• To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.
  • To The Rescue!: Screen zum Spiel To The Rescue!.


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  • Plattform: PC Release: 02.11.2021 Steam DB
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Preise Update 13.05.22

Über das Spiel

To The Rescue! ist ein Hunde-Tierheim-Simulationsspiel, in dem du dich um Dutzende süßer Hunde kümmern musst, die ein Zuhause brauchen. Es ist jedoch mehr als nur Kuscheln und Schnüffeln: Ein Tierheim zu betreiben kann eine Menge Arbeit sein. Du musst alle Bedürfnisse der Hunde erfüllen, um ihre Chancen zu maximieren, das richtige Zuhause für immer zu finden.

Jeder Tag bringt neue Herausforderungen und Belohnungen. Hunde haben spezifische Vorlieben, können ansteckende Krankheiten bekommen und können negative Eigenschaften haben. Aber du kannst auch Spendenaktionen veranstalten, ungeplant Spenden erhalten und durch harte Arbeit jemandem helfen, seinen neuen besten Freund zu finden. Leider gibt es nie genug Platz und immer mehr Hunde.

Manche Hunde sind begehrter als andere, aber du es dir leisten kannst, lange genug zu warten, kommt vielleicht der Tag eines jeden Hundes.

  • Unterstütze echte Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen. 20 % des Gewinns des Entwicklers aus dem Verkauf von To The Rescue! gehen über unseren Wohltätigkeitspartner, die PetFinder Foundation, an echte Tierheime.
  • Jeder Hund ist einzigartig. Jeder Hund wird mit seinen eigenen Eigenschaften und Vorlieben generiert, um ihn unverwechselbar und einprägsam zu machen.
  • Passe die Hunde den Bedürfnissen der Adoptivherrchen und -frauchen an. Adoptierende kommen oft ins Tierheim, um nach bestimmten Eigenschaften zu suchen. Passen Sie ihre Präferenzen an, um die Chancen auf eine Adoption zu erhöhen.
  • Passe dein Tierheim an und verbessere es mit Upgrades. Wenn du am Ende etwas übrig hast, kannst du das Tierheim mit Deluxe-Zwingern aufrüsten, Hilfe bei der Reinigung oder Instandhaltung anheuern und mehr!
  • Halte das Tierheim offen. Manchmal kann es schwierig sein, sich um alle Hunde im Tierheim zu kümmern. Du musst sparsam sein und manchmal schwierige Entscheidungen treffen, damit du den Hunden weiterhin helfen kannst, ein Zuhause zu finden.


  • CPU: 2.2GHz Dual Core
  • GFX: 512MB VRAM
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows 7+
  • HD: 6 GB available space
  • DX: Version 11
  • LANG: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch
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Steam Nutzer-Reviews

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5 Reviews
1247 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 06.04.22 18:37
I really love the art style! I was afraid of lots and lots of bugs, since many of the older feedbacks said so, but most of it seems fixed, played 8 hours and experienced only one minor improbable bug. Lots of fun. Quite stressful at first, but it´s getting better as one learns to organize things better and get some new abilities :)
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11 Reviews
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92 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15.11.21 05:33

So, I sadly refunded this game. If there was a middle option on steam for not down but not up, that's what I would give it.

To The Rescue! is a great game idea that's got some good concepts and a fun art style that's unique (doesn't copy the Rimworld/Prison Architect/etc themes you see so often in games like this) which I give them immense credit for. The music is very repetitive and after a short while you'll turn the volume down or off and listen to something else while you play. Gameplay wise, the game is fun -- and can be as relaxed or chaotic as you want it to be with nice settings options. At the time of this review, 21:9 aspect ratio isn't supported which is a bummer. Also a bummer, there is little to no controller support out the gate (it's really bad). They take a respectful but open to player-changes view for hard choices that shelters often have to make which is nice. Lots of QOL is missing like no moving objects and etc... There's also no achievements which were a thing which a developer said was going to be at release and then just, wasn't there.

...Even if you take all this, I would have kept the game and told you it was worth it. There's just one huge issue:

This game, 200%, should have been an Early Access game. It was a HUGE mistake
by the developers and the publisher to push this out straight to release as it is. It would have been MASSIVELY more profitable and successful if they had done Early Access for around $20 and then gone to full release a while later at $25-30, but for goodness only knows what insane reason, they didn't.

The game has released with an absurdly huge amount of bugs. Ones that will completely break, stop, reset, hinder, and ruin your gameplay. Bugs that literally COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MISSED if the game had been tested by literally anyone, for any period of time whatsoever, the end. It's just insane how the game released with what other games could consider complete blocker-bugs, that totally prevent gameplay. This is compounded because the game has NO MANUAL SAVE SYSTEM and relies on an autosave function only. With all the bugs, you often have your game broken before you get to a fresh save, rolling back a ton of progress. At times even the saves bug out, losing all progress totally.

