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Community Announcements Don't miss LudoNarraCon panel about time loop games next week! Feat epic guests! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/32967844/6f70240c370f312d85f9c1d82f43d03fe1777273.jpg LudoNarraCon is coming up next week, a global digital festival celebrating narrative video games. Available to everyone for free via Steam, it will run from April 24th - 27th. Our very own Nick Pearce will be giving a talk on T... 17.04.20 15:43
PC Gamer The Forgotten City is being completely overhauled, but that means it's delayed too The Forgotten City is a standalone game based on an award-winning Skyrim mod that sets players off on a murder-mystery investigation in an ancient underground city, where they'll grapple with themes including morality, modern society, humanism, and time travel. It was announced at the PC Gamer ... 17.12.19 22:39
Community Announcements The Forgotten City levels up thanks to Dear Villagers We’re very excited to announce that we’ve partnered with publisher Dear Villagers for the release of The Forgotten City! This collaboration is fantastic news as we now have the support we need to fully deliver on our best vision for the game. Here’s a video update that goes into more detail and intr... 17.12.19 17:04
Rock, Paper, Shotgun The Forgotten City dev on how he's turning Skyrim's best mod into a standalone Roman murder mystery Throughout my chat with Modern Storyteller’s managing director Nick Pearce about his upcoming game The Forgotten City, there are two things conspicuously absent from our conversation: “Bethesda”, and “Skyrim“. Ever since Pearce announced he was re-imagining his popula... 18.06.19 10:00
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Don t forget that The Forgotten City launches later this year Once a Skyrim mod, The Forgotten City‘s evolution into an entirely standalone game with its own setting has been an intriguing one. Now given a boost by an ex-FromSoftware artist, Modern Storyteller’s Groundhog Day-esque adventure is looking fine. Set in a mythical, forgotten Roman city,... 13.03.19 23:10
The Forgotten City


Release2.Q 2019 GenreAdventure Entwickler Modern Storyteller Publisherkeine Infos Engine Unreal Engine 4


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