• Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.
  • Shutter: Screen zum Indie-Adventure.


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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 02.04.2015
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Preise Update 10.03.23

Über das Spiel

Re-live a dark and haunting tale in this fixed camera puzzle-horror game RE-miniscent of the first generation of survival horror games. Using both CCTV cameras and your upgradable RC surveillance unit, you have to keep your eyes and ears sharp in order to take photos and unearth a chilling event that unfolded years ago.


  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support
  • GFX: ATI Radeon 9500 and up, Radeon X series, Radeon HD series, NVIDIA GeForce 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx, GeForce GT, GTX series, Intel GMA X3000 (965) and up.
  • Software: Windows XP+
  • HD: 539 MB available space
  • DX: Version 9.0
  • LANG: English
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4 Reviews
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75 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.04.20 11:30
Ich habe dieses Spiel zusammen mit KaaZeeCat auf Twitch gestreamt. Kurz gesagt; Wir beide mochten es nicht.

Die Idee hinter dem Spiel hat wirklich was interessantes, allerdings finde ich die Story wirklich Willkürlich. Warum sollte man erst Kameras und Türmechanismen installieren um dann nochmal eine Drone rein zu schicken? Das ergab für mich irgendwie wenig Sinn. Dann hätten die auch gleich ihre Fotos machen können.

Die Steuerung war etwas komisch am Anfang, aber man hat sich daran gewöhnt.
Was mich am meisten an dem Spiel gestört hat, war dieser blöde Fotobug. Ich musste im Verlauf des Spieles gleich zwei mal neu starten damit die Kamera nicht nur weiße/grüne/blaue Fotos macht. Das hat echt total genervt, zumal das Spiel keine Speicherstände unterstützt, sondern man nur zwischen den vier einzelnen Kapiteln auswählen konnte. Letztlich kam der Bug einfach immer wieder, also hab ich es einfach so zu ende gespielt.

Generell fühlte sich einfach vieles beim Spielen nicht richtig an und sah komisch aus. Grusel kam übrigens garnicht auf.
Ich habe das Spiel zurück gegeben. Auch wenn zwei Euro nicht viel sind, fühlten sie sich trotzdem schlecht investiert an. Da hatte ich mit einigen kostenlosen Horrorspielen mehr Spaß.
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33 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30.07.17 22:05
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80 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.11.21 00:31


You control a small drone which is sent to an abandoned cabin to investigate the acts of vandalism, however the more you explore, you realize that the cabin is haunted by a ghost.

The story of Shutter is pretty basic horror stuff. You learn most of the backstory through notes you can find in the home and it's fine for the most part, but nothing really amazing. I was never gripped and wanted to learn more, however it's not terribly offensive stuff and what's there is fine.


This is where Shutter stumbles the most. The game looks pretty bad and honestly looks like a low effort unity asset flip. If I had to give the best example, imagine exploring what feels like a plastic doll house, everything just look rough around the edges and very cheap, which does lessens the atmosphere of the game.


The audio is also a very mixed bag. It's not bad by any means, there's some really good ambience that helps building a decent atmosphere, however I believe a good chunk of the sound effects are royalty free, but I feel like they sound fine in action unlike other indie horror games.


As I said before, you control a small drone which you drive around the cabin and you're basically taking pictures of items which then leads into puzzles you have to solve to progress. Often then not you're looking through a very dark cabin to find items the ghost has interacted with and then you have to look for a way to unlock more of the house.

For the most part the game works fine, but it's very lackluster in what you get to do. Every so often the people outside upgrade the drone with other items like spectral or night vision which makes thing slightly easier, but not by much. The biggest pain is looking for items to take pictures of cause sometimes these items are either well hidden or blend into the environment which makes spotting them hard.

One time I actually drove around the house for roughly 15 minutes looking for a way to advance and then I broke down to watch a walkthrough to see that I missed an item that was hidden so well I drove past it multiple times. The game is also very trigger happy with jumpscares, especially in the final few chapters of the game where it assaults your sense constantly.

However I still had a fun time, with the sort of investigation you have to do as the game advances and a lot of the puzzles you have to solve are simple enough so they don't get annoying, this is more or less a problem that the final few levels of the game face and since the game is really short (roughly an hour long) you don't have to deal with it for long.


For the price Shutter is not a bad game to spend an evening on if you like the horror genre, but it's not's the greatest game either. It has it's issues like some bad puzzle design and cheap looking graphics, but if you're bored and want something spooky to play, you could do much worse.