So far, there have been several patches. The Discord is the only place to report bugs (no in-game report) and forums here don't get much dev traffic, at least that you see. This is great an all, until you read the notes. These patch notes are completely full of fixes that should have happened totally before release. The fact some of these issues are even present in patch notes goes to show the complete and total lack of testing that the game received. Updates so far are still fixing major blocker issues and aren't even touching on performance, QOL bugs, UI bugs, and etc. because they are still working on the blaring stuff you just cannot understand why they released with. It's almost like someone got drunk and thought that releasing with issues was a good idea because somehow long patch-notes right after release would be like free marketing and boost the sales or something. Instead it just shows how unprepared the game was for a full release, and either a) how inexperienced the devs/pubhlisher are (no disrespect at all) or b) how little someone was paying attention to the fact that there was literally no QA department whatsoever.

I would like to exclude the artist(s) from scrutiny, as the art style again is fun and unique to the game and well done. While there are graphical bugs in the game, it isn't from the art itself but it's implementation into the program. Sadly, everything else from the UI, to gameplay, to the repetitive and highly-looped audio (cute but gets old fast, needs to be more) needed months more work before even considering a release candidate.


The game is a great idea but is ruined by the fact that the game is completely overwhelmed with bugs that aren't just small nuisance, but game breaking and ruining at times. It is clear that little to no testing happened before release whatsoever, and if you buy the game right now you should mentally tell yourself you are buying an Early Access game and are paying now to be a tester, not to enjoy a near-finished product. I would let this one cook a while longer and perhaps see what state it is in after the New Year, because right not it's more aggravating than fun at times. If you are OK with a more sandbox approach you may get more fun, but the game as-intended is just a buggy mess. Music is very looped and limited. It's worth it for $20 as an Early Access game, not as a finished product. With the quality of the game as it is now, I wouldn't pay more than $10-15 for this at MOST. The fact it was released in this state is scary, and doesn't bode well for future content quality.

It is truly sad that they decided to shoot themselves not just in the foot -- but in both feet -- by releasing the game as a full-ready-for-release game in the state it is and was at the time of being able to purchase as a NOT Early Access game.

[u][b][i]*** At this time I recommend just saving this money and giving a donation directly to your local shelter instead of through buying this game. After refunding this game I went and gave the refund money to the shelter instead. ***

(edited after posting to fix a typo!)
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33 Reviews
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627 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.12.21 11:07
I have never wanted to give a game a thumbs up rating so badly; and I will begin my review by saying that I fully expect that after a few updates my rating will be changing to positively glowing.

However, right now, I just couldn't recommend this game to anyone.

Everything about it is absolutely adorable, and I have been looking forward to playing it for some time; I added it to my steam wishlist as soon as it went up on steam, but I'd been seeing updates and looking forward to it even before that.

In To The Rescue, you are in charge of running a dog shelter, managing the health and wellness of each dog you take in and doing your best to find each of them a good home. I absolutely adore this concept, and even the mechanics I think work well. You have to make sure each dog is fed and watered properly, minding the needs of each individual dog, and keeping them bathed and happy as well. You also have to be watchful in case any of them get sick! And you'll need to introduce new dogs to your shelter periodically. Most importantly, you'll have to pick out a handful of dogs for each potential adopter to find their perfect fit.
(Mild spoilers for early game/tutorial)
[spoiler] I thought the introduction to the game was great, with you helping take care of a stray puppy and then volunteering at the shelter. It sort of throws you in the deep end for a short time, and you may get overwhelmed; but then you're given a fresh start, and knowing what you're doing you can design your shelter perfectly and the game runs much smoother. It gets even easier when you can hire assistants to help. I loved that the game was very challenging at first, and gave you aids as you went on to make it easier, so you can settle in to the bits you love best. [/spoiler]
Unfortunately, this is where I have to share the bad bits. This game is filled with bugs, so many many bugs that I won't be able to name them all. They're not all game-breaking, but they can be very frustrating, especially since frequently the only way to handle them is to restart the game, losing all the progress from that day's work.
I've had visitors refuse to leave, dogs caught in a running animation, kennels that I can't add upgrades to (even though I paid for them), and all sorts of other things. The most annoying one, though, is the tendency for the employees to just...stop working. You can normally give them tasks, like feeding the dogs, to do, but every 3-4 in-game days, it seems likely that at least one of them will just sit idle in the lobby and never move. Occasionally, even restarting the game doesn't fix this one, and the only way to deal with it is to fire them and hire another...only to repeat the cycle in a few more days. This glitch in particular has been annoying, because it completely changes the way I have to play, keeping at least one extra employee on hand (and paying them) all the time, and constantly having to lose reputation because I fired them.
There are other glitches too, but few are as intrusive or annoying to the gameplay.
All of that said, I can see a lot of love put into many other aspects of the game, and I really hope the bugs get ironed out soon. Despite the glitches I spent more than 10 hours playing this game just to relax and enjoy myself, it's seriously that good. I love rescuing the dogs and finding them their homes, and I hope soon I can give this game a loving thumbs up.
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749 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 02.12.21 21:05
I've been excitedly following the development of this game for a long time. It seemed really promising--it still does! The concept is really sweet, interesting, and the art style is adorable. I love dogs so much. Unfortunately, I just can't recommend this game because it's extremely glitchy and unpolished. It doesn't seem like it's a finished game.

