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Community Announcements Birthday of 7th Sector! Hello! Today is the 7th Sector's game birthday ! On the occasion of this date, giveaway of keys for my games started on Steamgifts . For many, the keys are not needed, but if you win, you can give them to someone. In addition to Steam keys, 3 people will be chosen among the winners, who will receive... 05.03.20 15:04
Community Announcements First teaser of remaster "The Light" game . {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34509723/a94442397f6108227eefcddca2d4d010839d731c.jpg Hello! The first teaser of "The Light" game is published on the page! VK Group Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube 27.01.20 13:07
Community Announcements Happy New Year! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34509723/c14581bdc368d56f78ee39c131709738b6ce9c6a.jpg Friends, I congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year! Let everything be wonderful and the next year will give us many wonderful events in the game world and in real life! May there be more power for work and may there be m... 31.12.19 10:22
Community Announcements Work in progress {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/35906195/2f946f661a42de7b2d60361c116eb9dada13937d.jpg Hello! Work on the game "The Light. Remaster " in progress (Game Page) The work is not going as fast as I would like, but now there are so many other things that finding time is not easy. In parallel, I deal with some other tas... 28.11.19 19:39
Community Announcements Halloween Sale {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34509723/067d6b832002e03cd705e6856ae147e66a272e18.jpg Hello! While the work on a remaster of the game Light is in full swing , in Steam started a Halloween 70% discount on my 2 games ! If you have not bought yet 35MM and 7th Sector for yourself or as a gift for friends - it's time... 28.10.19 19:32
7th Sector


Release05.03.2019 GenreAdventure Entwicklerkeine Infos Publisherkeine Infos Engine Unity