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Community Announcements After Two Long Years, AI War 2 Hits Early Access! https://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steamcommunity/public/images/clans/32938991/c6c568d45e0ac9b20ce2930db75c67179ce89f29.jpg It's been quite a saga, if you've followed along all this time. All that extra time paid off! At this point we have what fans have nearly-universally hailed as a worthy successor ... 18.10.18 02:03
Community Announcements Official 1.500: Linux Support! Recently I said that we weren't going to port Tidalis to linux, because it's just not a profitable enough game for us, and it's on a super old version of our engine. Well... man if I didn't boot this game up and just fall in love with it all over again. I get to say this, because I wasn't the lead d... 17.07.14 18:13
Rock, Paper, Shotgun Indie Royale’s Latest Bundle Is All Arcen The Arclight Bundle over on Indie Royale is a single-studio special from Arcen. That means it includes: AI War, Tidalis, A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 and Shattered Haven – basically everything other than their latest, Skyward Collapse. They’re even throwing in the new AI War expansio... 07.06.13 20:00
Announcement New Weeklong Deals are Now Available! Save up to 75% on this week's Week Long Deals on Steam, available now until April 22nd at 10AM Pacific time! 15.04.13 19:06