You will not be able to play this game without running into some sort of bug. I bought the game directly after launch and it was virtually unplayable due to the amount of bugs. Even though the dev team are quick to pumping out patch after patch, the game is just too bugged. This doesn't seem like something that quick patches can fix.

The devs asked us to reconsider our negative thoughts until after a patch is out and, well, here I am. There's been multiple patches and the game is still extremely bugged.

Playing this game means you will have to restart your progress multiple times when your game inevitably bugs out. Sometimes you will come across bugs that WON'T break your game, but will give you an unfair advantage (there are multiple glitches that give you free reputation), leave you frustrated (dialogue and quest progression does not work properly), or leave you feeling very confused (one time I went to pet a dog and it showed me a blurry, static image of a completely different dog that did not exist in my shelter). Not to mention that the longer you play, the worse the lag gets. While the patches do provide some small fixes and difficulty balancing, they don't seem to be doing much more which is really sad to see.

If all of that doesn't bother you, then you'll probably enjoy the game a lot. I think it'll bother a lot of people, though... So please save your money. Or, at the very least, wait until 10+ patches are out. The game REALLY needs some fixing up.
58 Produkte im Account
1 Reviews
1760 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18.11.21 01:34
Have had the game since launch and if you had asked me then I would have said to wait and see if the bugs got fixed. Now, weeks later, I can safely say this game's team truly cares for it's user base and the quality of their gam.! Most of the bugs have been taken care of within the first 2 weeks and a handful of minor ones like they are going to be handled in the next patch, a huuuge improvement to what it was on release!

I've easily spend over 20hrs already on this game, the gameplay is simple yet keeps you busy with the never-ending cycle of dogs coming in and going out. The art style is super cute and don't even get me started on the dogs <3 Whether you're a casual sim player, management builder, or dog lover, I highly recommend this game!
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1 Reviews
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124 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.11.21 04:55
Cute game and a great concept, but too many issues. The menu text is completely gone. It took 5 minutes to place the kennels down... I could pick up the dog food but it wouldn't drop. Too many bugs with the game. I definitely don't recommend until there are some serious updates.
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17 Reviews
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287 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.11.21 09:18
Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the game at its current state with all the game breaking bugs.
Very cute game though.
Will definitely change to a positive review once the bugs are fixed.

I can usually look past bugs, even game breaking ones, or find a way to deal with them in the meantime. But with this game. The bugs make it unplayable. I will take a break from the game and come back to later to hopefully see the bugs fixed.

No idea why this is full release, this should be early access.
1302 Produkte im Account
19 Reviews
31 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.11.21 03:46
It's such a lovely game, it can get overwhelming but take the time to learn and get all these puppers a home!
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9 Reviews
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44 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 16.11.21 21:35
I tried so hard to like this game. But the bugs made it unplayable. When I did get to play it the controls were so unwieldy I ended up returning the game for a refund. It's cute, and the premise is amazing, but it needs a complete overhaul to be playable.
121 Produkte im Account
7 Reviews
481 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17.11.21 20:51
The tutorial is rough. It's a lot to do all at once. But once I got past that section and into running my own shelter, the game got really enjoyable. It still has some bugs to work out, but I'd still recommend it.
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58 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23.12.21 01:05
tl;dr: This game feels like it should be in early access. The game is cute and has great ideas, but there are so many bugs that ruin the experience and I found the control scheme to be poorly done.

I really thought I would love this game, but the abundance of bugs makes it pretty impossible right now.
I love management games and dogs are pretty rad so To The Rescue was right up my alley. The art style is adorable, and the theme of the game is a nice change of pace from other management games I've played.. Though, this is where my praise ends.

I have three major issues with this game, the first being the controls and a couple of odd gameplay choices.
I've not seen this mention in some of the other reviews I read, but I found the control scheme for the game to be rather clunky. It almost feels like the game was designed to be played with a controller, but yet Steam only has partial support for it. Moving around feels just fine, but swapping between the items or trying to few the correct dog's folder is a nightmare. I don't think I've ever wanted access to a proper cursor in a game as greatly as I did in this one, it was just frustrating.

I also found it odd that the camera is zoomed in so close to your character that you cannot see the dog kennels while you're in the supplies room. The camera being this way made it a pain to know which food type you needed to pick up in order to fill the empty bowls - because you just can't see them. You have to leave the supplies room, walk all the way down the line of kennels and memorize what you need to pick up (there are 4 different types of dog food which are only indicated by the color of the bowl inside each kennel). Until you can redesign the building yourself, you can't walk a loop around the kennels either. You have to walk down the long hallway, hit the dead end and walk all the way back, then do the same for the next row of kennels.

