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Steam News

Community Announcements Small Update Hi Everyone! We just wanted to pop in and let all of you know about an update to the game launcher. We have given it a new coat of paint, with a new sleeker look. Once again we’d like to thank all of the fans for their continuing love and support for this game. We look forward to continue bringing n... 20.04.18 23:26
Community Announcements DLC Update Hi Everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that official soundtrack and the comic book series are now available for download. Please Enjoy! We also have an update to the game launcher coming soon. 29.03.18 22:41
Community Announcements Trailer DLC Hi everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that we're continuing to add content and updates for the fans of Advent Rising. The store page on Steam will include a pre-launch trailer that we found in the archives for everyone to enjoy and to get excited once more about the franchise's potential. Withi... 14.03.18 19:33
Community Announcements Intro and update Hi Everyone, My name is Ryan and I’m an Associate Producer here at Majesco. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share some news with the community. We first launched Advent Rising in 2005 and to this day we’re constantly amazed and humbled by the dedication and love shown to th... 07.03.18 16:25
Kotaku It's the Perfect Time to Beg for More Advent Rising With advent season beginning yesterday, commenter Fontane couldn't have picked a better time for the annual plea that someone, anyone, finish the Advent Rising saga. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, I wouldn't give to see the rest of this trilogy. About Speak Up on Kotaku: Our readers have a ... 28.11.11 12:20