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Community Announcements Trading Cards released To celebrate this years summer sale on Steam Venetica has been given 70% off. All those who haven't bought it yet should now really consider buying the game right now - who knows when we'll go that low ever again in the near future? But not only that: We have now officially released the Trading Card... 28.06.16 09:46
Community Announcements Venetica - Gold Edition Did you get Venetica yet? Enjoy Scarlett's adventure now finally on Steam! The Gold Edition gives you great bonus material like an Artbook, Soundtrack and never-before seen pitch documents/trailers. You'll also find that the trading cards, badges and emoticons have found their way into the game! 12.03.15 11:31
Community Announcements Trading Cards, Badges and Emoticons... .... should now finally be live! 03.02.15 18:04
Community Announcements Steam Trading Cards/Badges/Emoticons We just pushed the Steam Trading Cards/Badges/Emoticons to the server! Tell us what you think about it! Update: You might not be seeing the trading cards right now, this is gonna be fixed today. There was a small issue. Stay tuned! Update 2: Trading Cards should now be live! 02.02.15 20:22
Community Announcements Game manual patch We just released a patch, that added the game manual to Venetica. In case you are a collector this should make you happy :). 30.01.15 16:50

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