Another thing I found was that the game just throws way too much at you at once. Now this is a bearable issue and definitely comes down to personal preference, but management games generally ease you into the madness, giving you a chance to get used to how the game works, what the controls are, and what your priorities should be. To The Rescue doesn't do this. at all. It's just straight into chaos. Four different food varieties, bathing dogs, filling water, scooping poop, new strays arriving, and new adoptions happening all on Day One. Not to mention you also have to manually replenish your stock of dog food from the shop and you can only hold two items at a time.

I'll keep my issues with the bugs short since that's what nearly every negative review is about already. I only ever made it to Day 3 because:
- Every time I skipped through dialog with my mouse, it would always skip the second to last text bubble of every conversation and ONLY ever the second to last bubble so my mouse was not the issue.
- Day 2 began with my camera zoomed in even closer than the already-too-close camera, as if I were in an adoption sequence and just remained that way for the whole day with no way of fixing it without restarting the game.
- Day 3 I tried to bathe a dog and when letting them off the leash, they instead bugged into the play area outside behind the tub. This resulted in the dog being caught in the same running animation loop. I have no idea where the game thought this dog was because I was unable to leash it no matter where I tried, but I also couldn't put any other dogs in the tub. I was forced to close the game and start the day over. I just decided then that I'd not bother with it and refund it instead.

I plan to keep an eye out for this game as it gets updates in the future (hopefully). I refunded for the time being because the negative reviews from long-time supporters don't give me much hope.
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462 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12.01.22 12:02
I really wish I could recommend this game. Cute management games with matchmaking mechanics are my kryptonite and I don't regret buying To The Rescue! because part of the proceeds benefit dog shelters. I followed the game's development and I was so looking forward to playing it. I bought it right when it came out and it was completely unplayable. The user interface is not intuitive at all, needlessly complicated, and poorly explained. Why can't I just click on things? Trying to select objects via scrolling through the mouse wheel is aggravating and no matter how carefully and slowly I roll, I constantly overshoot the object I'm trying to use. I quit during the tutorial, chalked it up to opening day bugs, and decided to revisit after the developers released some patches.

I came back today, after several months, to try again. While there are some improvements (I was able to make it to week 2 in story mode), I had to stop again because of bugs. The interface is still annoying, but I can actually understand how it works now. I enjoyed matching dogs with owners a lot and I got attached to my dogs quickly. I adore the dogs. Once I started to figure out how to manage my time, I was actually cruising along for a bit until I unlocked the social media events and skill trees. Those mechanics are completely broken. I cannot select events. I cannot see what the skills in the skill tree actually do. I know that the skills are listed in the discord, I don't care. I'm not going to a discord for basic info that should be in the game.

If this were an early access game, I would be far more forgiving. I don't understand why this was released as a finished game when it's chock full of gamebreaking bugs. I still think it has a lot of potential and I hope the developers sort everything out. I would love to play a version of this game that actually works.
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569 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.12.21 04:36
This game is really fun when it works. It is cute and the gameplay is fun and there is more to it than I was expecting. The default clock speed is much too fast, but this is not too much of an issue because you can adjust it to be slower.

Unfortunately this game is not ready to be out of early access. There are a number of bugs. Some of them are just annoying (at one point all of the dogs on my list were being displayed twice) but some of them are game breaking. I have had it happen twice now where I have been unable to clock out at the end of the day, which prevents the game from saving and progressing to the next day, plus you get charged in-game money for overtime.

Also, the controls are ass. I have the hang of them now but why for the love of God can't I just interact with things by clicking on them? Why do I have to scroll the mouse wheel to select things? I also have issues with the menu for constructing the shelter - I can't move objects around but instead have to demolish them and rebuild them, so I'm spending money just to move a kennel, and I have to get the dogs out of the kennels first.

I wish I could give a more in-depth review but I can't get far enough in the game due to the above-mentioned game-breaking bug. I hope they fix this because right now I can't keep playing knowing that there's a big chance that I'll make it to the end of the day and have to lose all my progress because I can't save the game.
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4 Reviews
835 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.01.22 01:43
Would i recommend this game? Yes would i love this game

Would i recommend YOU play this game right now ? No probably not unless your ok adjusting around the bugs.

Its full of bugs sadly at this point. But looking past the bugs its a great game as you can see ive put a lot of hours into this game already. Its a very fun, heart warming, and heart breaking stressful (in a good way).

The bugs... oh lord the bugs!!! the only reason ive put so many hours into this game is because it saves at the beginning of each day and they days themselves arent that long so the progress you lose isnt that much .

1st bug is that when your going to clock out the clock out button disappears if you click on any other tab then back into it. The way ive been working around this glitch is ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT .ALWAYS. click on another tab what ever you choose any one works. Mine personally is the store

2nd bug probably the MOST annnoying im finding. the mouse isnt screen locked while your playing. this game requires you to move your mouse alot ,also i have second monitor and the fact when im on a time sensitive day (ie i have a system where at least one day out of the week ill stack alot of jobs lin 1 day ill take like 5-10 dogs out to play, get them vaxxed, do multpile events if the game lets me and do as many adoptions as i can and pick up the poop the worker arent picking up. ) and the mouse quietly just sneaks over to my other screen , it fucks me up almost every time. when you click out of them game some mechaince of the game just stop working. if your talking to someone the game freezes almost but your still abke to get out of you have to spam the esc key and left click or enter sometime alternate between them it seems to work faster till they start talking again

Currently theres so many bugs more but under neath them is a really fun addicting game i really hope they fix them
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57 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.12.21 12:05
It really upsets me I am putting the not recommend option. I hope to change my review when more patches come out. Really pulled you in with the purchase gets donated to rescues. I liked that. I overall really do like management games. But this one just shouldn't be a full release. It is clearly an early access game still.

