The Banner Saga: Factions


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Community Announcements Banner Saga 2 Coming April 19th Hello All Huge thank you for playing The Banner Saga and supporting us during development. Being a small team and working on something we love is both amazing and challenging but we're finally here with Banner Saga 2. Thank you all and we can't wait to get you folks in game! We're proud to have the ... 23.03.16 19:10
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Stoic On Using Kickstarter Again, TBS Factions’ Future Viking caravans might be slow, methodical machines, but they make their arrival worth the wait. By mercilessly slaughtering all who oppose them. I’m mostly certain that won’t be the outcome of The Banner Saga‘s impending arrival, but I don’t like to make assumptions. What I k... 05.09.13 18:00
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Fly The Flag: The Banner Saga: Factions Now Available The Banner Saga: Factions is, you will recall, the free multiplayer aspect of The Banner Saga, rather than the single-player campaign that you’re going to have pay up front for. Nathan went hands on with the game previously to tell us all what to expect. I’m downloading it right now for ... 27.02.13 16:00
Product Release Now Available - The Banner Saga: Factions The Banner Saga: Factions is Now Available on Steam The Banner Saga: Factions is the premiere role-playing strategy game on PC and Mac. It brings the feeling of beloved tactical games to a high-definition era with gorgeous hand-animated artwork and a degree of depth unprecedented in the realm of fre... 26.02.13 01:13