Final Rating:

+ Interesting concept
+ Some fun puzzles

- Graphics are terrible
- The final few levels suck
- Really short

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49 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.03.21 05:00
Clocking in at just under an hour Shutter is a rare treat. You play as a land-based drone, taking pictures inside a possibly haunted house. You'll communicate with your handlers via email while doing different tasks around the house. The game uses old school tank controls along with a toggle to go into first person. This is a game where you take pictures and solve a mystery, there is no combat. With its novel gameplay, decent writing, and short runtime, Shutter is definitely worth your attention.
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96 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.02.21 02:40
I had never been concerned for the safety of a drone until I played this game.
You're tasked with operating said drone from a remote location in order to investigate a house. Initially, your goal is just to record and document some instances of vandalism, but as the investigation goes on, you'll find yourself encountering more and more paranormal elements.
The atmosphere is nicely done, and all the different camera angles add a lot to the tension, especially the drone's POV camera. You're so low to the ground that you feel small and vulnerable, despite your character not actually being physically present. Honestly, the drone itself is adorable, which is what made it endearing enough for me to feel a little scared for it from time to time.
Sure, the game has its fair share of jumpscares, but I think the investigative and puzzle-solving elements balance out the parts that are just there for the adrenaline rush.
It's a fairly short game, but the concept is really well executed. Definitely worth the money, in my opinion.
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18 Reviews
258 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.02.21 15:34
1904 Produkte im Account
524 Reviews
711 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.08.16 23:04
It cracks me up that I see reviews on games and there is 0.1 hours played and a negative review. SERIOUSLY? I would understand if the game did not work or something.
The game was really enjoyable,and the price is right.
Read the more complex detailed positive reviews and it would sum it up on what I would say.
Since what I would say and explain about the game would mean I would be saying the same thing everyone else says.

10/10 excellent game
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566 Reviews
122 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.03.16 12:25
It is always nice to see when the appropriate games get greenlit by the community - Shutter is another great example for that. This is a neat little game where we control a small RC car equipped with a camera - this surveillance unit is to be used to discover the strange occurrences surrounding a house.

We are constantly in contact with a software engineer, a guy who asks us where to go and what to take a photo of. The photos we then upload and await his further instructions. Occasionally he upgrades our software which basically means a camera with different modes for shooting (night vision, spectral vision). We take photos of objects, apparitions while experiencing some good-old survival horror scary stuff: suddenly closing doors, flickering lights, sudden blackouts and ghostly sounds / voices.

Regularly, we find notes telling us the story of the place and while it is not much it still contributes to the great atmosphere the game has. Graphics-wise the game is a bit rough around the edges - in-game menus are particularly ugly, still, Shutter has a good entertainment value for a couple of hours especially in case you are interested in something different than the AAA games out there.

I look forward to playing its sequel - I have to admit I have my expectations, though.
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454 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.01.16 12:58
Basic concept of the game is that you are exploring an abandoned cabin with a RC robot car thing. As the game description says, as you progress you upgrade your robot dude giving you a better camera to keep getting pictures of paranormal things like floating objects, shadows, and orbs. The more pictures of paranormal activities/shadows, the more you progress.

Controls are a little janky, but felt fairly appropriate considering you arent controlling a person. You can use your battery power to get into a first person view, but when the battery runs out, you need to let it recharge. Letting you switch between the RC camera and a 3rd person view was a very nice touch.

In my opinion, they absolutely nailed the atmosphere. I might spook pretty easily, but I know I sat there jumping, flinching, and squeaking like a little girl the entire time I played (and especially at the end).

Graphics are a little dated (as a nod to PS1 era I guess), but the audio is very well done. Would have loved for an audio setting though. Im also very happy the dev didnt 100% rely on cheap jump scares. Also absolutely loved the story. Make sure you actually read the papers you find, as well as the police report in the menu (after you finish the game of course).

Outside of the bug mentioned in the description, I didnt find any major bugs. My mouse didnt lock in the window on windowed mode, but Im not sure if it was intended to be locked in or not. It wasnt game breaking for me though.

The only downside to the game is the length. The game is pretty short. Theres actually an achievement to finish in under 10 minutes I believe. So, expect to spend 30 minutes up to an hour on your first (blind) playthrough. I do wish the dev's had added some more meat to the story and expanded the house. It would have been cool to have more rooms to explore for more story pages.

All of that said, I very highly recommend the game. The story was creepy and the RC robot thing was a pretty cool/interesting concept. I definitely look forward to their next release.
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222 Reviews
57 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.07.15 15:31
Shutter lets you pilot a small drone into a supposedly haunted cabin as you try to shed light on what's causing the disturbances your client has reported.
It's a small, low budget game that can provide a good horror quick fix for those that don't mind its shortcomings.


-the drone idea is quite original and works well

-a pretty good story rounded up by the report that'd be read after completing the game

-manages to create a creepy, unsettling ambiance


-overall unremarkable graphics: before you get the HD camera upgrade first person view is so badly pixelated that I thought it was a bug

-easy, linear and short

-controlling a drone makes the things you'll face less threatening since you're not in harm's way: this changes in the last chapter when you're actually controlling a person though


Shutter was an enjoyable experience overall, its story was interesting enough to keep the game going for its 1 hour length and the places I explored and things I've met were appropriately creepy. While not scary per se the overall atmosphere was tense enough to make my hair stand on its end a few times.

Considering its low price it's a decent purchase for anyone looking for a quick, straightforward horror game.
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79 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12.04.15 05:17
The concept of using a drone in a horror situation was original, and the controls and features were very neat. Sadly, the game itself was not very frightening. I usually am not able to sit through horror games, but untfotunately most of the jump scares were predictable. A lot of the sounds became exhausted after the first few repetitions, and became more annoying than scary. The atmosphere was creepy, but I think the game would have benefited from less jump scares and more atmospheric developement to induce fear. Overall it is innovative, and was enjoyable -- even with the few decent scares given -- and for the price, it is worth giving a shot.
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