-Great style
-Great music
-Good concept
-Purchases partially get donated

-Controls are so bad/confusing/not playable at times/not fluid at all
-Bugs, and a lot to report.
Biggest gripe was skipping of text on top of really bad controls
-The game was so stressful right out of the gate
I do like management games and the challenges that come with it. But the tutorial was a full blown Kennel on top of lack of direction, and didn't understand what to fully do because of the bugs and so forth. Most management games start you off easy with a tutorial and you build your way up. Not this game. This right off the bat threw you in their from the very start to a full blown kennel and called it a tutorial. I was so confusing and felt stressful. I didn't finish it due to frustration and confusion.

Great concept, but not a complete game. I hope to change my review when I check back in to more patches and fixes to be done.
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10 Reviews
264 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.12.21 03:32
The game is lovely. Sadly there are still a lot of bugs.
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11 Reviews
188 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 10.01.22 19:20
The game is very comprehensive and has a lot to do and explore. Will be an incredible game when it's done. That being said this game needs A LOT of work before it's ready to be able to be played without frustration after frustration due to current bugs and needed fine-tuning. I'd say this game is definitely worth a buy but you may want to wait until it's been updated multiple times and is more stable than it is right now. This game should definitely be in some form of early access. It's guts are all in place, but the interactions do not work reliably well yet.
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148 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 18.01.22 07:55
I want to like this game. I like the graphics and ideas, but the controls in this game is really bad. Sometimes you need a mouse, sometimes you need to press on a keyboard. There is no clear instruction on how to do it. Regarding the game play, it's quite overwhelming when first started. Difficult to handle and follow through. I don't recommend the game at this stage unfortunately until they make some improvements.
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28 Reviews
46 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15.01.22 07:10
I like the idea of this game and I'd recommend it as a early access title, but it definitely needs some bugfixes and tuning.

Bug examples:
* Duplicate dogs in computer at some points.
* Filled up every water dish, still complaining dogs are thirsty, neglected (game breaking bug).
* Releasing dogs in the exercise yard doesn't work.

General Issues:
* A way to access tutorial info after tutorial.
* A way to skip tutorial when you are sitting through it for the Nth time.
* Way to save the game, especially when learning.
* Way to tell how much time is left in the day.
* Balance between time cleaning up and feeding dogs vs time for other tasks is off. Basically there is only time for care tasks right now.
* You can sort your pack by some things on the computer, but you can't filter for a particular feature.
* If you miss what the customer's preference was, no way to find it out again.
* Interface for picking up tools is clunky and you can only have two at a time in inventory which means you spend a lot of time running around picking up and putting down tools which is not easy because interface. I would eliminate picking up and putting down tools at all. It doesn't add to the game.
* Basically have huge part of the game right now is fighting the UI and cleaning up poop and trying to figure out which dog needs water, which food to give to which dog, and running back and forth to pick up that right food type for each kennel.

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943 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 07.02.22 04:57
Unfortunately, I backed this game years ago with one of the highest pledge amounts because my dog had recently passed away and I wanted to commemorate him as a superdog in-game. After years of waiting and a few delays, the game finally released a beta/demo. The demo was heavily bugged. Like, tons of people couldn't get past the first day bugged. But the devs were highly responsive! Awesome! Unfortunately that's the only good thing about the bug issue. The live game is still insanely bugged. I started playing it upon release, got tired of the bugs, and it was repetitive af, so I decided I should wait a while for the devs to fix it.

I forgot about the game for almost 3 months. And started playing it again. It was fun. Then my save bugged. I was able to fix it because the devs have literally put up a guide for this particular issue last month. But I lost a day of play. OK, whatever, hopefully it won't happen again and it'll be fixed soon.

4 days later, (today) I reloaded my save. Same bug. Oh well, let's fix it again.

That didn't work, so I reload the one before that. Then the next one. Then the next one. None of the ones from when I re-visited the game work. Somehow, the glitch caused several saves to corrupt. I am back to my gameplay from release week. I essentially haven't even played the game now. Yay!

It's been months and this game still has game breaking glitches, and I backed it years ago. My wallet is begging for its money back, and my old pal is rolling in his little doggo grave. I would wait for a sale or buy it a year or two later when the devs have actually at the very least fixed the game breaking bugs. Oof.
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Verfasst: 09.02.22 08:10
They care about the ticks in the dogs, but not the bugs in the game.
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Verfasst: 20.02.22 05:15
I don't think I've ever reviewed a game on Steam before, but I felt the need to for To The Rescue. I only got through 2 actual days of the campaign and here are my thoughts:

[h1]The user experience is terrible.—The game has so many issues that it's difficult to play. [/h1]
Some tutorial dialogue skips ahead when you click and others don't. This leads to issues where the dialogue will skip, then you click and it skips again without you wanting it to. Other times, you just leave it not wanting that to happen and the dialogue never progresses.

