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Community Announcements Introducing NEW VOICEOVERS! Dear fans, As a thank you for your continued support, we have decided to introduce a huge update: completely new voiceovers for the main character! We went back and re-recorded every line of the mother's dialogue with a new voice actress Malin Pettersen, whose voice is much closer to the original tr... 15.06.17 20:03
Community Announcements Improved controls + Graphics options + Achievements in Update #2 Dear customers, it's been a week since Through the Woods has been released and we kept collecting your feedback in order to bring you another update. The patch is now live and here's a list of what it fixes: - Added Achievements - Expanded graphics settings in the main menu. You can now tweak variou... 05.11.16 19:23
Community Announcements Trading cards available, achievements in progress, new update in the works Hi everybody, we keep on improving the game based on your feedback. One of the requests was to add trading cards and achievements. Good news - Trading Cards are here! Now you have another reason to re-visit the game, collect more of the story items (if you missed some) and maybe even find 7 hidden c... 01.11.16 10:44
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Norwegian Horror Through the Woods Is Out Now If you’ve ever wanted to feel what it’s like to be a child in a forest in Norway, or a mother who’s lost a child in a forest in Norway then Through the Woods stands to make your dreams come true. The game is influenced by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales and tells the story... 29.10.16 18:00
Community Announcements Update #1 Live + Halloween contest Hi everyone, we're excited that after years of hard work, Through the Woods is finally released. But that doesn't mean we're stopping here. Even though the initial feedback was very positive, some of you are experiencing sub-optimal performance of the game. We're taking your feedback very seriously,... 29.10.16 13:23
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