Before The Dawn
Name: Before The Dawn
Spiel: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Autor: AbneyPark
Nexus Mod:
Download: soon


Before The Dawn ist eine Zombie Bot Modifikation für Call of Duty 4. Spieler müssen gegen Wellen von bösen Zombies kämpfen und versuchen, bis zur letzten Welle zu überleben.
Bei der ersten Ausgabe der Before The Dawn Mod, handelt es sich vorerst nur um eine Alpha-Version. Momentan lassen sich schon 400 Zombie-Bots erzeugen.

  • Waves of angry zombies
  • Single Player & Custom Weapons
  • Custom Rank System
  • Ability for admins to use custom music (advised to get permission from artist first)
  • Custom HUD
  • Anti Camp System
  • Custom Pickup System
  • Custom Menu
  • Night / Day settings
  • Custom vision settings
  • 1st / 3rd person views
  • Custom Server messages and kill spree messages
  • differant wave settings
  • custom admin features (pickups, vision & nightness)


20.10.11 19:46
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Simply edit your cfgs to how you want them (game settings). Make a new folder in your servers mod folder (rootmodsz"new folder here") Called btd_alpha_001. However you can call it something else. Then simply upload your updated cfg's/mod.ff/iwd's to the newly made folder.Then change the command line.

example cmd line to create a local server.

create a shortcut to cod4 on ur desktop
right click properites
and edit the game target

"rootiw3mp.exe" +set fs_game mods/btd_alpha_001 +set dedicated 0 +set map_rotate +exec server.cfg"
20.10.11 17:44
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Wo muss ich das btd_mod_alpha002 hin tuhen wenn ich es gedowload habe