Dogs randomly glitch out. Poor Bella was running around in and out of the shelter, crapping everywhere to her heart's content for TWO days before I could actually leash her. I never even played a mini game with a dog because of poor bella glitching. I was worried about more dogs glitching so I avoided taking any of them outside.

You're thrown to the fire immediately. You have a 4 second tutorial where you water and feed one dog and then immediately get dumped into the shelter where you're responsible for 25. You have to juggle this while also paying attention to the visitors wanting dogs and shitheads dropping off an excessive amount of dogs for you to find. Oh, and let's hope you don't accidentally skip the one important text read of how to call other shelters for help, because I could never get this feature to work, leaving me with excessive dogs and no way to get rid of them. There's no lead up really. You're thrown to the fire in hopes that you can keep up and if you can't well...Say hello to 50 hours of overtime while you figure out how to be time-efficient which also costs you money which is also important so you can feed all the dogs the next day.

Overall the tutorials are not in-depth enough. This game needs a menu with written tutorials for each action. That's not a big ask for most games. If you need a review of how to do something, you just open the menu, read up, and continue on instead of having to try and google something (which didn't work for me) or just guess and hope.

[h1]The UI is not intuitive.—Did anyone test this?[/h1]
There's a feed of things happening on the menu, but it's not helpful. Even if you had the time, you have to click in each time because there are a million things different menus and UI pieces.

The UI has intricacies that I think could be fleshed out. These make things frustrating at times.

Flipping through what item you have targeted is difficult. I think just giving users mouse capability to hover and select would be much easier

Having the flip through inventory and leash mode and the status menu is overwhelming and difficult. I played on keyboard so perhaps this is better on a controller.

The computer has such a little tutorial that utilizing it is difficult unless you waste time figuring out the UI. Then, some of the filters for dogs don't work as you'd expect or they're boolean flips that don't make sense for the filter you're trying to use.

[h1]The story is meh.—There's not much to get attached to.[/h1]
This is fine if you're not interested or worried about a story and just want that rescue sim sort of experience, but that's not it for me. I want to feel like it's important to succeed! Like I care about this crappy understaffed rescue and that the game doesn't dump you in for the sake of dumping you in. Admittedly, you can see how much I've played and I didn't get all that far, but it doesn't do much to pull you in. It just gives you a frustrating experience that can be disappointing and unencouraging to some. I haven't found a game where I just said 'you know what, fuck this I won't even finish the level' in a while, but this game does it and the story does nothing to help keep you attached even if the controls suck.

[h1]Final Thoughts[/h1]
Overall, I understand that this is from a smaller developer. But you got front page on Steam, had a full demo weekend for this game, and yet it's still underwhelming and broken. Don't sell the game for the prices you sold it for if you know it has issues. It's not even marked as Early Access! Which I almost want to call false advertising on because if this is what you think a completed game is, then we have different definitions of it. I get a bug here and there for a smaller development game, but don't treat this game like it's all sunshine and rainbows. The advertised is not what you get with this, which is disappointing.

Could this game be good with a few good years of bug fixes and experience tweaks? Absolutely! The idea is kickass and I was so stoked to try, but in it's current state, if you're not willing to work around bugs, do not go into this with the same thoughts I did. 'Well, it can't be that bad! Maybe they'll be fixed by now' Yeah, no. It can be that bad, is that bad, and no, they haven't fixed them yet. :(
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Verfasst: 28.01.22 20:16
i love doggies!!<33333
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Verfasst: 17.02.22 20:32
I was so excited for this game, I had been waiting for it for 6 months at least! I even bought it the day it came out. But over the last few months, the game has really disappointed me. When it first came out, it was full of bugs and completely unplayable, but, while that is irritating, I decided to wait a while to retry it after they fixed bugs. I came back every 2 weeks for 3 months, and every time it completely crashes my computer. At first the team was really on it with fixing bugs, but they have been radio silence since their last update in the middle of December, while the game is still unplayable and their bugs tab on the community board grows. I can only hope that maybe they are just really working hard on a large bug fix update, because otherwise, it would show a real disrespect to the people who are fans or were really looking forward to the game. So all that said, I currently can't suggest this game to anyone in good faith. I have seen that some people can play it, but many complain that the game has an extreme amount of bugs and glitches that make the controls a nightmare. I would love to delete this review and write a more positive review for this game, but until some serious work is done on this game, it is really not worth the money, no matter how discounted.
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Verfasst: 30.01.22 05:50
It's really cute! But this is literally the most stressful game I've played in my entire life. The controls are very needlessly complicated, please just let us click, and there are just a ton of bugs. I know working at an animal shelter is stressful, but Jesus Christ. Please add volunteers or something, This is insanity.
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Verfasst: 25.02.22 11:47
I have played this game since Beta and i'm still unsure if i'm happy to continue playing or not.

