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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
26.02.07 16:15 ePrison
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - BoBot in Version 4.01 released

[RW]Tiger hat eine neue Version des BoBots veroeffentlich. Folgende Maps werden unterstuetzt:

    beach, 2hide, Alleys, base12_b4, Battery, Caen, castleattack_b5, crevasse_b1, deadcold_b1, etcenter_final, exodus_a3, falcon2, Frostbite, Frost final, Fuel dump, Gold rush, greenlee_et, haunted_mansionb2, Hindenburg, hog_b12_dt, industry2, Lighthouse, mml_helmsdeep_b4, monte_cassino, mp_beach, mp_sillyctf, Nachteinbruch, nemorosusrc1, Oasis, over_the_top, Radar, Rail gun, raw_final, reactor_b3, snatch3, sottevast_b2, sp_delivery2, StarGate_1945, Stonehenge_KOTH, Supply depot, supplydepot2, tc_base, Temple final, Transmitter, v2base, v2_factory, Venice, MinaThiris, BaseRace_b3, Wolfsrudel, Facility31_b1, Mitchelldown, Snash, _bridges_ , MLB_hotchkiss, Katastrophie

Die Liste der Features ist recht uebersichtlich gehalten.

  • Engineers Bots use the grenade Launcher
  • Engineers plant and disarm land mines
  • Engineers bot will know when a dyna is planted and will try all to disarm this one
  • Engineers use the mines better (avoids the bobot effect)
  • Bot Fieldops use FFA and air strike
  • Covertops uses satchel (New node type: charge)
  • Waypoints Maps updated
  • New maps added
  • Bots have got their own chat messages
  • Fix: Medic bot will not try to revive a bot which is under water
  • Fix: Bots were disoriented when they wanted find a vehicles, bug more in the Linux Version than Windows Version
  • Fix: Correction of a bug of address memory. Because of this bug, some nod script triggers were not started, and the bots did not go to the objectives
  • When a bot will construct something, others bots will be near him to protect him
  • Improved bots use for MG42 and building MG42
  • Improved bots behaviour for boat and tank in maps
Quelle: [1] BoBot HP

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