• The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots
  • The Book of Legends: Game Screenshots


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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 14.02.2014
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Über das Spiel

Das Fantasy-Reich Fenirith schwebt in allerhöchster Gefahr: Nach Jahrhunderten des Friedens versetzen zunehmende Gewalttaten sowie Diebstähle und Überfälle auf Reisende die Bewohner der sechs Länder Recife, Halfmoon, Zander, Ardeth, Ghost Island und Wittaland in Angst und Schrecken. Die Wurzel dieses Übels ist der grausame Dämon Azutura, welcher sich von der Furcht der Menschen ernährt und die verzweifelte Situation Feniriths ausnutzt, um seine Kräfte immer weiter zu steigern.

Doch noch gibt es Hoffnung: Dem weisen Alchemisten Samaritano gelang es, einen Trank zu brauen, dessen Dämpfe Azutura für die nächsten Jahrzehnte in einen tiefen Schlaf versetzen sollen. Doch wer soll die gefährliche Aufgabe, das Trankgefäß in die Höhle des Feindes zu schmuggeln, übernehmen? Völlig überraschend für seine Berater fällt die Wahl des Fürsten Hakan auf den zwielichtigen Krieger Jordan Zatarista – der nicht nur seine Mission nicht besonders ernst nimmt, sondern sich den wertvollen Kelch auch noch bei der erst besten Gelegenheit von einer Gruppe Banditen abjagen lässt. Diese Schmach kann das Schlitzohr keinesfalls auf sich sitzen lassen!


Noch haben wir keine Systemanforderungen für dieses Spiel eintragen können oder es sind noch keine bekannt.

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Verfasst: 11.06.19 03:19
Es müsste ein mittleren Daumen bekommen.

Es ist ein Monster von einem RPG Maker Game mit mehr als 30 SPIELBAREN Charaktern und über 300 Arealen, aber es ist vielleicht zu groß, zu unübersichtlich. Man hat eine ingame Karte auf der man aber sich selber und wichtige Orte nicht sehen kann und die quest beschreibung hilft nicht wirklich weiter was dazu führt das man oft sich fragend über die Karte bewegt und nicht weiß wo man was machen soll.
Da die Charakter über verschiedene Fähigkeiten verfügen kann man sich sein Team was zu einem passt zusammenstellen. Was mich persöhnlich noch sehr stört ist, das es immer mal wieder Bosskämpfe gibt wo man 2 Teams braucht und dann hat man 4 super ausgerüstete Leute und muss 2 Teams mit den Bodenresten gründen.

Wenn ich nicht 40% der Zeit mit dem suchen nach Questitems/orten verbringen würde, würde ich ein Daumen hoch geben.
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159 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.10.15 01:41
Don't like it
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Verfasst: 06.04.15 16:36
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2409 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 24.01.22 15:53
I wish I could recommend this game, because I can tell a lot of development time went into it. But, quite frankly, it's just too hard to be fun. Believe me, if the difficulty were something that punished you in any remotely reasonable way, I would understand. I've played difficult games for several years, both ARPG like Dark Souls and RPGs that simply expect you to understand the mechanics and adapt to them.

My problem is that this game is way too artificially difficult. If you're observant, you can recruit a bunch of animals, and several humans join your party during the game as well. But, what the game doesn't tell you until fairly far in is that you are often expected to split into two parties for boss fights and even parts of the story. Sounds fun, right? Sure, until you realize two very important things:

1. Half the characters in the party are useless and die in one hit.
2. People not in your active party don't gain a single point of XP.

So what is the net result of this? An insane amount of grinding for levels with at least 8 different characters, probably more if you find someone you want to use in your party later on. And all so you'll stand a chance against unfairly strong enemies that can often one-shot characters because their max HP doesn't go high enough to survive unless they constantly defend.

It's too bad. The story is kind of neat, and even the somewhat awkward but funny dialogue has grown on me. I'll probably still finish this game at some point in the future just on principle. But if you like an enjoyable game, I honestly can't say this is one of them.
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Verfasst: 12.01.22 06:53
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1007 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 03.07.21 03:58
Alright, after 16 hours and bashing my head against a horde of housecats for the nth time in some castle that is supposedly a hotel, I'm throwing in the towel and giving this a borderline negative review. My thoughts:

The good:
Nice anime-style character portraits.
Many different playable characters (apparently, as I didn't get to half of them).
Cute pixel art.
The turn-based combat is generic, but the system itself is just fine.
A big world to explore with lots of hidden stuff.

