• Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot zum Titel.
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer
  • Truck Racer: Screenshot aus dem Rennspiel Truck Racer


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  • Plattform: PC Veröffentlicht: 24.04.2009
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Preise Update 28.04.23

Über das Spiel

Sie sind groß, sie sind schnell und sie sind die gefährlichsten Rennwagen, die die Straße je gesehen hat. Übernehmet die Kontrolle über 8 komplett verschiedene Arten von Trucks und finde heraus, welcher der Beste ist. Truck Racer ist voll gepackt mit knallharter Action und vielen Gefahren.

  • Inklusive Feuerwehrtrucks, Lieferwagen, Militärfahrzeuge, Monster Trucks uvm.
  • 8 einzigartige Strecken aus 8 verschiedenen Ländern
  • Sowohl Tag- als auch Nachtrennen in verschiedensten Umgebungen
  • Multiplayer mit bis zu 8 Spielern
  • Rennen, Knockout, verschiedene Challenges und Stunt - Arena im Singleplayer Modus
  • Verschiedene Herausforderungen im Multiplayer Modus
  • Verformbare Außenverkleidung bei Unfällen
  • Inklusive Replay System
  • Gewinnen Sie Trophäen um neue Inhalte frei zu schalten


  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series or ATI Radeon 4870
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows XP updated with the latest Service Pack
  • HD: 5 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
  • DX: Version 9.0c
  • MISC: Multiplayer modes require an active Internet connection
  • LANG: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 2500 or AMD Phenom X4 965
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeForce 560 series or AMD Radeon HD 6850
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows 7 or 8 updated with the latest Service Pack
  • HD: 5 GB verfügbarer Speicherplatz
  • DX: Version 9.0c
  • MISC: Multiplayer modes require an active Internet connection
  • LANG: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch

Steam Nutzer-Reviews

79 Produkte im Account
43 Reviews
177 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 19.08.20 13:40
Für 1,5 ist es ein nettes Game , aber 10 euro Echtpreis ? Echt jetzt ? Spass ja , Multiplayer hm , Grafik angestaubt , aber klares plus .
238 Produkte im Account
231 Reviews
205 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 26.12.17 11:08
Truck Racer ist ein Arcade-Fun Racer mit vielen optischen und motorischen Tuning Möglichkeiten. Einfach in der Bedienung und günstig im Preis. (3 Euro) Die Grafik ist zufriedenstellend und der Sound ist überraschend gut und stimmungsvoll. Auch das Schadensmodell kann überzeugen und die Rennen sind spannend und actiongeladen. Bei diesem günstigen Preis sollten alle Truck Racer Fans zugreifen denn es gibt nicht viele Spiele in diesem Genre.
4653 Produkte im Account
20 Reviews
28 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 23.10.16 10:00
Good Racer with old school Visuals.
1086 Produkte im Account
1 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
73 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 20.12.14 02:16
- Grafik für heutige Verhältnisse eher schlecht
- Sound mies, sehr einfache und unrealistische Soundkulisse
- KI quasi nicht vorhanden
- Physik gibts ebenfalls nicht
- Fahrgefühl eintönig und sehr arcardelastig
- Streckendesign eher langweilig, fast nur einfache Strecken
- nur 6 verschiedene Fahrzeuge
- Tuningmöglichkeiten vorhanden, aber Auswirkungen sind teilweise nicht nachvollziehbar und sogar kontraproduktiv (man bezahlt für Leistungsteile, die sich dann nur negativ auswirken und nirgendwo einen positiven Effekt haben - ergibt keinen Sinn)
- die meisten Truck-Racing-Spiele aus den 90ern machen mehr Spaß
- 20€ sind absolut überteuert, selbst die 5€ im Angebot ist es nicht wert
899 Produkte im Account
145 Reviews
25 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 12.04.22 09:06
[h1]Eh... It's Okay[/h1]

+ Arcade handling is suitably satisfying but not excellent
+ Graphics are fine (PS3/XBox360 Quality). The trucks kick up a lot of dust.
+ You can break parts off of trucks
+ Works straight away with my racing wheel

- Only two camera views... Behind the truck and 1st person
- 1st person camera is low... Near the bumper.. This means your view is easily obscured by other trucks. No part of your truck is visible in 1st person view. No behind the wheel view.
- No rear view mirror (it has a look back button)
- Nitro feels meager (at least in the beginning of the game?)
- Achievement notifications stay up there for a long time, obscuring your damage meter.

