ChessCraft Mod
Name: ChessCraft Mod
Spiel: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Autor: progammer
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Mit dieser StarCraft 2 Modifikation ist es nun auch möglich eine Partie Schach zu spielen. Ausführen lässt sich ChessCraft entweder mit zwei Spielern an einem Rechner oder via Freundesliste. Eine Gegner-KI beinhaltet die v1.1 Version der Mod leider noch nicht.
Chess game in SC2, with fully supported feature as a standalone game.
Latest version: v1.10, (NA): 1.2, (EU) : n/a

- New feature: Move log using long algebraic chess notation, free camera mode - "-debug" command added. Please report if it worked or not.
Available feature:

- Full game rule supported: promotion, castle, en passant, checkmate, draw...

- Hot Seat play on the same computer

- Multiplayer through Battlenet

- Free Game Mode: Create your own situation on the board to play (checkmate ruled automatically disabled)

- Minimap for traditional chess player

- Game Options: 9 colors, 4 camera modes ( free camera now available, zoom out all the way you want)

- Move log using long algebraic chess notation

- More to be added...

( And yes, that was a fast queen and a mothership-king ( sarcasm fail ?? )
Known issues:

- Blizzard color scheme sucks :(, its not even easy to differentiate black and white, use colors instead

- If you cannot make any move due to being check, and are not checkmated, consider it a draw

Control by selecting your piece and than select the destination beacon.


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