The meh:
Character writing is hit and miss. Your main character is kind of jerk but it's occasionally endearing.
Monsters are kinda boring. I mean cats? Just cats?
The lack of a mini-map is kind of annoying, but you do have maps in your inventory you can glance at.
The story about ancient demons returning is just fine, nothing great, nothing terrible.
Saves. You can save at save points or use spell points to save anywhere. Rather just have the ability to save anywhere period.
Random encounters can sometimes harsh my mellow.

The bad:
The loot is not satisfying and there just isn't enough of it.
Leveling, difficulty spikes and combat balance is all over the place. Main character is strong, while most of the others can be killed in one unlucky round by low level monsters.
Spell points run out too quickly. Going into a dungeon is all about running in and out before you run out of magic.
Equipment and potions aren't available in every town. If I want to get certain potions (like to replenish magic points), I have to go halfway across the world.
Quests need to be explained better. I spent a lot of time wandering about in the first few hours wondering what to do.

As the cliche goes, I REALLY wanted to like this game, especially because I enjoy casual RPGmaker games. It's apparently a very long game with loads more content than I encountered. But honestly with so many other top notch RPGs waiting in my Steam library, I'm going to give up on this one for now.
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194 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 31.05.21 22:29

Focusing on what appears to be a self insert character with infinite power prevents the narrative stakes from reaching any highpoint or urgency.
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365 Reviews
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5050 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.02.21 15:26
Please follow United Critics for quality reviews

Good things:

The game is a standard JRPG with turn based fights. The good thing is that world is quite open and you can get to many places and dungeons. There is loot hidden not only in chests but also in many items like tree or rock or pretty much anything so you have to constantly press space bar to not miss any loot. The good thing is that the game can be played with only a keyboard or with only a mouse so you can play it the way that is more comfortable for you. There are many characters both humans and animals and some others that can join your party so it is wise to look everywhere and talk to everyone.

There is also a good option that lets you walk through the dungeons many times to fight enemies but you can also use an option to just go through the dungeon automatically after you cleared it the 1st time and come out on the world map at the end of it. You can also walk from town to town or you can use gold and pay the guy with horses to get you there instantly. So if you want more fights you can go everywhere on foot or if you want less fights you can use fast travel options in the game.

I also liked that each town has some good late game items so there is not a single town that will sell you basically endgame items for everyone and you have to plan and remember where to buy what when you can afford it. The thing that I liked is that there are different enemies in different locations/ parts of world that make sense to the story and the place where you are. I also liked that there is a Rush option in battle menu that just makes all your heroes to attack instead of choosing the attack for each one of them as it helps when you are farming XP. There are also some fun dialogues in the game and fun banter between characters.

Bad things:

To get all achievements you have to finish the game 2 times but the second time felt more like a chore than any fun. The map is not very useful and you only use it to get a general idea in what direction you should move. The really really bad thing for me is that from the middle of the game till the end of the game your main hero is basically useless and even the chicken deals more damage than your hero from that point. If you don’t know before playing that your main hero will be useless you could potentially give him the best items and waste trinkets that upgrade stats on him instead of giving them all to someone else like the best heroine you can have in the party – Barbara.

And while we are at it – yes there are some humans and animals that are just plain better than anyone else you recruit so in the end you will use only them for 90% of the game. While the game praise itself as of having 30 different characters in the end there are about only 10 that are good while 4 of them being more powerful then anyone else. Because of that many characters in my team did participate in 0 battles or participated in few but got 0 kills as it is pointless to use someone that is weak from the start while you get someone that is a few times more powerful.