Get it if you find it cheap. It is no Wreckfest.
329 Produkte im Account
520 Reviews
521 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.03.22 16:09
2993 Produkte im Account
138 Reviews
252 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.03.22 07:24
Do you enjoy an arcade racer in place of a driving sim. If yes you will have a good race/boost/upgrade kinda time that is fun. Better if you forget that they are trucks for the most part and drive with the aggression of a 9yr old on a dodgem car ride. Great fun if you get it in a cheap racing bundle or get it on discount. Guilty pleasure but not a 'real?' truck racer. Although if you wha wha want a real rig, try out Euro Truck sim 2 or American truck sim.
518 Produkte im Account
127 Reviews
Nicht Empfohlen
530 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 28.11.21 11:27
This was a fun game but at the halfway point I had already bought every truck and fully upgraded two of them. There is a strong lack of difficulty the controls feel clunky, the damage system is not consistent, it feels like the same race over and over.
969 Produkte im Account
165 Reviews
337 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 17.09.21 00:09
A good arcade truck racing game, many different tracks and differents locations
Complete in around 5 hours
The AI is really easy and often taken every walls :)

Final Note : 13/20
4225 Produkte im Account
30 Reviews
127 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 30.03.21 07:43
Code Nice little racing game for one rainy afternoon when you just want to drift with a five-ton truck.

[h1]????Gameplay: [/h1]

Truck Racer is a modest budget racing game with big trucks. This game knows exactly what it is and doesn't bother with impressive presentation. The first time you start the game, you'll have to go through a short training where you learn everything you need to win. It's a very short crash course: drive as fast as you can while building up boost.

After the short introduction, you're ready to pick one of the several modes. The championship is your basic single-player mode, Time Attack is a race against the clock, in Elimination the racer in the last place gets eliminated and finally, there's Quick Race with the randomly selected track. Since single race modes don't bring anything new, so we'll jump straight into the championship.


The championship is made out of increasingly difficult tournaments, which are a mix of races against other drivers and modes I mentioned above. I'm actually quite surprised by the number and variety of tracks. There are 48 tracks over 10 environments. And since each tournament has its own set of tracks, I never felt bored. Another big plus is they're short and don't force you to drive a lot of laps.

Winning brings you money that can be used to buy new trucks or upgrade the one you already have. Here we come to the biggest problem: the game is too easy. If you win all three races in the first tournament, you will already have enough to buy the best truck in the game. There are only six trucks, so the selection isn't that great anyway. A couple of tournaments more and you'll have enough to buy the best upgrades.


There's a nice selection and you unlock the next tiers by purchasing lower tiers, but since money isn't a problem, you'll buy everything before reaching the final race. The only real challenge comes from switching between asphalt and dirt upgrades. If you ask me, there's not much difference as I easily won dirt races with a full asphalt truck. Upgrades also have different stats. This means even the most expensive item will both improve and hurt a stat like handling or acceleration. Another thing I like about upgrades is they change the truck's appearance. But then again, there are usually only two options.

The difficulty of the tournaments doesn't change a thing. The main purpose of the game's AI is to plow forward and blatantly ignore things standing in its way. If you manage to push an opponent off the track and into an enclosed area, it'll probably stay stuck there until the race is over. They also tend to take themselves out of the competition before finishing lap one. Even though I'm a strong opponent of the rubber-banding in racing games, I wish Truck Racer would have one. On longer races, you easily beat everyone by an entire lap. Building up boost with drifting and crashing into others is easy and not that useful.


Surprisingly, driving feels fine. It's definitely unrealistic, but it's not every day that you drift with a heavy truck. Basic damage system is included as well, and I believe you can destroy the truck's engine. It never happened, so I don't know for sure. Damage doesn't seem to affect your performance either, and all you see are debris falling all over the track. Physics is present. It's just that they're weird, and I still don't understand how you can drift a corner at full speed, while turning a corner at cruise speed is almost impossible.

[h1]????‍♂‍Final Thoughts:[/h1]

Despite the low score at the end, I still recommend the game. It does the job of entertaining you for a few hours and doesn't take itself too seriously.

