR EVERYONE! Now you can play your favourtite multiplayer maps against them! But is that all of it? Nope! We also inclu... 26.05.14 18:24
Community Announcements New BOTS Beta Update now available We've been hard at work improving the multiplayer AI Bots and various general improvements and fixes for Scourge: Outbreak. Check out a full list in the Bots beta update thread! If you haven't tried out the Multiplayer Bots yet, why not give them a shot? Literally! :-) Sincerely, The Scourge: Outbre... 26.04.14 23:43
Community Announcements "The Scourge Project" now FREE for owners of "Scourge: Outbreak" When Scourge: Outbreak was launched on Steam a few weeks ago, all owners of the original 'The Scourge Project' (TSP) automatically received a free copy of the remake in their Steam library. One thing we didn't anticipate was a lot of new Scourge players asking if they could BUY the original TSP! Aft... 23.04.14 10:51
Community Announcements INDIE GALA EVERY MONDAY BUNDLE includes SCOURGE: OUTBREAK This week's INDIE GALA EVERY MONDAY BUNDLE includes SCOURGE: OUTBREAK for PC and Mac on STEAM, as well as a bunch of other great indie games, for only $3.49! If you buy it within the first 24 hours, it will only cost you $1.99!! If you or any of your friends don't have Scourge: Outbreak yet, be quic... 21.04.14 14:13
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Release02.04.2014 GenreEgo-Shooter Entwickler Tragnarion Studios Publisher Bitbox Games Enginekeine Infos


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