I really hate it when RPGs makes your main hero useless from some point in the game and also make many of the characters that can join you be pretty useless compared tot he other characters that can join you. Characters have many different skills but in the end all you really need is the spells that heal and cure status effects and skills that makes that character attack multiple times in one round as everything else just feels weak compared to these skills and deal less damage outside of some few special circumstances/bosses. Bosses in the end just throw a waves of enemies at you before entering combat themselves and that waves is the only reason why you want to level up and gear up anyone else than the best 4 characters as if you pick a team to deal with attack from one side you have to pick other team to deal with the attack from other side and the 3rd party to deal with the boss and for boss you will pick 4 best characters so you need to use others weaker ones to just kill some trash mobs. Sadly also the main story is just your typical – save the world from great evil and even worse the most of the side quests are pointless as they don’t give you any XP and only few of them give you any reward.

There is also a DLC that is just the official guide that will tell you where every hidden item is etc. so you don’t have to spam space bar at everything but for me it is pointless to buy something like that and it also makes the game look bad when the developers are trying to sell guide to their game.


I was on the fence with this game but because of the boring main story and useless side quests and of how your main hero become useless pretty fast I can’t recommend this game.

Overall score 4.5/10
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Verfasst: 09.08.20 14:10
Excellent rpg

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239 Reviews
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859 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.08.15 08:31
I know that somebody put a lot of effort into this game and I really tried to get into it, but eventually the game got just so horribly unbalanced that I couldn't force myself to try to grind and try any further.

The story isn't very innovative and the main character is quite unlikeable. The fact that every time one of the characters makes a 'joke' the author had to add 'ahaha' at the end of the line really gets to you after a while. The dialog is lengthy and not well written. It's also quite repetitive and after some time you really have to force yourself to still pay attention to it.

It's a typical RPGMaker game in presentation, but I have to admit that the graphics and music are well chosen, The locations are again lengthy and exploring them grants you a lot of usable items, but sadly not enough equipment. Which brings me to my main complain about this RPG.

The game is unbalanced. Heavily unbalanced on multiple levels. The first 'dungeon' is far too easy and your character way overpowered. You continue and gather other characters and the game is still way too easy and that's not because I gained too many level early on. A level up in this RPG basically has no effect on your combat performance except when you get a new skill. The increase in HP and attack power are so minimal that it's hardly worth to grind at all. In terms that means that you have to rely on equipment to give you the needed boost to get better in combat. For a good amount of the game that doesn't matter much as the 'mob' fights are ridiculously underpowered and you won't have a problem at all, but in boss fights it shows that something isn't exactly working out. You can still push through those with a bit of tactic and luck, but it's starting to get really frustrating.

At some point the game forces you to play as a group of characters that are completely underpowered. Only one of them has magical abilities and they aren't very powerful. This is when the game grinds to a halt. You can't make them stronger by leveling up nor can you get better equipment. So every tougher fight is a pure gamble if you'll get through.

So far that's not too bad, but add to that one enemy that always attacks first, has a quite strong AOE spell that costs you about 50% of your HP and is nearly not hittable because it dodges every attack. I'm not kidding. In random encounters those enemies flee after a couple of rounds, but then you run into a forced encounter with three of them and they don't flee. I tried it five times, each time grinding a level for each character more and there's no way to get past them except for getting extremely lucky and hitting them with every attack.

I don't like not finishing a RPG, but this one is just so annoying to play that I won't try to push through. Don't waste 14 hours on this one like I did and get a better RPGMaker game instead.
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Verfasst: 29.05.15 04:05
I really wanted to recommend this game. The skills and combat seem good, and the dialog isn't bad. Although as other have said, it seems every other line from the main character is sarcastic.

The main breaking point for me is the leveling. I was somehow able to beat the first boss, mainly due to the fact the main character has a skill which makes the first chapter a cake walk. But the next area, I got one shotted time and time again.

My main character is able to withstand any foe, but every supporting character I have just gets 1-2 shotted. I even tried grinding a bit, but after several hours? (it felt like that), I feel my characters still aren't there. The weapons and armor didn't seem to help much, and many items seem very expensive for the area.

I would recommend this game to someone who has a kid that can burn many hours on it, but as far as JRPGs go, I think your time is better spent elsewhere.
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Verfasst: 19.05.15 21:31
The Book of Legends is one of the very first games I've ever gotten with a bundle. With my ever growing library of hundreds of titles gained with bundles or purchases on the Steam market, I now have time to tell the world what I think.

