The Longest Journey

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PC Gamer This mod updates adventure game classic The Longest Journey with HD visuals If you were looking for an excuse to replay The Longest Journey, one of the best adventure games of all time, then look no further than The Longest Journey HD, a new mod with upscaled backgrounds and sprites, a redrawn user interface and other smaller visual improvements.  Modder Faberman used ... 26.05.19 23:20
Rock, Paper, Shotgun The Longest Journey looks great for its age with new texture mod Even two decades after its release, The Longest Journey hasn’t lost its hold on players’ imaginations. Except now, satisfying that nostalgia fix doesn’t have to mean stomaching those 1999 graphics thanks to a high-res makeover mod released last week. (more…) 21.05.19 21:51
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Dreamfall Chapters Closed, The Longest Journey Ended 18.06.16 14:00
Kotaku This is the First Gameplay Footage of the new Dreamfall Just as Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey got near its $850,000 funding goal at Kickstarter, developer Red Thread Games put up an early prototype gameplay video. You can see the heroine Zoe running around a rich, fully explorable, shiny forest environment called Riverwood, as well as the new h... 15.02.13 13:00
Kotaku This Video Game Predicted Twitter Back In 1999 OK, not really, but Ragnar T├Şrnquist's adventure masterpiece The Longest Journey certainly got close, as you can see in the image above. Via, where else, Twitter. 13.07.11 09:20