When the Beta first released there were a lot of bugs within the game, some of them were game breaking but that was expected as of course it was still in beta phase. I continued to play the game despite the bugs and reported as many as I possibly could to help the devs out.

When the game was officially released I was happy that the game was able to run, until I started coming across more bugs, some of them game breaking and some of them minor. I personally did an all-nighter reporting new bugs to the devs in order to help them as I felt sorry for them at the situation they were in.
Albeit the game devs have worked on gathering info about these bugs and have been working on fixing them but it seems as though for every bug they fix a new one appears.

Some of the current bugs across three separate saves includes
- The helpers have bugged out and stand at the front door, they do not move at all.
- One of my saves is bugged and has become unplayable, it doesn't even load my rescue properly.
- The foster network is bugged and I do not receive money for dogs adopted through it making it useless.
- Dogs glitching when placed into play areas meaning I cannot get the dog back as can't click on it.

There are other minor bugs but these ones are frustrating enough to make me avoid certain main aspects of the game entirely. As the game has been out for quite a while now I would expect that the game should run smoothly by now with very little or no game breaking bugs at all. Minor bugs are always to be expected in any game, but these should not affect the main play-ability of the game.

On a side note the dogs look super cute, it's fun to be able to design my own layout of a dog rescue facility and I enjoy the fact each dog feels like an individual (even groups of puppies that come in all feel unique).

I would like to be able to recommend this game to my friends but I know they would stop playing very quickly as they do not have the same patience as me when it comes to games having bugs. I really do hope the devs manage to pull through and manage to make this game as good as it can be, it deserves it.
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Verfasst: 28.01.22 10:38
In its current state (as of Jan 28) the game does have a few major bugs, but the team has been very responsive and transparent about the work they're putting in to solve them, so I have hopes that they'll be a thing of the past soon. Although they are annoying, they are fairly easy to avoid triggering once you know what they are, so at least there's that.

Despite the bugginess though, I can't help but recommend this game anyway because of the huge grin it puts on my face! The art and animations are all absolutely adorable and you can tell a lot of love and care went into this. The gameplay itself is hectic, addictive, and super fun, and I can't wait for the next couple of patches to really get it to that polished state where it'll be a 100% thumbs up from me. If you're a huge dog lover, play it now! If you're on the fence, maybe wait on the bug fixes but definitely come back and give it a try.
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Verfasst: 18.02.22 01:01
This game is the ultimate difficulty spike, but instead of it coming up an hour in, you hit the peak of it the moment you start playing. Refunding.
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Verfasst: 30.01.22 15:43
there is too many bugs and the only way of reporting said bugs is through a discord group :/ i really want to like this game but there's too many issues
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Verfasst: 14.03.22 05:15
I'm really shocked that this game hasn't been marked as early access. I haven't picked it up since January. While I see so much potential with the game play and the art style is great, there is so much that causes me to lose interest after playing. The tutorial shelter is confusing and stressful, so much to the point that learning the gameplay loop only comes when you get your own shelter. There are so many bugs. One that especially bothers me is that when overtime starts, you cannot check other tabs in your computer other than the statistics tab. Otherwise, you won't be able to end the day and all of your progress is lost. It's been three months and this hasn't been patched out. I also inconsistently got adopters and new dogs to the point where many in game days would be spent sitting and waiting for something to happen. The game didn't seem to get more challenging as time passed. There was no point in expanding my shelter, even if I wanted to. I love that purchases contribute directly to animal shelters, but that seems to be the only good thing about buying this game in its current state. I would wait a few months and see if any updates come along before buying. As I said, this game could be great but falls short and should not be considered a fully finished game.
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Verfasst: 28.03.22 00:17
Honestly, this game is alright. The concept is fun and the devs haven't necessarily abandoned it. They're still working on it, clearly.

However, I would wait to buy it if you're looking for a game you can play RIGHT NOW without getting upset at it. With the current state of the game, the bugs that can completely break it, ect. It should be marked as early access.

Otherwise I think it has great potential and if you're looking for a game you expect to be better in the FUTURE then i'd say go ahead. It's also a great throwback to similar games from the good ol' early 2000s where management simulators were all the rage.
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11 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 08.03.22 16:41
I tried it and the controls were too frustrating, it's too bad because I really like the concept. if you're buying to support charity I suggest just donating to the charity directly...
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Verfasst: 30.03.22 05:54
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480 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21.03.22 04:23
As much as I am addicted to this game, for it being released in Nov. 2021, there is a TONNN of bug! I get stuck, can't drop my inventory, can't talk to people, and so many more. I do appreciate this gives 20% to charity, but...it can do better honestly.
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1194 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 21.03.22 01:37
I want to love this game so much, but its extremely buggy and (if you can make it through the tutorial without crashing) repetitive in terms of gameplay,
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368 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.03.22 23:40
I really wanted to like this game; it has a great artstyle, it has a very wholesome and relaxing feel but it just has way too many bugs and technical issues. To name a few:
- tabbing out will bug the game out making it unplayable
- certain skills like the discount and multi-scooping don't seem to activate at all
- you can't delete doors for whatever reason (even if there's an alternate entrance to the room)
- you can't move any of the structures around (though I guess that could be a design decision)
- putting the dogs outside makes them run in a pre-programmed loop where they're untargetable at the start and end of the loop (finishing the loop teleports them back to the start).
- scheduling an event is impossible because the button is in a pop-up that fades away if you move your mouse away from the button that triggers the pop-up