When you start BoL, you will get bored, the game DOES in fact pickup after about an hour or so. The start of the game is just anticlimactic and that's not so bad, many RPG or JRPG can start off this way. Once you really put in the time you will notice that BoL has loads to offer you. You will acquire and have many companions to chose from in your party's organization, with different equipables and abilities. This can be quite nice over some other RPG Maker titles that only give you an initial party and about 3 hours of game play. You also have a nice variety of side quests and the main story to keep you entertained for a number of hours and I have seen players reach over 50+ hours when going to fully complete the game.

The main thing that BoL has going against it is the large price of $15. This price isn't that intimidating when picking up the game from a bundle, trade or Steam sale. So I recommend buying the game when it's on some sort of sale.

I'll be giving this game a 8.5/10 and strongly recommend you give it a try and remind you again to at least play through the boring intro to hit the games real stride of content.
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Verfasst: 13.10.14 18:51
I have played a few hundred RPG Maker games over the past 15 years and the Book of Legends is a standout from the norm. It is a standard old-school, turn based battle JPRG along the lines of the Dragon Quest or and original Final Fantasy series with a lot of emphasis on exploration. The dungeons are big, open and detailed. They have a lot of interactive objects with loot hidden in more than just chests and dressers. You will find plenty of characters to join your party hidden throughout the game. These include cows, chickens, men hiding in baskets. Again, you are rewarded for exploration in big ways.

The game feels free and open after the first area where you can go virtually anywhere you can walk to if not fast travel for gold. Each town feels big, and there are small settlements littered throughout the world map that add a lot to the game. You'll find merchants, shops, shrines and quests in each town, settlement and castle. My only problem is the world map itself for the most part are literally lines of land instead of big expansive plots of land like the towns and dungeons are big and ripe for exploration. The one problem with such big towns is that there is no run button.

Once you've gone through a tunnel, you have an option when going back into it whether or not to simply travel through it or go into it. Its a nice time saving feature that feels like its not padding the game with wasted time, but you can still go through for those that want to.

When you start the game, you'll find a choice of casual mode or normal mode. Normal mode feels easy enough, but casual mode has random enemy battles less frequently and you regain health after each battle. Its good to have a choice for people just looking to plow through the game. The random battles are not painfully frequent like in old school Dragon Quest games. Its more like every 40 paces or so. You will find enemies in walls or thieves attack on over world bridges. There are tutorial books littered sparingly throughout maps and having a tutorial book seems odd instead of just having NPCs explain things to you if not have an extensive help feature in the menu.

There is little enemy variety in the game and you'll see the same enemies from area to area, which is a disappointment. A few enemies are reskins, which I'm fine with, I just wish they did different things. The combat feels pretty shallow and you can use a 'rush' (autobattle) for 99% of battles. The battles are turn based, where you select everything that your party will do on their turn of the battle ala old school JPRGs, then when everyone knows what they'll do a turn happens based on their speed. Quicker characters will take their turn first. It is as old school as possible straight down to map movement moving you an entire body length with each press of the left, right, up or down.

The skills in battle seem underwhelming if not almost useless except for certain circumstances. At least every character has their own skills so everyone feels unique. You'll gain more skills as you level up. You can even change characters on the fly with the party system. So if you have 3 dead party members, swap them out with living members. There are skills and items to revive people of course. With the excess amount of accessories, you'll be able to craft the character's stats and resistances to your preference. You'll have to chose different weapons based on stats, do you want this sword to make your character speedy at the cost of damage or have a heavy damager that is slower than enemies? It is a nice sense of freedom from typical armor and weapon upgrades. It adds something to replayability since you can customize your party so much.

One downfall if not exploit I have found that I can have 3 party members block and my main hero can destroy every boss. Some bosses throw waves of enemies at you before you get to battle them, which I suppose is a unique take on boss fights, but it could also be seen as useless fluff.

There is an Asian style to the game that makes it feel fresh, even if I suspect the graphics are from the Samurai DLC pack instead of custom. Even with an Asian style, the characters speak with modern words like 'dude' and 'cool.' I think the game is in on the joke and embellishes on it.

