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Community Announcements Versus Evil Publisher Sale Going on Now! The Versus Evil Publisher Sale is now live on Steam - get up to 90% off on the Versus Evil publisher page! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/26873388/e515989c0362e721f96ca33514fa4c8e34630730.jpg Check out our newest game - Wintermoor Tactics Club! It's a new story about surviving high school with gameplay inspired... 12.05.20 19:34
Community Announcements Versus Evil Steam Flash Sale Going on Now! Hi everyone, The Versus Evil Flash Sale is now live on Steam - get up to 90% off on the Versus Evil publisher page! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9074515/1a6e916ce5a9fc7f89f7ac1b80bfd45a5937c90e.jpg 27.03.20 04:12
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Have You Played The Banner Saga? Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. An idea I m happy to see the back of, is the notion that graphics is a one-way sliding scale towards photorealistic perfection. While I m certainly fond of games that exhibit hyperbudget beaut... 10.07.19 08:30
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Overthinking Games: The Banner Saga s banner represents unity rather than division Overthinking Games runs every other Monday, and is an opportunity for Malindy Hetfeld to take something about a game and think about it too much. Today she’s gotten really into the banner in The Banner Saga. Banners, then and now, are often a curious amalgamation of plain communication and n... 11.02.19 18:00
Community Announcements Banner Saga 2 Bug Fix Update Following issues are addressed in this patch: Soundtrack files install to the correct location once more Fixed illegible text in rewards message after battle Fixed issue with the attack impact count changing when moving the hero in the Hakon/Bolverk battle Fixed having to click quit twice for surviv... 29.11.18 19:41
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