I also have some gripes with some non-bug or technical issues in the game. These are most likely just me being bad or picky but some of them are:
- the day goes by WAY too fast, even playing at the slowest pace available you will struggle to keep up with basic upkeep in later days.
- pre-set room dimensions; to be specific, the starting kennel room is not one of the sizes available as a pre-set. It's somewhere around 29 blocks wide but the closest preset for that is only 28 blocks wide.
- no mouse integration with a lot of mechanics; using scroll isn't that bad but there are some mechanics that would so much less of a pain in the ass with it integrated (like leashing).

Honestly, if it were just one or two of these I could've probably just lived with it but this is supposed to be a full release not an early access. I understand that this is a charity-giving game but more and more of these nuisances just kept adding up as you play and it just made it such a struggle to even try to enjoy it...
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2802 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 14.04.22 00:29
seen a lot of people complaining about the bugs in this game. while I encountered PLENTY of it, I know the developers are actively working on it. the reason I still won't recommend this, however, is due to the gameplay itself. when everything's working well and the bugs aren't crucial, doing the chores in the game is extremely stressful. YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF. from dealing with customers, bathing, cleaning up the poop, feeding, taking in new dogs. everything. I kept playing and was hoping that there would be a point where you could hire somebody to do the menial tasks (or at least you could get some automated or self-cleaning cages and automated food dispensers as you level up) but I don't see any sign of it. I have to keep doing overtime for me to be able to finish all the job with all the dogs happy and clean - in which case I'd be charged around $1800 for my overtime and I'd lose money.

there's no way you can clock out and finish the day with a good performance in a relaxing, satisfying way. you either let your dogs be unhappy and some of them filthy, let poop scatter around everywhere, ignore your customers, or just lose money from overtiming.

I like the idea and premise of the game. the art is cutesy too. it obviously has a lot of potential. but until they improve the gameplay to make it more fun and relaxing, I don't see myself playing this game again in the foreseeable future.
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103 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 13.04.22 03:28
honestly pretty stressful. i cant seem to move fast enough and their are so many alert sounds and i never know whats its for. the calming music in the background makes it worse because i feel like im being patronised. honestly not the worst game but i cant play it because its too stressful. i wish there was an easier mode especially in the beginning. if you like fast paced games i guess this is good but its too much for me.
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355 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 15.04.22 03:14
Super fun and cute game makes me wanna go adopt a dog
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436 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 04.05.22 10:18
As much as I would like to, I just can't recommend this game as it currently stands. It feels worse to play than some beta's I have been in.

The first three times I load it up, the game gives me no mouse cursor. 4th time in, suddenly it appears despite changing nothing. The game doesn't support 1440p.... it has every other resolution under the sun but not 1440p. It says on control options that you can use a controller, except this doesn't work either, there is only an option for keyboard and mouse with the other option saying 'auto' but it doesn't work with XBox One controllers at all. The text also disappears on at random. Then you get asked at least 3 times if you want to play the tutorial with the default always stuck to yes.

This is before you even get into the game.

When you are in the game itself, its extremely inconsistent. Some days you will get a bunch of people show up to adopt, then you will get streaks without anyone at all for a week at a time. On top of that, its almost impossible to manage the day yourself without going into overtime. I get this is most likely realism since no one can manage a shelter alone but when you have zero options at the start but to do that, it just feels extremely bad to play.

After this newest update (patch 1.0.45) it somehow feels even worse. I couldn't even get into game to see what had changed without the game bugging out 8 times.

I really wanted to like this game. I wanted to promote it along with my own charity efforts for Dog's Trust in the UK but its just awful in its current state and I aren't sure if the devs have the capability of sorting it out.
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694 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 04.05.22 03:16
i got sucked into this game the moment I started playing. Very cute and charming little story along with an adorable art style as well! i also love the support this game gives with 20% going to dog shelters themselves. id stay its a streamlined simulator of a dog shelter and it's a fun game to relax to :^)
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317 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 22.04.22 14:03
I really like the concept of this game and the art and dogs are SOOO CUTE!
However there are just way too many bugs and some bizzare control decisions frankly the game isn't very playable. Much better on controller but most of the menus and UI aren't navigable by controller so I find myself using the controller for gameplay but then switching to keyboard and mouse when opening menus. Make controller fully supported or rethink the mouse and keyboard controls.

Sadly, I'd have to rate this game 'Just watch it on youtube' at this point.
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