Book of Legends feels very dialog heavy, and offers some fun banter between characters when you search or find treasures, but the actual story is just far too dialog heavy for me and I found myself skipping through everything said. Even the NPCs have a good amount to say instead of just one line throwaway statements. It adds to the immersion even if I can't be bothered by the story when its just paragraphs of dialog.

You can save in most every settlement, but there is an autosave feature and your main hero can save and fully recharge his energy. Its nice to have just before a boss.

With all of that being said, are there better RPGs out there? Yes, but this stands out as being better than 99% of the RPG Maker games out there for its sense of exploration, freedom to do as you please and make your own party, customizations and all. I am a big fan of customization and freedom. Is it worth $15? Probably not. Maybe $5 hits the mark.
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624 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 04.04.14 06:52
there are better RPG's out there. but it is not bad if it is on sale. just put yourself in the mindset of an old school, bare-boned RPG.

a few things that made me upset were:
- having spells and abilities but not being able to use them and not knowing why.
- no indications of health, even if it is in old fashioned, an option to toggle would have been nice.
- scale of enemies, there was too large of a gap on my first playthrough that i had to delete it and restart. that is fine and i had ample time to create a new save slot to be caustious. although the first main boss will tear your group a new one if you didn't ecplore or try to grind out a few levels.

if you do decide to get this game then make sure you never go to the main story quest without searching everywhere. without doing so will put you at a disadvantage. not all party members are earned through story quests, beasts that are party eligible are easy enough to find if your willing to have patience and click on everything.


you can't kill demons with just an egotistical wizard, a shoddy thief, and a chicken.
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Verfasst: 15.03.14 02:57
Book of Legends is highly reminiscent of 16-bit jrpgs of the SNES era, which is certainly a point in its favour for fans of retro rpgs. The game features some really nicely detailed artwork, character portraits and profiles are especially well-done.

Battles play out in the expected manner typical of the genre, with combatants taking turns to attack each other, use skills, defend, etc. There are plenty of skills on offer for each of the characters, ensuring that combat doesn't become tiresome. Many skills take both your character's statistics and enemy numbers into account, allowing for a decent amount of strategising during combat. New skills are unlocked as your characters gain levels, providing new ways to overcome enemies. Encounters sometimes start with an ambush, or with you ambushing your foes, which mixes things up somewhat when you're fighting. You always have the option to run from battle as well if you don't fancy your chances against your adversaries. The enemy sprites are all quite detailed, with some quite elaborate designs in there too. Status elements, both positive and negative, element-based skills and weaknesses are all present and accounted for and as always, monsters drop both exp and gold when defeated. Equipment can be attached to five different slots per character, comprising of weapon, shield, helmet, armour and accessory respectively. I've yet to complete the game (and by all accounts it's a sizeable adventure) but what I played was well-balanced in terms of challenge and I never felt the need to level grind. The bosses represented a reasonable challenge but nothing insurmountable. The encounter rate is nicely balanced (with different rates for the game's two difficulty modes) and doesn't feel too frequent or intrusive as you explore various locations in the game.

There's good attention to detail in the environments, treasures are scattered throughout each area, encouraging players to venture off the beaten track. The tilesets that make up the game's locations are well-utilised to minimise repetition, with little touches such as animals being scattered throughout the many locales adding life to the world. Another thing that impressed me with the environments was the amount of scenery that be interacted with to elicit some type of comment or remark from your character, a little detail that is far too often overlooked, especially in modern titles. It really harks back to the glory days of the 16-bit rpgs and some of the habits players picked up during that generation are recognised and rewarded here. It's a very self-aware game and it uses that to subvert the player's expectations at several moments during the game - there's plenty of flavourful dialogue and choices, primarily from the main character, Jordan and it only gets better as additional characters join the party, there's some entertaining exchanges between party members, even early on in the game. Indeed, the entertaining ensemble is definitely one of the highlights here and In some ways it's quite reminiscent of the self-satire seen in the Disgaea series, though the script could use some editing here and there to give it a little extra polish before it approaches that level of finesse.

If you were a fan of 16-bit era rpgs and lament their absence in recent years, I'd expect that, like me, you'll find something to love here. It's good to see more titles like this finding a home on Steam.
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