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Community Announcements Dev Blog 143: Back in business with Alpha 34 on the experimental branch Hello everyone! We're finally back in full action after a few weeks of low productivity and it feels great to be back. Alpha 34 is currently being tested on the experimental branch with loads of new features and system to take note off and we're digging into the testing phase in this week's developm... 16.01.20 01:56
Community Announcements Airport CEO Alpha 33.50-0 Released (The Holiday Mini Update) Happy holidays airport CEO! We're back just before Christmas with a little holiday update, consisting of a few important bug fixes but also a small, well perhaps not so small in size, Christmas present! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30075207/57f2ae7a08bf39d0bd239ad1f0ec9c6b2020cc21.png The Airbus A350-1000, fl... 21.12.19 22:51
Community Announcements Airport CEO now available in French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/30075207/d58e8416fc710ce11f5dd957e75bcc5a0d51310f.png Bonjour/hola/olá CEO de/del/do l'aéroport/aeropuerto/aeroporto! If you haven't noticed it already, Airport CEO now officially supports French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese! Although these languages have been supported as of... 13.12.19 14:11
Community Announcements Airport CEO Alpha 33.8-0 Released Good afternoon airport CEO! It's time for a small stabilization update for Alpha 33 with another round of important fixes. Specifically an issue you've reported a lot with passengers that do not show up in time for check-in when the airport is under heavy load has been fixed, along with a few other ... 12.12.19 15:59
Community Announcements Dev Blog 142: Revealing The RD Update Hello airport CEO! It's a new Wednesday and time for another, very exhaustive, dev blog digging into the future of Airport CEO and more specifically the upcoming R&D update. Read all about it in Dev Blog 142: Revealing The R&D Update! Best regards, Fredrik, Alexander & Olof - Apoapsis Studios 12.12.19 03:06

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