[h1]????/????Pros and Cons: [/h1]

  • Nice selection of upgrades
  • Huge number of tracks

  • No challenge
  • Dead multiplayer

[h1]????Make or Miss: [/h1]

Rating: 4/10
Reviewed by: Sosich
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12 Produkte im Account
1 Reviews
65 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 09.10.20 00:18
Fun game
4028 Produkte im Account
266 Reviews
152 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.08.20 18:24
First impression: fun arcade racing with a friend.

The store page doesn't tell you this, but this game has a split-screen two-player mode, which makes it fun to play with a friend, because a) the physics are hilarious, b) the trucks do take large amounts of damage to the bodywork and show it.
The handbrake/drifting is atrocious, but it's controllable enough to be enjoyable, and the opponents are weak enough to not have to deal with upgrading the trucks, at least at first (I've won easy/medium tracks with the unmodified starter truck).

The deeper workings of the game (such as purchasing upgrades) are kinda clunky, and given the overall quality of the game, I didn't bother with them.

I got this at 85% off, and don't recommend buying this at full price. This has nowhere near the quality of the WRC games by the same publisher, heck, even Flatout 2 is better than this. This is strictly a splitscreen impression and recommendation!
1093 Produkte im Account
57 Reviews
135 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.06.19 13:48
[h1]Hey! Another quick review![/h1]

If you liked Dirt Showdown, you will find the same type of mechanics/enjoyment/gameplay while driving, this time, various trucks in different environments. Simple as that.

  • Drive big rigs and upgrade their various parts with credits you earn while racing.
  • Small, medium, long and very long tracks in 10 different regions.
  • Nitro which charges when you crash into others.
  • Online multiplayer & split-screen!
  • Game modes like GP, challenges...

Price is cheap so if you want an amusing time while playing casually with your friends, online or during local races using split-screen, this can do the job very well!

118 Produkte im Account
6 Reviews
1107 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 25.12.17 20:17
This game provides a, while far from realistic, incredibly fun kind of driving and vehicle handling. While simple in terms of variety and content, races are always exciting, whether you're bashing up with the solid AI trucks, or carefully drifting turns in the lead. Vehicle customization adds a nice amount of depth, finding the right combination of parts to get your own personal perfect setup. I still can't help but feel that this game was perhaps lacking some sort of 'feature' Almost like how you'd feel playing a combat racing game without weapons, sort of. If you don't have the patience and time is not worth killing for you, the single player campaign can feel somewhat lengthy, but, again, the driving itself always feels solid. Would recommend to anyone who just wants to relax with the kind of game that they can play while thinking about things, chill out, not much frustration, and just keep on truckin'. chicks n' big trucks is bad ass,

???? Susan ???? ????
387 Produkte im Account
24 Reviews
698 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 11.10.15 23:54
To start off I would like to say that I didn't expect much from this game. It was on sale and I love racing games so I usually try most of them out. It isn't a realistic racing game, it's more of an arcade style game. There is a lot to keep you busy from the amount of races to the achievements. My Xbox controller works really well for the game and I've had no issues with the controls. Of course there are some flaws in the game but nothing major worth mentioning. If you enjoy racing games you should pick this up when it goes on sale.
1340 Produkte im Account
9 Reviews
661 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 29.04.15 01:15
First off if you're looking for a sim truck racing game, then don't bother with this game. If you're looking for a fun arcade racer with trucks then this is the game for you. The game is a blast to play once you get the hang of the trucks. The physics in the game are actually quite good and the trucks handle nicely to boot. You can choose between 6 trucks in championship mode and all can be upgraded. You have 2 types of roads with dirt and asphalt with dirt having a slight loose feel to it but still feels the same as asphalt. You can upgrade the tracks for both dirt and asphalt but I just set one up for dirt and another for asphalt. For multiplayer I can't tell you how it is since its basicly dead. But for a pretty fun racing game, this is a blast.
174 Produkte im Account
106 Reviews
808 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 01.10.14 18:51
Not a bad little game. Game looks great and its good fun racing around crashing into opponents with the body work flying everywhere. Career mode is the easiest i have ever played in a game and gave no challenge at all. Multiplayer was a good laugh though with a friend. Personally do not think its worth the full asking price so get it on a sale if anything. Not the best game ever but certainly not the worst. 6/10 would be my score
520 Produkte im Account
94 Reviews
143 Std. insgesamt
Verfasst: 03.01.14 12:06
This game is way more fun than it should be. The trucks actually have nice damage, and the leveling is nice on each vehicle, but the game seems overly easy and can be nearly beaten in 2-3 sit downs.
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