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Steam News

Community Announcements Get Double XP and Reputation during the Weekend! Play Survarium and get twice as much experience and reputation during the weekend! These bonuses stack with Premium accounts, booster packs and premium items, but are cumulative, not multiplicative. For instance, you will get x2.5 reputation and experience with Premium for every match: x2 because of... 13.09.19 18:32
Community Announcements Duga Antenna Sneak Peek! A sneak peek at development of the new Duga Antenna map that we're working on. These are a work-in-progress, so take them with a pinch of salt. Are you excited for the new map? htt... 28.08.19 12:47
Community Announcements September Desktop Calendar. Get the high-resolution version here: 26.08.19 18:04
Community Announcements Duga Radar (Russian Woodpecker) Coming Soon! While development of update continues and we will share more information with you as soon as possible. But today we want to tell you a little about some new content for the game. In the next major update we will add some freshness to the world of Survarium by introducing the new Duga Radar location.... 20.08.19 16:16
Community Announcements Clan Wars: Discussion Ideas Hello everyone! Currently we are discussing our plans for Clan Wars. Several ideas on how to implement them in our game. One option is to launch them on weekends while rating matches will be available on weekdays. We invite you to discuss this topic and express what you'd like to see from the update... 19.08.19 14:56